How can I register to vote if I am homeless?

Your local election office will tell you which kinds of facilities you can use for your street address on the voter registration form. Typically, it will be a government property (such as a post office) or a social service agency in the neighborhood where you most frequently spend your time. This ensures that the polling place will be convenient for you and that your representatives actually have influence over the neighborhood that matters to you. If you can’t get straight answers from the election office, contact the Continuum of Care office.

There are always deadlines and rules to know about when you register to vote, so familiarize yourself with those. For example, you might have to use your legal name rather than the name that you actually are known by. On this same website, you can find out about voting by mail instead of going in-person on Election Day.

Use the Check Voter Registration tool to be sure that your registration is squared away.

To be sure you are informed in advance of casting your ballot, read about the candidates and referendum issues in advance. This source takes you to that information.

These tips are from the Step-by-Step Voting Guide produced by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness.