How can I get my mail when I’m always moving around?

There are mail forwarding business that provide people who are transient  (often RV dwellers who are on the road rather than living in one RV community) with a street address.  The mail forwarding business will either scan the incoming mail envelopes and post them in a secure online private box for you to look at over the Internet or they will bundle the mail and physically ship it to you. Even though you get a street address through a mail service, you do not automatically get to claim that location as your legal residence. State laws about residency typically require you to be physically located in the state for a particular number of days each year. The list of mail forwarding services at the bottom of this page identifies two that will help you to register your vehicle and establish residence in their states.

Here is how the mail scanning services generally work: The company scans the envelopes that come for you. You go online and view the envelopes in your password protected online box and identify any that the service should open and scan. The service will then scan those documents straight into your confidential online box.

These services charge minimal flat rate fees, typically by the month or the quarter, to receive your mail. Depending on the company and the range of services you select, they may charge an additional per-page scanning fee for any documents that they take out of your envelopes. In other words, your flat rate can include just the envelope scanning or it can also include the document scanning as well. Of course, you do not have to register for the scanning service. If the mail service is in your city you can go there to get your physical mail every couple of weeks or once a month or on whatever schedule you establish with the mail forwarding service.

Examples of companies that provide mail forwarding and mail scanning services: (also provides vehicle registration services) (includes information about vehicle registration and establishing legal residency in Texas even if you are only there for part of each year)
See the cities in which Earth Class provides street addresses

7 Replies to “How can I get my mail when I’m always moving around?”

  1. If you are in California, go to your local Department of Social Services office. They will give you a card identifying you as homeless and allowing you to use their office as your address. This is the same office you go to to apply for foodstamps, medical assistance, and other homeless assistance. You can also recieve a discounted bus pass and free bus tokens here. If you need to get yourself into a shelter, this is also where you have to go.

  2. It is wrong to require a person to have a street address to get insurance for their vehicle these companies that provide these services only need to be able to contact you therefore all they need is a telephone number and an email account and of course the payment you give them every month for their service it seems to me they are trying to make it hard for a person to save any money by living in a camper on their vehicle quite comfortably actually but without a street address I save over $1,000 a month by not paying rent mortgage electricity so forth on keeping a street address thank you there needs to be something done about this Injustice to Americans they do not want to pay for a street address home electricity we don’t need it what we do need is the money we make in our bank accounts not in our landlords pocket

  3. Due to the fire, I’m in temporary housing. I’m permanent disability, currently receiving aid, in Butte county. How does your aid continue in this disaster? Please advise me on what & how to be able to receive my medi acid. As, I’m on permanent disability. The aid covers medical, prescriptions, doctors. I also receive help on my premium, covering 20% that Medicare covers, 80%. My payment monthly, is covered by “Qmb”. Please help with the info how, what & where to contact. Thank you
    gardeniasmell22& asap

    1. Contact the Butte Count Department of Employment and Social Services to let them know your current whereabouts and to confirm that you need your medical assistance to continue. The phone number is (800) 664-9774. You should probably also contact the Social Security Administration directly. Have you set up an online account to communicate with Social Security so that you don’t have to sit on hold for hours? Here is the page with instructions for notifying Social Security about a change of address– even if it is temporary.

  4. In any state
    in any City
    American Postal Service
    you can use as address
    Go speak to a supervisor explain that you’re homeless and that you would like to
    general delivery
    a homelessess person can receive mail at the main post office whichever one is near you

  5. Can the owner of a storage facility lock a person out of their unit because i got spray paint on the door accidently..i tried to fix it he said i ruined it and lockeed me out preventing me from obtaining my belongings..

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