The Homeless Law Blog is intended to be a research guide for people who are homeless and trying to learn about their legal rights and liabilities. It presents typical legal questions that arise in homeless life and then provides general information by introducing likely areas of law to investigate, showing search terms, and giving leads to primary law sources. The content of this blog is not tailored to anybody’s particular situation and should not be considered legal advice. Click on any of the categories on the right column of this screen to browse through a homeless law subject.

The administrator of this site is Linda Tashbook, Esq., an attorney licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and professional law librarian. She obtained her Juris Doctorate and Masters Degree in Library Science from the University of Pittsburgh.Her private law practice emphasizes legal aid for the homeless.Prior to becoming a lawyer, Ms. Tashbook coordinated public library outreach to families in public housing and homeless shelters, served on the Allegheny County Runaway and Homeless Youth Task Force as well as the Allegheny County Homeless Education Network, and volunteered with various programs benefiting and involving homeless families.

In the comments sections following each question in this blog, please write about your relevant legal experiences with homeless life and please add links to resources that would be helpful to other readers who are interested in homeless people’s legal issues.

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    1. I am homeless and trying to stay in a hotel until the end of April I am trying to find a room for a couple to live we are tired and in need of help can any one out their help us we turn every where but no help. Please help. Gina

      1. He Gina how did things turn out for you? Curious because we r homeless too. Couples with jobs and low income are going through it. By the grace of God we have another nite at a motor in. I’m journaling my experience. Why, because I planned years ago to have my dream Butterfly Mansion. A place for abandoned babies, and Christ Centered program for couples that are married. Good luck and hang in there

      2. What kind of help u need? Where u at Im in San diego the best place to be if your homeless the best weather the US the best is Jurusalem even in the winter the coldest at night would be 40s mostly 50sand 60s and every day is warmer like summer in the winter its great In the winter most other places u would freeze to death God bless you Find a good church and always pray pray pray and God will take care of you cause your one of his kids we are all his kids he loves us so much he sacraficed his son to prove his love for us all. God bless u

      3. I live in delaware. My children are here. I.gave my ex husband six kids. Now im in a local motel and pray none of my kids friends see me outside of this motel. I was fucked. Work two jobs.

      4. I live in Massachusettes and i have been living with my gf and her parents for awhile now and if i dont get out there place there landlord will evict them so i kinda have to leave. I asked my brother could i stay with him and his gf and he said no he has no room and i also asked my own father his said no. You would think family being the closest to me would help me out but NO apparently not! So im homeless with no where to turn and without a job. I am currently not talking to my family any longer cause there a**holes.

      5. I would seek out a rooming house, most cities still have them. Usually down town and not a great neighbourhood, but it beats the heck out of being homeless on the street.

      6. I can only imagine how it feels to be homeless. I hope you are getting what you can from the red cross. It takes a very strong person to handle this. I on the other hand couldn’t deal with it at all. I don’t know what I could do other than cry.

        You have great pottentionsl.

      7. I have recently suffered from homelessness for 9 months in my vehicle due to a faulty heater and a lack of available reasonable housing market rates in Santa Cruz California. I have learned a wealth of useful information on the resources that actually work, where to find them in any town, and useful tips on personal experience along with low income and sec.8 housing vouchers experience my hope is that I can help even one person with what took me so long to narrow down I will be happy to do so.

      8. ;’your so true please talk to me good honest advice i,m not anymore i pay my rent on good income so my senior dad shit in hes pants at hotel stain little hes charging us 250.00 to 300.00 mean while i mop it up last night no one told him i did a bucket so is it legal but if you need a friend i girl worked there was selling diong drugs on job ,.can he do that it was accident ate mc donalds sue mcdonalds same ppl got my account mixed up saying i didnt pay 100.00 for deospit but i did so guy here fixed went into so worse stuff here happens ,. ive been nine months 2262343588 he better be right laywers personal injury im in north bay ontairo ,. so call me ill help you out w place no drugs no booze no flirting w men ingore bad thoughts ppl care im still at motel 9 months,. march15 2016 praise god watch lady help your self hate homeless life

      9. I think section 8 michigan state housing development authority are excepting applications if your low income

      10. i have a home in IOWA 3 bedrooms and my last kid went off to collage i love in an area where there are jobs , and would take someone in for trade of helping me out with the house needs a little work ,i hurt my back so i cant do the work so well anymore , but would love to help someone get one there feet and help me get off mine , will even take a family with children , call me at 563-419-1989 . just a pay it forward thing for us both , get you a job and then make your way to your own home its a nice area and i am so not raicest so anyone can apply , and hope we can do this with much love and respect , and even stay friends , i just have this op as my back gave out a and i can also use the help

      11. have you tried working as a live-in caregiver or establishing a job or applying for Section 8.

      12. Hi, I live in Galveston tx, I just got kicked out of the salvation army for not going to case management that I was not aware of. No staff members (alcoholic and ghetto hotchie thugs) that works there never told me about it to go. I followed the rules, paid 50 a week (I’m paid for this week as well and they won’t refund). I am working but I have no where to go, I’m a church man too. I don’t drink or anything but I keep having bad luck and kicked while I’m down by society and fake salvation army. They didn’t even give me a notice to leave. I have no money till next week and I want to move to Austin by my family with better opportunities. Can anyone please help me with advice or anything. Thanks Clint

      13. Hello Gina, let me ask you, have you tried any bishops. I hate to ask any relious questio s, but are you LDS, if so you could go to welfare square, or you could call the could call the community action program, they were great with me over the years. God bless you Gina, this hoiday season, i will pray for you…stay positive, always believe honey…Christy Carlson

      14. Do hey have money or workin to afford room? I may have some options if no money go to Mainchance or get Shelter system they provide them with a place they have 90 days to find a job if they dont have one …if u have the space keep them there the gov will voucher u your rent for them to stay with u also go to the homeless coalition . checkout picturethehomeless in harlem

      15. R u still in Columbus ohio? What part of town are you in? How many people and ages? What is your income?

      16. I’m sorry that really sucks my name is Christine Oakhem and i live in New Bedford mass i just wish you luck and ill keep you in my prayers as ive been there before again i wish you the best of luck n i dont know if you believe in God but BELIEVE ME when i tell you hes there just reach out n keep him in mind as i never was a believer as ive been through ALOT in my 57 yrs murder in my family ,suicide physical n mental abuse sexual abuse n ive been clean for 9 years and just sayin it helps to pray but again i feel for you n wish u luck

    2. My husband and I live in Oregon. Due to DHS taking our son from us because of a drop domestics violence charge 6 months prior and our status of homeless (even though we had been currently living at my parents for two weeks) we had to leave our semi residence otherwise they wouldn’t place him with my parents (which they still haven’t done). Have been living in our car for awhile. My husband has two jobs lined up starting shortly, but have no safe place to live, which also means less likely we’ll get our son back anytime soon due to this. Shelters around the area tend not to take couples and keep them together. If anyone has any sort of advice or suggestions, would be welcome. We’re currently ghosting around the north coastal area.

      1. Sorry but that was dumb. Now child protection has something on you. Domestic violence happens for one of two reasons: Disrespecting ur husband or showing him fear. U r not supposed to show fear to anyone other than God Almighty.

      2. Kelli Durow is an awful person, and will probably be opted into hell on the judgment day. Contact Volunteers of America. They can help you get back on your feet.

      3. I am currentle homeless with children. I been a single mother of six. my second child suffers with seziures and this medical condition made me a fulltime stay at home mom. Struggled to keep a roof over our head for a long time till family confusion got me here. Homeless. So if you feel you are alone you not. On top of being homeless. my name is on the State Central Registary and no employer will hire me. so am stump. I started a business but struggling to bring it affloat. did make money with it but. can’t get it to move. So am looking for help too.let talk. They say two head are better than one. I am in Ny bronx area.threefourseveneightoneeightonefivezeroone. we can talk.

      4. I really wanted to reply to the man’s opinion below but it was not an option. Don’t listen to his personal unintelligent information. First of all he he is trying to point out the importance and meaning of the word respect when he clearly doesn’t understand the definition because his first action was to disrespect you by calling you dumb which is not only an immature statement but I’m really trying to wrap my head around his 2 reasons why he apparently believes disrespect or anything otherwise warrants the right to inflict physical hands on pain and abuse to another human being or living things. I really get annoyed by stupidity which is only a poor excuse for being too lazy to research every factor of a situation. I would suggest to this man he Google a blog for idiots where there to post his opinion where he would be a better fit. Hope you realize while I know you love the spouse it’s not ever OK to be hurt by anyone physically or mentally suggest counseling and to really examine your life and that every action you take and decision you make effects the future of you and those around you. Homeless is a horrible situation rather by choice or uncontrollable circumstances I know first hand but dismiss the comment below and you sir are obviously uneducated and should reconsider the way you respond to others and know by now if you have nothing positive to contribute the general rule is to keep your mouth shut or simply don’t get involved where it’s not requested of you. Simple logic. Below is a suggested readsir.

      5. Have you tried looking for churches that may have a shelter program or thought about utilizing camping facilities which on how I can provide information on how you may qualify for 50% off sites it might be worth taking advantage of the last of the summer to give yourself a break from the car. I am curious as to what part of Oregon specially as I’m well familiar the southern Oregon Coast. I am wondering if you are looking for a place to move to in that case I can give you some valuable information that should be factors in your decision before choosing a specific area.

      6. I hope u don’t offense but if it do…..ok.
        My question is this, what’s more important ur bf (husband) or ur son? If it We’re me I would do whatever it takes to get my child back! If u have to leave ur husband, and are able to stay with ur parents, get ur shit together, get out of ur car, a job and get ur kid! Whats so hard about that? Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that its much, much, easier said than done, BUT IT CAN BE DONE! So get ur ass up outta the back seat of the car and get ur kid back ASAP!
        Do u even have any clue the damage ur doing to ur child?!

      7. hello ive been reading ppl stories homeless law your right and tax payers get money im in lawsuit im senior who hit w diherra it happenned so fast ,. i was carpet i tried but owner said we owe him 250.00 to 300.00 is it legal if its right my apolize but it was accident ,. bodly fuction we cant control hes stairs giong down stairs ,. he was shy can a owner do that want recipt

      8. hello homeless stop think people why talk to mayor cutting odsp stop i know first hand i was sex slave for 14 yrs at age of 15 yrs old mom dad fighting ,. i hate seeing goverement laugh at you ppl so pls call im achol drug free feel great on methdone 35 mg im good

      9. I would suggest splitting up to make it easier on searching for live-in work working as a household worker temporarily.

      10. Hello to both of you, try local. Bishops any community services, your best bet would be to look online at your public librsry, keep positive, i will pray for you all…god bless….Christy

      11. So how are you doing I’m in oregon and am going through something similar and dont know how to make it better plus am pregnant due on May 4th. Need housing to complete treatment and want to be with the father however feel like I can’t if I want my son back to to the domestic violence which he is starting class for.

      12. Sleep at bus stops, if can work go to library take few hours nap inside library, if can work i would go to a bank open up savings acct. Then go to the desk and ask for bank manager for a $4000.00 bank loan telling them you trying to get apartment in next state for one year. THEN take loan from bank account, $1,300.00 and keep it on you- go online internet -search for: $800.00 , dollar cheap land for sale in your state then buy the land, a lot or- one acre. Dont use up all tge loan money only too use part of it for property. Then go to sporting good store later date, and buy – tent put on your land paid cash for. THE REST of loan money- pay the bank back monthly the same money they gave you, go to work ontime daily, drop checks into – same savings acct. Dont eat expensive restaurants, get loaf bread, peanut butter, can food beans cheaper than fish in the can drink fruit juices . You will live with no rent -because you practically own the lot or acre land -the tent afford is the place to sleep untell you can purchase a camper .

      13. Hi Dianne my name is Christine ( chrissy ) Oakhem and have you tried cathlioc services in your area as it don’t matter what religion but they usually have some kind of advise,i wish you’s luck and will keep you’s in my prayers

    3. I was once on living my dreams. I was a loving father of 4, and I worked the railroad day in and day out. I’m not going to lie, the pay was not the best, but it covered the bills. One chilly February day, my step daughter, Jillian, got raped. I was wrongly accused, and thrown in jail. My buddy Tony helped bail me out, and for a while let me sleep on his floor. I lost my job after I was thrown in jail, and Tony got hit and killed by a drunk driver on June 8th 2011. Since then, I have been stealing money from church collection baskets. I frequently wander in parts of southern Louisiana. I hop from bed to bed to get pay as well. I need some money, a bike, and a nice warm blanket.

      1. WOW that’s horrible and im so sorry for all your going threw i know right now
        you may not believe in God BUT he’s there ,i’ve been where you are for many years ,but you just HAVE TO remain strong,i’m SO SORRY as to your friend Tony,but he’s right by as is God just ask God for help n keep him in mind ALWAYS and you”ll see things change in time,stay strong
        Christine Oakhem
        New Bedford Mass

    4. I am a mother of 4 and we live in middle TN. we will be homeless as of the 18th of July, my husband and mother in law who had been living with us and sharing all cost has taken off without even a good bye or giving me time to find help,I cant work now because of cost for a setter, I have tried everything and googled until my fingers hurt , Lack of my birth certificate and 2 of my kids have left me out of resources,It cost 67$ just to replace my daughters,If you have any advise please let me know I am even willing to relocate to keep my kids from being homeless,and No I have no family that I would allow around my kids anyway,any advise will be greatly appreciated,and I do welcome prayers ,I know god has a plan for us

      1. I’m in rutherfordton NC and your welcome to stay w/ me if a 30 ft camper in the foothills w/ a gentleman. Safe and a roof over your head. 828 395 7677 text .

      2. So sorry to hear your situation. Im thinking of you go to welfare they can help get birth certificates for free. Severly years ago they did it for me. I live in Pittsburgh. They may also help you with other issues. Good luck and God bless.

      3. Ask yahweh.com website, they except homeless peoples must be willing to except biblical.

    5. Anyone in Mass …Attleboro, Norton, North Attleboro area have any apartments for rent cheap. I have 2 girls and been living in a shelter for 2 years. I can not work due to medical issues Any help would be appreciated.

      1. Sharon, I live in CA and I’m sure things are the same in most states, with all the houses vacant owners are looking for someone to live temp in these house because they are just going to sit anyway why not protect it from people who might destroy everything. you have to have good character references. prove you aren’t a flake and I think you cant have any drug or fraud convictions, no felonies. and of course no evictions. credit isn’t checked but court records are. if you know of a pastor of a church he might be able to find these places for you. real estate companies do something like this but they charge very cheap rent. and you must look like an upstanding citizen, There’s a lot of elderly people in big homes who need help and who stay young with kids around. I know someone who right now is living in Santa Barbara CA in a home that sold for 11.6 million dollars and her kids go to very good public schools there. She looks after the older woman who owns the home but her side of the estate is 3,000 square feet. the older woman doesn’t need constant care its more for companion in this very large home with neighbors quarter mile away. too isolated. this is a dream come true for my friend. her kids have a grandma now too. the older woman lets her drive her 300k Mercedes that usually sits in garage. its been a good thing for over two years now. you should network and look at all avenues to find a nice place, good luck to you.

      2. I’m not sure if you still need help. I live in Massachusetts. I have a FB page you can check out. Look for Frasier Management. The woman is amazing and I know that she has property from the cape all the way to Braintree. Good luck and I really hope it helps.

    6. i now am homeless due to i own the house but i have said stalker that wants to kill me and i also was robbed by gun point and tossed in jail for someone braking the front door down at 1130 pm thanks to smith county sheriff that on the cult group list with mr. watson that broke into my home an tried to hurt me, but navy showed me some moves that saved my life but still went to jail thanks to dirty cops and judge and district attorney that is dirty , also i was getting robbed from someone else entering my bank accounts and credit cards as well an did know that person doing it until i found ebay and paypal receipts with his name on the steve wakefield stolen my info and destroying my home the rest the way used motor oil, holes in drywall , shit on walls, busted up shower , plumbing fixtures ,pipes , electrical all jacked up. holes in lid, cash taken from bank accounts but no one in smith county ks would even file a police report or even do there jobs like there getting paid to do but target disable vets that work out of the area and check on family stuff and go back to work in said other location. forced out of my home to live in rv no running water no power an yes it was winter an i made it threw but it was rough and i tell you while i was in jail no food 2 days, 3 days no blanket, 5 days no shower. covered in blood. and with a major cut on my left hand where the gun hammer went off and cut on neck as well but the dirty cops cover up hidden the gun so it was missing when rest showed up that the smith county police department in ks. the court house is dirty stolen bond money as well. i worked all my life saving every thing i can an trying to help others and even gave to 189,000.00 to hospital wing addition project by force on extras but its for the area .
      oh the attorney i got said the D.A.V. is a cult group that no way in hell a cult group that disable american vets. so that what happen to me in ks an the night mare still is going due to identity theft.

    7. I’m homeless and have small emotional support dog that is registered.all thru America to go anywhere. .have no car no income nothing.been on streets for while. Had broke both my ankles 14 breaks..can not get help. I’m 43.very tired n hurt..n Guin Alabama now.

      1. Julia your story makes me sad. We shouldn’t have to live a life a hardships. Can you get help or guidance from where you got your emotional support dog? I will pray for you. Im in a similar situation. I know how you feel when you say you’re tired. Don’t give up. Im 56 and have epilepsy and constant pain. Please let me know how you’re doing.

      2. Have u found ur way Julia? Ur situation sounds like mine,I wish u were closer.I’m 41 and disabled,have a emotional support dog (poodle)who is 14,no one wants to help even thou he’s legality my support dog.I’ve been in/out of homeless situation for yrs now,thank god for my dog,or I wouldn’t be able to handle what God has given me.unless I’m putting up with some guys bullshit than I’m on my own,sleeping in my car.I’m on ssi,ssd 500.month don’t do it.well hope ur better off now.god bless!!bridget

    8. i know how you feel ks allows criminals to run the state and the police aid in to the theft an even us guns an break in to your home trying to kill ya an even disable vets like me, they even force ya into plea agreements, and the criminal gets paid for his B.an E. and brandishing a gun, the treasure steals your bond money, and then your so called friends steal your identity as well and run charges to you bank accounts draining ever life funds out of them, and selling off your stuff as well if they dont sell it they destroy it as well and the dirty cops and his friends dont do anything and love this the district attorney forces ya in to plea agreement by gun point as well, and the justice officer on the take an his son is a drug dealer so if ya live there ya just screwed best of luck they destroyed a disable vet, honest hard working american that never did anything wrong in his life and donated to hospital wings and other charity fund raisers but now i am a homeless vet that lives in rv home destroyed by renter and stolen my identity an force out by some one trying his hardest to hurt me harm me an destroy my stuff as well, so i live in fear, an the police in ks aid this kind of people. an smith county ks is the worst place on earth so far i have found. good luck run run.

      1. Go to a large spirit filed Christian church and ask them what options you have. The devil is a liar and a thief and he has rule of this world for a short time longer. So find a large church that has the resources to help you now. Let them help you Get right with God, (there is not one, including myself, who doesn’t need God’s guidance to overcome the evil of this world). With God in your heart, no weapon formed against you will prosper.

    9. Help me. I cant keep asking and being turned down. Im in grover beach ca and been living in my car for severalmonths now. I cant take it. Its so hard to hold my job as a dishwasher because my legs hurt so bad from sleeping in a cold car. I got valley fever because im homeless. I have no family. They abandoned me after i gave up my apt and my life to help get my dad on his feet. Its so cold , eveyday i see that train go by and debate on stepping in front of it. Icant take it. Does anybody care? Not that ive found

      1. Since you gave so much of yourself to help your dad and you need a place to live, you sound like a good candidate for a live-in caregiver job. Try this search to find some of those opportunities. — live-in caregiver jobs “grover beach” “st. louis obispo” — You might need to get some formal training, dependingthe tasks involved, but in many communities the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation will either provide that training for free.

      2. I am homeless w/car, just like you.

        I heard your pain in that post.

        You can believe that I will be praying for you tonight as I lay down in my cramped vehicle and try to fall asleep in below freezing temps.

        You’re going to be helped.

      3. Sue, yes we care. A decent nights rest without be awakened by the ache of cold is a blessing I’m sending your way. Holidays are tough for many of us. We all came from some sort of family and have an empty place in our hearts now. I’m also living in car in central CA. Had a great life, lost most everything except hope. Can’t take that from me, but there are days I feel like giving it away, same as you. Somebody out there needs me, I can and do make a difference in another’s life. Keeps me from all wrong.

    10. My daughter and me have been abandoned by her Godfather who said he would take care of us while my boyfriend was getting treatments in Baltimore for a term disease he got from 9-11. We’ve been in a motel over 30 days, but our receipt says exactly 30 days.i was advised to get an injunction against this motel owner, I’m scared of being on the streets, need some bus passes to travel cause I lost my car 2 weeks ago and my daughter is starting school next week. I had to leave suddenly, had no money to store my belongings, we need clothes and basics stuff footsteps doesn’t cover. I am confused about getting motel vouchers, the whole first floor here is people homeless that have been here for months. Please can anyone guide me the right help I so desperately need?

    11. I’ve been homeless for years now I’m barely hanging on to my job now I just found a home that we can move in soon I lose it all again if I get fired though no it sounded rough and looked hard my

    12. Justice in the federal government housing programs rights in the state when will the tenants be heard about the horrific lifestyles forced to live in just to be stable and have a place to call home

  1. GREAT! I am a Paralegal Student at Roosevelt University here in Chicago who has been the victim of legal thuggery for over four years. The details are at


    As a victim and Paralegal I’m very interested in helping others in the same situation. Gotta run for a test in the Federal Rules of Evidence but I’ll be back after noon today.

    1. Please, if you are still in the position to help. Ive been seriously HAD by my x husband.i was married 18 years. I was a fulltime stay at home mom. My x husband built a very successful hvac business in my name. He tricked me to sell it to his dad for pennies. He became an employee and fudges his numbers. Not the worst part…..he had stopped paying our mortgage for 11 months. He assured me no one gets the house so i signed the deed, believing he would clean up the finances beforw he left. No… He modified the loan with my name on it bit off of the deed. To date he dates my (then) best friend, has a very successful business in his dads name and he lives in our 400k home. I work three jobs, on public assistance and move from apartment to apartment…PLEASE IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE POSITION TO HELP PLEASE REFER ME TO SOMEONE WHO IS

      1. You are saying exactly what I am going through… I lost everything and my ex-to be hid every asset in his friends names.. He has a private biz so he is shielded from the courts.. I have lived in my car and have struggled triing to hold my head up with my two sons… Now I can’t even get auto insurance because I am homeless… I don’t know where to turn… I have a job, work hard, rent is just too high.. I am alone and very afraid..

      2. If I may ask what are the rental rates in your area? Please help me understand what you mean by move from apartment to apartment. Maybe we can talk about what it would take to make sure you more stable and find a better solution. I am not an attorney but a homeless advocate who learned a wealth of information due to homeless experience due to a house fire that in an instant changed my life from having a stable home to living in my vehicle for 9 months. I know that the drastic living environment change is very difficult. If I had more specifics I would be happy to help you reach a better solution.

      3. If you want to contact me I will do my best to help you obtain a more stable environment and check to see if there’s any options available to help you in your area I would just need some more specifics. I completely understand and went through a fire that caused drastic change in lifestyle completely. I have a lot of informative experience and think the first approach would be to make sure you have stability.and work on a solution as to what’s preventing that from being obtainable.

    2. me an my wife have been renting the moby dick motel in dartmouth mass 02747 for the last months we are homeless but we have jobs not great ones good enough to just make it the boss came an told us yesterday morning that a worker is coming down an needs this room an there are no other roooms for us to rent we are quiet dont cause any problems an we pay her all the time we owe no money at all so now we are stuck with all kind off stuff with no car cause its at mechanics we are stressed an dont know what to do can u please give us some advice an can u tell me if its legal to throw someone onto the street for nothing

      1. You have to look at your rental agreement to get the answer to this question. Most of the time when you pay for a hotel room, you only get to use the room for the amount of time you have paid for up front. This is why hotels make people reserve the room with a credit card number before they can even go into the room. They don’t usually guarantee that they’ll reserve the space for you from one payment period to the next. But, again, it just depends on the particular contract that you had with the Moby Dick.

      2. Hey, I have a solution depending on how much you make, I am staying at a place called Siegel suites in Las Vegas, these places are through out the country and depending on how much you make might be affordable. Look up apartments with no credit check and no lease. Good luck

    3. I was wrongfully terminated and NC Sate sided with Duke by committing multiple fraud in denying my unemployment benefits… I tried to survive…Now, I got into a car accident, the hospital not only that discharge me without providing the place to recover but have insulted me…. None of attorneys took the case because they do not see a lot of money because I can’t afford to go to doctors to make bills for lawyers to claim …. Finally, an insurance company arranges to fix my car but the rental company ignores the paid rental car because of my status. My car is not fixed, no medical attention and just rotten all around…. I asked churches for help to intervene but I just can’t believe how America is corrupt and deserve the big reform, including churches. I was hit by unlicensed Mexican so their not see much profit…. My rights was violated in neglecting medical care and continue care, denied of a rental car when it was paid for it ” explanation was – we can’t track you”… email me: wandhudson@yahoo.com

  2. I became HOMELESS when a calif lsn notary public and wife FORGED/NOTARIZED/RECORDED/ TRANSFERRED my PROPERTY to themselves,(he notarized GRANT DEED I granted my house to his wife whom was going as her recently dead husbands name) they paid the soon to be ex-husband $20,000.oo to sign them separate grant deed . The local law enforcement refused to file criminal charges felony forgery/fraud. I believe they bribed a commissioner,law enforcement/detective is personal friend of notary,my attorney, ect, (very wealthy)
    ANYONE that can offer advice on how I can file in federal court , I need to find legalities to keep within statues since it’s been years, I am seeking justice.

    1. LLB, your situation sounds so familiar to me… I am homeless because I tried to get my best friend’s home back for him, by going up to his property and getting the goods on his real estate agent/broker.(2002) It was a stakeout, and I had to live there with everyone to do this. The agent and his wife used their boss/mentor in cahoots, to forge deeds ,quit-claims, liens, to get his childhood home for nothing, because the poor man did not know his rights as a homeowner. He should have gone to a real estate lawyer, even legal aid, which he WAS eligible for- before signing ANY paperwork. The couple moved into the house, as an “investment” a “win-win” situation. In real estate law, this is known as a RENT-BACK SCHEME. If you haven’t yet done so, please contact the criminal dept. of the California Bureau of Real Estate, and ask to speak to an investigator in the legal enforcement/mortgage fraud division. Contact the Attorney General(state) and all consumer advocate organizations. We too were in CA. And yes, the real estate rats have cops as friends, and most likely, they did land deals for the cops, and obligated them in that way. The cops WILL defend these people. In 2007 I had to flee the area, and it’s hard to even rent a bedroom. So much went on, mostly bad. I’m homeless NOW, because the one bedroom I could afford was owned by a man whose house was in pre- foreclosure and the bank would never cooperate with a loan mod(2009). The man wouldn’t go to a lawyer in time. Indy Mac played him. He lost the house in 2011 while in bankruptcy. CA is a pro creditor state, and courts generally do side with the lender. One friend-of-sorts asked me to help him rent an apartment in Glendale, which was in the rapid-rehousing program there. The program was bogus, not genuine. They would put you in a shelter several months, place you in an apartment you could never afford on your own. If you didn’t find a compatible, stable room mate, you were in danger of the streets again. So we roomed together, and did well, liked by owners and neighbors alike. But then he wanted to go back East to see relatives at Christmas and Thanksgiving in November, so we had to give notice and leave. He liked shelters, and as long as there was TV, he was/is content. We won’t ever rent together again. In 2013 I met a homeless person in town and helped him get ID. and medical coverage, income, mail box, etc. We lived in a motel for $300 a week. Did that for a year, until the owners made tenants move every 28 days, and raised the rooms another$140 a week- so we were out, as before. We made the place cozy, so it hurt to leave, right before Christmas. Until I leave the state, I will be homeless forever. I did report to the Dept of Real Estate all the info, met the investigator in downtown L.A. I have a case number now, and if I want justice, I must testify in person. Until then, I live in the shadows as homeless, but I don’t do drugs or drink. I sleep in hidden places, and clean up where permitted every day. Shelters, by the way, are paid big bucks to warehouse us the homeless, and don’t plan on getting people out of this cycle, because for one, rentals and dwellings have not kept up with all the people who were born, or migrated here since the late 70’s. So we have a permanent housing crunch, keeping rents high. Only THIS year have I seen the L.A. Times and other local papers admit that the TRUE causes of homelessness is the high rents, and corrupt economy, not simply addicts or crazy people-who belong in a hospital, not shelters, jails, or the streets. Guess what Mayor Gil Garcetti wants to waste $100 million in funds to fight homelessness ?? It’s more shelters, as opposed to buying enough apartments, converting old buildings,preventing the demolishing of affordable housing that exists. In a country such as this, homelessness should never be considered normal. If you want to fight those people who robbed you,LLB, I wish you success !! California Real Estate Fraud blogs are also worth looking into. Sadly, what you describe is too common.

    2. They not filed because it involved husband and his wfe and the courts going to side with the female if its seperation or a divorce the courts will say — part goes to wife- they see that as no contest, if a husband has lots of money or land “it all goes to wife” if he die ect. Thats how system is set up. Notary public not really the blame, all they do is check if forms filled out properly address ligit- ect and get very little pay -just to sign there signature and stamp- the documents.

  3. I became homeless when I wouldn’t become corrupted in government contracting. I have been a pro se litigant now for six years, and the cases I’m involved in have escalated because I exposed the corruption.

    Now, my blog is frequently visited by the House, Senate, Pentagon, many military domains and law firm sites.

    I am on the edge of homelessness again, at any given time, because of my refusal (or stubbornness) to quit the cases. I have been offered enough bribes to have paid for a home.

    When I reach the other side of these cases, I hope there is something I can do for the homeless, as they are deeply in my heart.

    1. There is nothing here but the threat of the cold empty space of the great beyond. The impersonal encounters by other so called humans that appear inhumane even unto themselves, the endless misery in the streets, the haunted warmth of violated houses and the threat of a further curse one does not even know why one has to possess. The endless acquiring to feel better about oneself, the indignation of the stripping of another to break his confidence, and the ‘life at all costs’ chant as we sell off the very last of any dignity we may have ever possessed no matter how minute.
      The forced selling of one’s body for indoor shelter, the attacks on the workforce that cause early heart problems, the abuse by both men and women in this miserable and unhappy world of existence, the threat, the constant very real threat of homelessness at old age, the forced by society inability to pay bills even if ones intensions ore good, a forced life of degradation no matter how far one looks back on it, wondering how in the world one made it so far in such unconsciousness, now old and remorseful and more that a little disgusted. No wonder one can only pursue happiness and never attain it. No wonder we are in such misery and depressed no matter who we are. You would not trade places with me for nothing and I am not so sure I envy your life either really.

      1. I understand your pain and I understand the things you and other’s are haveing to go through in order to eat and for shelter ect…. please please I say it is a test please please I say don’t lose your faith. (james 1;12) says Blessed is the man who endures temptation: for when he has been approved he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to thoses who love Him. God is in control you must keep the Faith or your soul will stay in that unhappy place.

      2. I am on the streets of Riverside Ca.for some time now. I made a conscious choice before I took this drastic measure but I had no idea, not a clue of what was to come. Prior to my quick descent to the wilderness, my so called life was on a downward spiral to hell. Yes I cant deny that I am a sinner and that I am flawed and imperfect and even worse that Jesus died for my sins. Amazingly Christs love is perfect just like He is and even though I’m damaged from the onset of my existance stemming from abuse and addiction and self sabbotage and auto- prophecy. This is not a pity party this is the actualization of a new creation that is happening as I am typing these words from someone who used to be afraid of living to the extent of being a cutter as well as a people pleaser. I can go on and on about my ” victim” days or bring this story home , no pun given. I wouldn’t change my mind for the world or all the money, success or fame in it.I would do it all over again for having the priveledge to recieve Gods only Begotten Son my Lord and King as my Saviour and only True Friend, Jesus Christ is all that and more and may God Almighty and Heavenly Father bless all those who believe and bless all who are corrupt in Jesus name.

    2. I want you to know God sees all and I want to say I am well pleased that you stood up for the truth.Also keep your faith and God will provide for you like he always has.1 Timothy 6:12 says fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses

      1. I had to run from Southern California due to Domestic Violence I tried it all until everyone around me was in fear. I had to leave the Country I went to Canada I had, had issues of homelessness my whole life even up until the million dollar house I ran from. Here is some advice to the men and women out there. When it gets scary you put your little ones with someone safe and if your in danger you go into a ER and tell them you are suicidal from there they must take up in and then Administration will find you and a place for your children after you come clean with why you came in there and it was to be safe and they know the drill. Because of this women who have been abused cannot get medical insurance back in the day because this was our safety net our way of letting them cool off and us being safe. You can also take your children into certain hospitals and tell them the truth places like St. Josephs. Remember safety in numbers and as much as you want to be with your children you have to put them first if you can put them with someone you should it will help you get back on track faster and get out of any metro areas or cities. If you can be around the beaches its best stay in lit area or ride the bus all night I was put out when I was 13 in LA by the beaches. I married at 21 I got away to Canada at 36 and I am on SSI and doing very well at 46 I have led a difficult life but I never got into trouble or did drugs all of my children are as well as can be expected. I am not sure why I had such a hard road I was a good child and person but its over now and I do know how to stay safe. I have a not so much of a bad case of PTSD anymore I think for once in my life its going to be fine. I think that Police Officers should do more at helping the homeless “yet they have no idea they are only a few paychecks away themselves” Bad things happen to good people but instead of blaming any part of the system or what happened we should take all that energy and exceed them… We are only promised the pursuit of happiness

    3. Good bless you iam a mentally ill person in suffolk county new york that has been destroyed by a non profit houseing nightmare thought it was transition houseing go two vessid state schooling work program one year placement well hell five years on a model home run by a evil corrupt landlord for profit no help five years with displaced tenant  one i was exposed two infectious disease almost died in local hospital this profit modavadied mofia is selling humans as lab ratts and as if my homeless life was a horrific enough well my hell iam dead just waiting for my deliverence two christ my body will be pecked by science lab techs tho they where successful on that my soul they cant touch owner is god keeper is christ pray for simaller if not worse off people i always do. Xojo.

  4. The lengthy and scholarly pages contained within this website about civil rights and the homeless may be legally accurate, but police interactions with the homeless are far different reality. I have experience working directly with the street homeless as well as years of association with the ACLU. The homeless are among the most vulnerable of our society; they have no power and few personal advocates. The police are often under direction from their mayor’s office, or superiors to make sweeps of known homeless gathering places. In the moments of fear and confusion the homeless victim has little negotiating power with the police; demands for civil rights are treated as ridiculous rantings; “I’ll call my lawyer” only amuses the police who may respond with physical abuse. While the legalities are interesting, they are not the realities. Interactions with police are not opportunities for negotiation on the part of the homeless. Instead, the homeless need to cooperate as a matter of self preservation, forfeiting their civil rights in order to not be further victimized in that situation. Educating both the police and the public as to why people are homeless and encouraging compassion and understanding are more effective strategies than quoting laws and legal cases.

    1. I know its true . On 10/10/2014 police of Cary, NC almost not killed me… I was in my car sitting as he had approached and attacked me with the threats …. Police is not more different than ISIS. The ” Christian” nation as America call herself does not have any consciousness…. If you seek justice, they will send police to kill you… that what the attorney did when I pursued for fraud in unemployment benefits…

      1. I’m also in bad need had a terrible thing that me and my wife just told you your burdens on society and I didn’t deserve to live and I wouldn’t work and I didn’t have a job so I loved everything up and went to some people in Missouri I thought I could trust me they were in on it they killed her over by wife in Missouri and when I came back and they tore my car and I have a bicycle here in Oklahoma and your girl code of law enforcement is trying to run me over because they know I know it is that all that’s just right here and you’re trying to kill me I can reach out to no one and I don’t know w what to do my wife and me what are literally being assessed needing killed by society because they can I don’t know where to turn I need help bad excuse some of the typing I’m a terrible wreck and I’m having a hard time I wish someone would contact me please tell me what I could do thank you

    2. Wow I was homeless I can’t even begin with how much the police abuse us. I am mentally challenged and the put me in a rubber room. No phone calls,shower,clothes,medicine,toilet or toilet paper for 3 days. I waved them down when I saw them stopping someone and told them I need help I was wanted to end my life. It was the most humiliating thing I have ever went through.

      1. Shame on all thos people especially those that are suppose to protect us I This this site is great because it makes you feel less alone I pray most of you all on here are in a better place now tucked into a nice warm 🙏🙏🙏 bed at 76 I am on the verge of being there too God Bless All Of US

  5. Thank you T-Bone.

    Homeless Advocate, I agree with you. It breaks my heart to see the homeless out there on the streets and yet I know some of them are there by choice. I also know a person can shut down all hope and just plain give up.

    I’ve been there with my cases, and sleeping in my car with not enough gas to keep the car warmed up in the middle of winter. I’ve cried myself to sleep so many nights, and was on the verge of just becoming numb in my mind and my heart.

    I was one of the blessed ones. I had a car to call “home”. Had I of been on the streets like others, I don’t know if anyone would have been able to reach me. You just get to the point where you shut down.

    I’m working with someone who is bringing attention in Macon, Georgia, the day after Thanksgiving, to the homeless problem here. She’s going to set up temporary shelter on the public street downtown and demonstrate the need for a solution. I’m going to write a story for a newspaper I’m starting, and hoping to do something for our area, on a more permanent basis than our shelters can provide.

    There must be a way to reach into the hearts of these people and give them hope, no matter what their state of mind of is.

    1. I agree their is only one way for everyone who can help. show them love by helping them I once had to go through being homeless with 3 children sleeping in cars and sleeping in shelters and moving from one city to the next now I’m about to graduate with my degree with criminal justice and from me being homeless due to domestic violence my driver lic was suspended and the courts is asking me for $6,000 to move on with my life and I don’t have it. I’m a single mom and it’s hard. But I trust in God and he will make a way out of no way.Like he always does so I’m being lead by the holyspirit of truth to a different light in life. In jesus name

      1. I am going threw the same things as you I beleave in god and I trust him but the constant harassment and lack of.funds are so over welming im not in school but I am home less im so tired I just want to give up but for some reason I cant it id a battle feild out here every day is a battle …

      2. I also have 3 kids and homeless moving from state to state trying to keep some sort of roof over there heads. In just currious what you did about schooling for your kids? With having to move around and not having an address to use how can I out them in school and home schools want the same info proof of residency, home address etc. Any help would be appreciated cause I know that we will get in so much trouble for the kid’s being out of school for a long period of time!

      3. According the federal law, as explained by the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty, schools have to enroll students immediately, even if the family does not have all of the documentation required by the school district. A lack of a street address should not prevent a kid from being able to attend school. Here are the basic facts from NLCHP http://www.nlchp.org/documents/Education_of_Homeless_Children_and_Youth. If you want a local advocate to help you get your kids accepted by a school, contact your nearest legal aid office. You can find that office just by typing your zip code or city name into this search box provided by the Legal Services Corporation http://www.lsc.gov/what-legal-aid/find-legal-aid

    2. People lose hope from the tons of dead end referrals, phone numbers that led to more phone numbers and finally a “no” or just no answer, from sarcastic and rude answers, and people who speak to us like criminals just trying to get over on a system many of us do not understand or manage to access, from facing forms some of us cannot begin to understand, which need more forms or paperwork to be attached that we may or may not have, and from constantly asked for an address for everything and any kind of help or a phone number, which can also get sporadic. People give up because it is exhausting, overwhelming and sometimes futile! Quick to tell you what you can’t do, no one is so quick to say what TO DO or why/how things work. We don’t all fit in the mold and if it’s not a quick fix, see ya.
      Most people don’t “choose” this. That is a judgement of someone’s choice ie choosing one thing over another. I choose to keep my dog. This keeps me from choosing a shelter. I did NOT however choose to be homeless, I just ran out of other choices. (People who rant about whether homeless should be “allowed” to have pets, are really saying that as you have fewer and fewer resources, you should have fewer and fewer rights, like a person. Can I take their pet away because I think they are rather heartless and lack empathy for others? But that’s another dialog.)
      Rules, rules, rules, rules, comply or die. (No zip code=no food box, not in a shelter=no advocate, no advocate=no housing. Basic math.) That’s part of the daily life. That’s a problem for some people, who having lost enough, and can’t give up their few remaining choices to someone else.
      Worth reflecting on.

    3. I have a car. But the registration was due last month. Things have just been real bad in all ways. I’m almost 60. Wouldn’t you think I’d have this game beat by now? I am being evicted my court date is less than 2 weeks away. I am applying for jobs. Nothing yet though I’m hopeful. But at this late date I am worried. I live near Houston. Walmart is a place an interview went well. This will sound trivial and does to me too. But my only friend is my dog. Houston is too hot to leave your dog in a car if I am so blessed to get that job or a health care job which is more suited to me, I just hope it cools off here.

      I am touched by all of your stories. I googled living in the woods in my area and found you all. I dont have answers yet, but I feel less alone. I’ll be praying for yall tonight, not just me. Keep the faith. Love, Marjorie

      1. Hello I can relate with you one hundred percent.I hope this reaches you in good health and your dog is good too.I live in Baton Rouge,LA.My husband and I are in a one bedroom but we would be willing to help you as long as you are willing to help yourself.I can see you are.I see where you said you had a car.Do you have a CDL class b if so my honey can get you on with him.He drives a dumb truck.

  6. Hello !
    I would like to organise kind of this blog in Poland. There is a lot of homeless people here, but the are no good solutions in polish law. Please, help, and contact me ( avicoolaria@wp.pl )

  7. Sqatter’s Right: My landlord ‘walked away’ from the mortgage on the property of the apartment in which i reside with my family. he returned my April 2008 rent check, uncashed. No one has come forward to collet rent or evict me since; can I claim sqatter’s rights to ownership of the property?

    1. pay any unpaid taxes start repairs on the house.switch any utilities into your name contact a lawyer to help.If you don’t have money for a lawyer ask for a referral to someone that will help you proBono.Different states have different rules/rights.I believe no matter what you will still need to be properly evicted by law.Just in case have a back up plan,cause you just never know.City hall where I live has assigned people that by appointment,(meaning signing in)are there to help you keep roof over your head.You have tenant’s rights.There is help out there you just have to find it.It’s ok to ask for help,educate yourself and your family of your rights and exercise them.You don’t want to find out what it is like to go through what alot of people here have or are going through.Its beyond devastating. good luck and Whom ever your higher power is ,Bless you !

  8. I have a question about adverse possession.
    I (along with my three dogs, 1 cat) are about to loose our home to forclosure.
    I am disabled and receive $950 per month on SS disability.
    I found a property in my area (Near Tucson, Az) that has been vacant for about 7 years (the owner inherited it from his deceased father)
    I called the owner in RedondoBeach California to ask if he would be willing to sell or rent the property to me. He said ” it is not a good time for me to sell right now”

    The house is falling apart, has wood rot, roof issues, lot of broken trees, trash everywhere. It looks likely that there are rats in the house, but I see the potential in this house…I could fix it up.
    The owner is paying taxes,but it is obvious that he does not want to care for the property. One odd note is that the owner is paying the gas bill, but not the electric
    So, can I legally take possession of the the property? is this considered trespassing in any way or doing anything illegal?
    From what I can understand about Adverse Possession, I think I can take possession and wait and see if the owner wants to evict me?

    What a sad thing that someone would let a nice house just go to ruin, especially when I could keep it up and it would give me and my rescue pets a home instead of the street.
    Any advise on how to proceed would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

  9. I’ve been homeless for just about a year now. This predicament has seriously delayed my own pro per legal pursuits. ANY resources possibly useful for this can be important. I notice that this blog/site appears to have idled for some time. I also notice that this is typically the case with so many “homeless” oriented things.

    I hadn’t been prepared for the local official corruptions and the shocking non-help, even counterproductive influence, of supposed “help” organizations like “Legal Aid” and the county courts “self help program”. The many outfits proclaiming themselves as purposed with “helping the homeless” have turned out to be far more about paying the staff’s rent/mortgages than anything else.

    As increasing numbers, and types, of people become displaced and disenfranchised like this, I suspect that true class warfare grows more imminant.


  11. Linda,
    Great job and great idea. This is a nice way to give back to the community. I will start referencing your website throughout mine when I feel it would be appropriate.

    Thanks for helping the homeless community!

  12. Hello,
    I am homeless out in Sacramento,California.They have this not camping law in the city.The Mayor said back in the summer that there was $1.8 million in stimulus funds for housing the homeless.Then later on he gives out vouchers for the homeless to stay in a motel for a week.Cal Expo shelters was closed when they shut down Tent City.
    The Capital of California is a suck hole for the homeless that want Safe Ground. As I see it, they want something for nothing.I would rather live in a house than a tent.Most of the homeless here get harassed by the police about sleeping on the sidewalks or even sitting on the sidewalks.

    The court specifically ruled that the city of Los Angeles could not roust derelicts off the streets unless the taxpayers had previously provided a cozy shelter for every conceivable vagrant that drifts in. In other words, the taxpayers must provide shelter or the homeless have the right, per the Constitution, to involuntarily sit, lie and sleep anywhere they damn well please on city sidewalks.

    1. Joseph speaks the truth. I got laid off and developed an all over rash erytherma multiformae minor don’t google it if you’re queasy. The nearby doctor I went to for follow up said since I was single, alone that they would schedule me for a breast biopsy and a uterine biospy and would give me 2 weeks to get my affairs in order but I would not be waking up from one of them. And thanks for being an organ donor. I rescinded my organ donor status, reported him but he still practices.

      The first thing this office did was ask me what kind of pain pills I wanted. I wanted to make sure if this erytherma multiformae minor was preventable and what to do to get better

      I did not keep any further appts. Went to a church friends doctor, where they prescribed me medicine meant to regulate periods and I was post menopausal.This was so they could report me as nonstop bleeding. At the pharmasist’s unofficial recommendation. I did not refill but bled for three months straight.

      It finally stopped, I did not report this doctor because it does no good. The reports go no where, apparently.

      I can’t get anyone to believe me, officially or unofficially. Eyes glaze over.

  13. Is it legal for homeless shelters to make residents homeless simply because they have a personal issue with that person and not from anything they had done to other residents nor themselves? My friend lives in a Georigia shelter and is now back on the street. She had complied to all the requirements and is devistated the director had a personal vendetta. Thank you for any assistance.

    1. I would not hold my breath on legal assistance from anyone over being expelled from a homeless shelter over a personality conflict. I have stayed in a shelter, but it was run by a friend. I knew people who stayed in decent shelters run by Christian organizations, as well. They showed me how sometimes a dishonest person could con the staff and do, or cause things like you describe. Because they have the honest people fooled these honest people are convinced that the scammers and con artists who have been placed in limited authority are on the level and fair.

      As regards the director, it is rather like accusing a police officer; the courts (assuming they will hear your case at all) assume the person in authority is more reliable than the homeless person. I am truly sorry for your friend.

      1. That was a really great post. I noticed a guy replying to you who said something totally out of line. One thing was odd, I’m new but usually I thought everyone had a reply button beneath their post, but the rude person did not. My original post in 2016 is a 2 or 3 up. Not any different than anyone else’s.Godspeed to you all

  14. She had complied to all the requirements and is devistated the director had a personal vendetta. Thank you for any assistance.Great job and great idea. This is a nice way to give back to the community. I will start referencing your website throughout mine when I feel it would be appropriate.

  15. Shark Girl and Bautista, your stories are incredibly interesting albeit sad. I wish the best of luck to you two.Great job and great idea. This is a nice way to give back to the community. I will start referencing your website throughout mine when I feel it would be appropriate.**

  16. My relevant legal experiences with homeless life has been from one state of affairs to another beginning with being assigned into a shelter system where clients and staff may have had relations outside the scope of staff and client, my own experience was sexual harassment from a male staff working within the female shelter and who would upon reporting to work would personally search for me or come to my room and insist on me taking a shower while he was on duty whether or not I had just completed one before his arrival, he would state that he had not witnessed me doing so; when this was reported to anyone who would listen was removed from services.
    I then contacted legal services in Pennsylvania and I was later informed by a legal attorney “that maybe I should have kept my mouth shut and I would still have a place in the shelter system,” this was also reported to their executive staff who backup their lawyer and dropped my case; another state of affairs was receiving services at the ARCH in Texas, for the first few years things was pretty good until I invested benefits given from an award of denied services into a franchise the ARCH began to view my mail as being in conflict with their policy regarding client receiving mail at either their location or their post office box for which both had been provided to me for my mail to be delivered without any statement as to whether the mail being personal or of any business nature, as the executive informed other and myself that my business was a scam, fraudulent and not a legal business at such time all my mail was returned to senders and I was served with a notice by the executive staff and a sergeant of APD not to use their services or to return to the premises or I would be arrested for trespassing.
    I had also lost my housing due the ARCH policy to provide clients mail in a timely manner, due to housing authority giving me several times to amend the lateness of my responses I had attempted to have numerous meeting with the ARCH staff to improve their response and accountability for clients mail by suggesting that they provide a log for any client who pick up mail from their location that would have the client’s signature, date of pickup maybe the amount of mail or sender’s name like housing or some kind of documentation of mail delivery and pick up that would provide proof for the clients and security for the ARCH, this was places by documentation system for the ARCH that only placed the person on a list for mail, it fail to show the habit of the client pickup or the proof that the client did get such mail and after I had lost my housing and the Arch was informed they added a housing list for clients with mail from housing and when a very intimate friend also lost his housing and the ARCH was informed the Arch typed a letter to the housing authority explaining the events that cause my friend to lose his housing with contact and sympathy.
    Back in 1980s I became homeless with my three children, back then the system was very supportive and helpful, that took me out on housing visits to pick my new home for not only for me but for my three children, the home I decided on to raise my children, I lived there from 1990 thru 1998, when my landlord was report for harassment, it did not matter the I lived in this home all these years without incidents my rent was paid every month by case workers, I became homeless again because my landlord went outside the jurisdiction of my resident and convinced a judge to evict me from my home of eight years without a lawyer, notice or hearing with me my homelessness continued from 1998 through 2007.
    I am disappointed to not be able to provide or add links to resources that would be helpful to other readers who are interested in homeless people’s legal issues, but due to my lack of addiction of any kind the homeless services or system has not been of much help or support. I intend one day to write a documentation of such events with names and location for a system profiting on addiction and homelessness and not the circumstance of homelessness.

  17. Great job and great idea. This is a nice way to give back to the community. Is it legal for homeless shelters to make residents homeless simply because they have a personal issue with that person and not from anything they had done to other residents nor themselves? Thank you for any assistance.Realy it’s a Great job and great idea.

  18. I live in San Francisco, I have befriended a homeless guy with a cat, they both live in the Transbay Terminal, her in SF, this building is going to be raised and there is no where for this man and all the others who have call this building home for years, Some have been in this building for over ten years. I recently talked with a lawyer friend and was told that the homeless have no rights to this building as squaters, I had hoped that the mear fact that they have been there for so long ,that they might some some legal president, but no,than I thought of getting an injuction to stop the tearing down the building until these foks could be placed in a home of some kind, but just like all other places, the money talks louder than the need for houseing for the poor, helpless.
    How can I help these people fight to get in to a better situation, this building is going soon and we have yet to help these people.

  19. i was kicked out of college because i am homeless. i tried to find lawters and other people to help me and no one will. anybody got any resources for this in texas call me at 817-879-2802

    1. It is also interesting to note that in Portland, the police are using “disorderly conduct” charges to arrest people who are part of the Occupy Portland protests. In some cases, they seem to be using the laws used to remove homeless individuals from the areas set aside for the Occupy movement. Between October 6 and October 20th of 2011, 11 individuals were arrested for disorderly conduct alone.

  20. I was wondering if a homeless person if living in a van, is it possible to purchase car insurance without an address so that there are no issues with cops?

    1. State auto insurance laws do require you to carry some sort of coverage on your automobile and you generally do have to prove that you are eligible to be insured in that state by providing the insurance company with documentation of your living in and, if applicable, owning a vehicle in that state. In other words, insurance companies expect that the address you list on your policy application will match the address on your automobile registation and driver’s license, both of which require you to notify state authorities when you change addresses. Also, because the insurance company has legal status as your agent in matters connected with that policy it does need to know where and how to contact you.

      To obtain a driver’s license you have to show that you truly are the person you claim to be. The federal REAL ID Act requires states to cross check other identification sources when issuing driver’s licenses. A summary of that federal law is available from the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty at http://www.nlchp.org/content/pubs/REAL_ID_Fact_Sheet_20083.pdf. The Department of Homeland Security has the official rule at http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2008/08-140.htm. Each state has the flexibility to design its drivers license identification law in ways that accommodate the homeless and long distance truck drivers and others who do not reside in a fixed location. Some states, for example, accept ID verification letters from homeless service providers. The most efficient way to find your state’s current identification rule is to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles. http://www.dmv-department-of-motor-vehicles.com/ You should be able to use e-mail to contact your DMV and simply ask what documentation they want you to bring. If you can’t get satisfaction from the DMV, get in touch with your local homeless service provider and ask that agency to help you get an address exception to obtain a driver’s license. http://www.nationalhomeless.org/directories/index.html

      If your state driver’s license ID law does not yet have a way for you to obtain a license (and, secondarily, insurance), you can contact your state legislature and petition to have the law amended. The National Conference of State Legislatures has lots of REAL ID material for state legislators to read http://www.ncsl.org/Default.aspx?TabID=756&tabs=951,72,110#110 because state lawmakers have been developing these new identification laws for a couple of years.

      Related sources:
      The Insurance Information Institute has several helpful fact sheets about state financial responsibility laws. http://www.iii.org/factbook/pc_by_line/autolaws/ You can find an individual state’s auto insurance laws through its insurance commission. http://www.naic.org/state_web_map.htm

  21. Ms. Tashbrook:

    I am researching an article for LJ about the homeless and libraries. The idea is that the library can do positive things to help the homeless and not all homeless are nuisances as commonly stereotyped. For that reason, I wondered if you knew of interesting programs in PA, the midwest, or northeast, that would deal more with families or adults and might address the needs of the homeless in rural and suburban areas.

    My phone number is 202-232-9113 and my e-mail address is steve_lilienthal@yahoo.com

    Any help you could offer would be appreciated.

    1. Hi steve my name is peggy sue,I am homeless,using library to stay warmm Im 49yrs old my life and stories of the road are for a book to help others thepros and cons of the steets bars low housing places abandoned buildings,hitchhiking…I have exspierienced,hell,and priceless times and places,i,m sitiing here hungry and wet from the rain looking up places to help me with food and a coat,mines to thin..I just got doignoied with lung cancer,and I,m very lonely,just lost mother last year,,hope to talk with you some day,but if you have any pen pals,i sure would like acristmas card from someone..my number is 412-230-0065 I,m using a friends e_mail right now..I,ll have my own in a couple of days

    2. I’m concerned that homeless people don’t take bathes yet there are places to take them. There isn’t anything enjoyable about a person who stays homeless by making excuses and not bathing.

      1. You obviously have never been homeless. There are any number of communities that don’t have showers for the homeless. Sometimes they are too far away. You have obviously never really been destitute. Liberal states are the worst for homeless people because liberals only care about themselves when it comes down to brass tacks, and don’t want to be offended by the people they claim to care about. Conservatives view homelessness as a serious issue and are concerned for the homeless people.

      2. You obviously have no clue as to what you are talking about, there are not adequate places for homeless people to just go and take a bath let alone go and just warm up. Until you live through it first hand please do not open your mouth as to what you think or believe. It truly amazes me with the things that I read, see, hear and live each and everyday.

  22. I had a squatter on my land He had me arrested It was 4mos till court looked @my deed but gave him 1/3 of MY land Finally he had to move In retaliation had me arrested again Court gave him power to keep me off my land I’m now 54yro & homeless due to his lies 18Xs same judge I lost all Went from paid off to nothing Do I have retaliation against judge? He put restrain order on me I tried to dissolve it Is it usual for me to go 1st & defend myself w/o knowing what I’m defending? I hv papers go back 3yrs of 3 ppl trying to evict him

  23. I am a 53 yr old woman who is homeless in southern cal. living in her car. Where I live, the city has a municipal code that states you can’t live in your vehicle. It seems to me that is a law that is for homeless. Right along with fining people for feeding us, and you can’t be here or you can’t be there.

    Anyway, my first ticket given was a notice to appear. I appeared, and plead “not guilty”. The fine for this “living in vehicle” ticket is $465. At the “trial” it was dismissed. either the cop didn’t show, or the Judge figured it was stupid??

    2 days later, a really rude cop came at about 2:30am at the “spot” I have been staying at off and on since February and gave me another ticket for the same thing. I told him about the dismissal, but he said “so, here is another one”. But, this time it is a parking citation. And the fine is only $116? So, now I can’t go to my spot.. A parking structure that is not used at night, a little warmer, and definately a drier place to “stay”. I always clean up after myself before I leave, etc. It’s been an ok place for 8 months?

    I moved, and, that same rude cop gave me another ticket for the same thing and told me to leave town…??

    I’m not sure what to do. I am going to contest them, but don’t know what will happen.. This cop is going to keep giving me tickets every time he sees me?? That’s rediculous..isn’t it?

    typical homeless dilemma.
    from Sue a 99 weeker;
    53 and homeless in southern cal

      1. Unless you are in a town where they are not. It is good if you are going, or thinking of going to a Town to check the internet. Most towns have resources, like libraries, work search, and community centers and most of those offer internet. Phoenix is listed as one of the worst places in the country to be homeless. Just saying.

  24. I live in a shelter in santa barbara, cali with my 3 year old daughter and share a room with 2 other single moms. My things were ransacked and gone through while I was gone from their shelter per their policy. Do I have any privacy rights? Can I sue??

  25. I am a homeless advocate in Washington, DC. I was recently the subject of a massive media frenzy due to my use of social media to advocate for the homeless.

    A friend named Laura Russello who works for the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless (WLCH) just started a blog. She is trying to connect with others who serve the homeless and to bring traffic to the site. Feel free to check out the blog at http://washingtonlegalclinic.wordpress.com/ There may be room to collaborate in the area of legal services for the homeless and/or using social media to publicize your cause.

  26. Is it legal for homeless shelters to conduct room searches and order a person to submit to drug testing more than one time in a week?
    This happened to a friend at a transitional shelter in Texas. He was doing well and was in an advanced phase and looking forward to getting a job. Now he’s banned because he refused a drug test. I don’t blame him one bit.

  27. I am on the verge of homelessness in PA. I moved here to get married. Obviously that didn’t work out. My name is on the least to the apt we have together but he’s threatening to kick me out. I know he can’t do it easily or quickly so hopefully I have a little time to figure something out. If anyone knows my legal rights and can help me out I’d appreciate it. I’m seriously considering living in my car because being here with him isn’t safe I don’t think, but if I do that I don’t know my legal rights or if it is even legal to live in my car here.

    Thanks so much.


    1. I can understand your worries about being kicked out of the apartment. Since you are named on the lease, you are worried about whether you would be responsible for paying the landlord if your ex-boyfriend abandons or trashes the place after you move out. To find out how to remove yourself from the lease obligations, first contact the landlord and ask for instructions. If that doesn’t work out, click on the “legal aid providers” link at http://www.palawhelp.org and get in touch with your local legal aid office to ask if they can help you get out of the lease.

      Since you are on the verge of homelessness, you are worried about finding affordable housing. Here is a link to the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency which has several helpful tools for renters including a database that helps you locate affordable apartments with the characteristics you seek and in the community you want. http://www.phfa.org/consumers/renters/default.aspx

      1. Just a cautionary footnote: I was living with my wife in a house owned by her, and legally I could not be summarily ejected without a court order because we’d been living together there for years. There had been no domestic violence or other cause for a legal order against me.

        Regardless, I was locked out one day without warning and the police not only refused to become involved, they also refused me permission to re-enter the home accompanied by them, to remove my own property. They aren’t supposed to do this but in real life, they please themselves — don’t expect the law to protect you.

        My wife showed them the deeds to the house, with her name on them. They told me that this gave her the right to throw anyone out without warning if she wanted. This is untrue. But the police can do and say what they like in these situations unless criminal law is being broken, which it wasn’t.

        My wife then promised the police that she would, herself, allow me to enter the home later on. She told the police, honestly, that there had been no domestic violence. She then immediately took out an injunction against me claiming domestic violence and preventing me from entering the house.

        I was later told that all lawyers will go for a domestic violence injunction based on whatever stories the defendant makes up, because it’s one of the few court documents that is free. Judges grant the orders regardless of evidence, just to be on the safe side, so don’t expect the chance to defend yourself against this.

        I have been homeless ever since and for 18 months now, and am surviving. It can be done, and can be much better than the situation you’ve just come out of. Just beware of trusting the law, especially if your partner is slick and convincing. It may come down to the court protecting whomever makes the claim of domestic violence first, regardless of the facts.

  28. I am doing a huge report on homeless in America and how I believe drug tests should be required at the shelters in America, is there any information you can give me about laws regarding this or any fun facts about rules with drugs in shelters?

    1. When asserting that one segment of the population should be singled out for drug testing, you need to be familiar with statistics from the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of Justice http://www.justice.gov/dea/statistics.html in order to substantiate your hypothesis. You might also want to read about the DEA’s major operations to ascertain whether there is evidence that the homeless population has been significantly involved in illegal drug-related activities. http://www.justice.gov/dea/major/major.htm

      Here is the Controlled Substances Act http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/21cfr/21usc/index.html which tells why and when possession and distribution of certain drugs can be illegal.

      Testing for drugs is a form of search and seizure typically conducted as a form of law enforcement. So, to understand the reasons for and scope of that authority, you need to read the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and some of the decisions from court cases interpreting that Amendment. At Justia.com, you can see the full-text of the Amendment http://supreme.justia.com/constitution/amendment-04/01-search-and-seizure.html and then you can see summary explanations of how parts of the Amendment have been interpreted in various contexts. http://supreme.justia.com/constitution/amendment-04/index.html Here, for example, is the summary content about drug testing. http://supreme.justia.com/constitution/amendment-04/24-drug-testing.html

      The American Civil Liberties Union fights against abuses of civil rights, such as those protected by the Fourth Amendment. A convenient way to find out about cases questioning whether various types of drug testing violate the Fourth Amendment is to use the phrase “drug testing” in the search box at the ACLU website. http://www.aclu.org/ Here, for example is a report, with links to the underlying court documents, about a court overruling a University’s policy of requiring all incoming students to be tested for illegal drug use. http://www.aclu.org/blog/criminal-law-reform/judge-temporarily-halts-colleges-unlawful-drug-testing-program

      Since your paper is “huge” you might want to go beyond reading and investigate your hypothesis by interviewing homeless service providers and police in your community.

    2. Drug test and then what? What good would it serve to put a drug addict on the streets and go hungry? That is what these places are for, it is the end of the road for most. Have some sympathy, do not judge, there must be other issues you can take up?

      1. I agree with the previous post. Obviously barney youve never been or have never known anyone with drug issues. They arent all bad people. They have issues and need help. I know by experience.. It just seemed out of control and too much to handle. If you only have a few bucks in your pocket of fifty or sixty bucks they arent gonna make a difference in tomorrow so you try to escape today. Wrong? Absolutely. Nevertheless, you have it all backwards. Help with shelter,hope and direction THEN rehabilitation of the drugs. Not the other way around. With all do respect, i sence you personally have never dealt with disfunctional homelife or personal addictions. I truly suggest if you want to help homeless people you.educate yourself on a mucj closer level than from statistics on paper from your office.

  29. Hi im kewana a single mother of 3beautiful children I just recently began to lose every things my car just got repod a few months ago with me only owing a few thousands an to make that worst igot scammed out a house now myself an my children are staying at a homeless shelter today being Christmas Eve I’d like to know is it against the law for squatters to squat outside Detroit

  30. Well I ned a lawyers help about a year I was convited of posetion of meth I went to jail and was given to choises fist one I do 30days and get release to a recovery home .second was do 120days and no program we ll I took tje second choise no program I do my time and get out and im issued a p.o and he decides I need.a.program I listen well I have two kids and a wife and a retraning order in the middle well im a month in to the program and my wife and kids move to mexico im going nuts well then I aske my p.o .if I can go see my kids he sas to me I cant im in arogram it was like if im in jail well he dosent grant me that and I take action I go and visits my kids and im not even 48 hours I come back and je decides to violare me first violatin im doing super good but I do that mistake I cross to mexico . But im not triing to do more jail for something that wasent bad is thir a way that I can get granted to be able to comute from contrys back and fourth from mex. To the usa. And still do like outpatien pograms I need to find a job live is cheap in mexico but is esier to work in the us and live in mexico

  31. I am homeless and living in my car since yesterday. I am 55 years old and in the past three years since the company I worked for closed, I have only been able to find a few occasional temp jobs.

    I am worried that the authorities may arrest me or take away my cat, who I love dearly. I am in the So Cal desert, near Palm Desert. Please can someone tell me what the laws are regarding my situation?

  32. I am currently living in my car. Where can I safely park at night to sleep? I’ve been parking at the 24 hour walmart or at hotel parking lots, and so far have not had a problem, but I’m worried that I could be arrested or something.

    1. Your concern about being accused of trespassing on private property makes sense. If you parked on a public street, though in many cities it is increasingly hard to find one without meters or permit requirements, at least you wouldn’t have to worry about being on private property. I hope that readers of this blog have sent you private replies with good suggestions about making arrangements with owners or managers of private lots.

    2. Hello Ms. Linda Tashbook Esq I am not homeless I pray for all homeless people and hope are country helps them . I am a person with learning disabilities and I am seeking a lawyer for a matter were I was abused by a nurse in a hospital I was choked by a nurse in a hospital causing me severe pain and suffering and depression and post traumatic stress disorder it has been a tough time for me. I am in washington state can you help me to get a attorney to represent me in this matter can you take on a case in the state of washington for contingincy fee. Again I feel we need a different society that can help me and all people that are down on there luck and not getting there needs met in are society . Ms. Jessica Simpson I am looking for a probono or contingincy fee attorney to represent me in washington state I am being abused by island county washington in certain matters

      1. Here are two sources to help you find personal injury lawyers, all of whom work on a contingency fee basis: Martindale.com and Findlaw.com. Both have lawyer search forms on the front page and both will give you a good array of facts about each lawyer. You will probably want to talk with several lawyers before you decide which one to hire.

  33. I dont kno wat is legal an not legal for a homless shelter. But I myself have been in a shelter aling with my mother from being kucked out of my mothers boyfriends home we had to seak shelter after sleepin in our car to the light house shelter they had rukes like any other shelter some of which I didnt agree with but it waz a roof over my head so I didnt mind abidinding by any of their rules an just last not my mother an I had been kicked out for bringing a basket an a suit case to the car we brought them to the car so that they wouldnt have any reason to have to leave an we had been ask to leave we were on n empty tank of gas siytin on their premisses trynin to figure out our next move we have no money are anything an could not take the chance of ridin out da rest of the gas the police were called on us on we were also made to leave the premisses along with an older woman who had been told to leave because she had not finished dinner in a timely fashon im seeking legal advice because I dnt want people to have to go through are deal with what we had to deal with last nite if u are in the statr of louisiana in da lafayette are the lighthouse shelter is not a place u want to seek shelter the director she is truly heart less an doesnt intend on help anyone at any time stay there you have to walk on wgg shells and try your best not to rub someone therr the wrong way which is hard to do wen their kickin uyou out on the streeys over dinner not being ready on time domeone please help im not sure how I can go about this the right way

  34. I herd that there is or used to be a squatter rights law that indicates that a squatter who takes up residency in an abandon building for over a year and can give proof, say showing dated mail for that time period sent to that addres, then they can claim squatter rights and legally take ownersip of that residency. Is that true ? If so in what cities and is san jose one of them?

  35. well really got the help i needed didnt get far or moved up all i got was the run around and about to get evicted well back to were i was at again hoeless with my kids back on the street wow and with my job trying too make things meet day my day wow thats alot of work by just have work krazie but got go last time well being my laptop and other thing tooo

  36. I was wondering if it’s legal for a case manager to force you to ether sell your property or for him to force you to give your property to him to hold on to as a punishment for something you did that they didn’t want you to do.

    1. I was told to sell everything because anything you can’t win a fight for in a shelter will be taken from you, by force and you will likely be mugged for handing it over and being “soft”.

      Upon further conversation, they said I was not the typical client and they would not guarantee my safety and as a domestic violence victim, I would be made to sign papers that I volunteered for and know the risks.

      Every roommate situation I have encountered has been “you willingly walked in this door. Now we can do whatever we want. You are paying us money to steal whatever you bring to the table.”

      My church referred me to local 211 services. They say they don’t really know me. Fairweather friends at best.

  37. I became homeless when a insurance company refused to pay my medical bills I was fully insured and was using the car. I moved in with my bf and he went crazy after stopping his antidepressant and him and his mother held me captive and by gun point can I sue the insurance company for fault being if they paideia medical bills I would of not had to move into the crazy house. Please let me know. Ndevinn24@gmail.com

    1. No, you could’ve moved anywhere besides your violent when not medicated bf and his so called sane but violent mother.

      Don’t think I am not sympathetic. I speak from experience.

  38. You may find “it easy to sell my van in an auction site or a specialist van site”. You have to just do one thing estimate the price of your van. The only difficulty is that people may want to come, see the van and wish for a test drive.

  39. Hi my name is Rue I’m 18 years old I been homeless my family and I . My mom who is a single parent , older sister and younger brother . These past two years I moved to six homes it has been very difficult and such a struggle hoping things will get better . I graduated high school with A’s and B’s my mom and sister don’t have there papers which makes it harder to have money / home. I will continue my education for paralegal I would like someones help of my situation gladly appreciate it . Email anything ? thanks

    1. Kaylee, all the shelters in Dallas are exploiting the homeless. You can help by bringing attention to it to the public. The sad truth is, as a homeless person one has pretty much no rights!

  40. Hi I’m 21 and I am married. I got kicked out of my parents place. I have no job, car, way to get around and I am stuck …being so young I don’t know how t do anything. I’m at a friends but not for long..i’m going to be on the streets…since i lived with my parents they got kicked off housing, my name was as a co owner? so does that eefect me if i try to get housing, what are means of transortation when you have no friends or family who like you? WHAT NEXT? please email some advice to me at stun0@ymail.com

  41. Thank you for this great blog! I was homeless and know how hard society makes it for people that have no place to go to. Later I worked for a private homeless shelter in Dallas, TX and things are just as bad in the shelters I have seen, be it they are public or private.
    RI is a victory, a beginning and I hope it will continue.
    Again, thank you for looking out for the ones that need help!

  42. I recently started staying at a shelter in GA. I have started working and they are setting me up with a transitional home. This particular home requires that they be allowed to open a bank account for me and recieve my paycheck (both to take their cut and restrict my access to the money) Is that legal? I assume they require that I sign a power of attorney over to them in order to even be able to do this with the bank.

    1. I am intrigued by your inquiry, particularly the part about limiting the way you choose to spend your money. Since you have a job, it would seem that you can choose not to accept the transitional housing arranged by the shelter and instead find your own housing arrangements or ask the shelter to help you find something other than this particular transitional housing facility. On the other hand, there may be something about your particular circumstances that makes it necessary for you to participate in this transitional situation. While it is generally true that you can agree to and be bound by just about anything in a contract, it is also generally true that you can modify a form contract by scratching out the parts you disagree with and noting that you do not agree to abide by those terms.

      I think you need to talk to Amy Sawyer amy.sawyer@usich.gov who is Georgia’s liaison with the federal Interagency Council on Homelessness. She will know if the program’s government funding is connected with this shared bank account scheme. If she isn’t helpful, get in touch with John Bassett john.bassett@dca.ga.gov at the Georgia Department of Community Affairs because he heads Georgia’s Council on Homelessness, and ask him if the shared bank account requirement is a) legitimate and b) mandatory. If this transitional home is run by a private organization, and not by a government office, you might also present your inquiry to the State Attorney General http://consumer.georgia.gov/consumer-services/filing-a-complaint. This kind of thing isn’t a standard consumer complaint, but if the housing entity is in the business of renting living quarters then it probably has to answer to the AG.

  43. Hi im not homeeless anymore but scared that soon me and long time boyfriend will be again soon we use every bit of our money to keep this apartment that we have due to my health you see I have a very bad case of psuedotumor ceribri and have hade three surgeries in two years and now my docs are sending me to more specialist at the mayo clinic becouse they are at a loss but what my issue is we have been in this apartment for two years have never had a problem with anyone here then we got new neighbors downstais from us it was only to be a single older lady is what managment said but we get loud music 24/7 door slamming yelling and screaming all the time and its male and female management tells us to call the cops if its that bad finaly I did now its a three to four time a day calling prosses to the cops finaly one day nothing no noise then we came home to bi$&#writtin on my stairs (you get what I say) I called managment and cops supposedly after that they were going to kick her out but now three months later still dealing with her she never got a notice managment said they cant kick her out but wont say why so im still calling the cops for some type of quiet becouse I have no money for a lawyer so one day one cop told me about the complaint system where I can sign a piece of paper becouse shes being to loud and they arrest her and let her go but he also was so confused when he found out who it was he stated with her past she shouldnt be here and managment told him they were kicking her out too he was fumming sence I did that she told this guy not knowing he was a friend of ours that shes going to beat my face in and now when my boyfriend is out getting my medical supplies her and these guys that stay with her come and pound on my door or throw stuff at it and run down the stairs slam her door and start laughing thats how I know its her I can hear everything in her place even someone snoring becouse these places are old I live in california and really need help I just had another surgery 3 days ago im scared managment wont do crap all they care about is money I cant afford another place this one takes all I have and if this continues im worried my boyfriend my do something stupid hes my caretaker he trys hes best but if you only heard how loud everything was youd know ive recoreded the music took pictures I just dont know what else calling the cops just makes it worse and I do it anonymously so I dont know how she found out except one cop said she might have a scanner please help sorry this was long you just had to know the story all of it in full

  44. I’m good friends with a successful tampa dui lawyer . Though it’s not his specialty, I recently spoke to him about my sentiments that the homeless are overlooked and do not receive the attention they deserve from both the judicial system and police officers on the streets (local law enforcement).

    1. OK I know this is way you late but since you talked to him about it…and…now what I mean your answer was very Sure and unsure of soo what was the conclusion?

  45. hello,
    my name is joshua and im messaging you for advice on where to turn for youth and young adults being exploited for profit under a “non-profit” organization. i live in a shelter in los angeles where the managers and directors allow people to tour the facility and donate to help out the youth program and other parts of the building- but the youth shelter remains the same the people who give the tours also lie, exaggerate and stretch the truth so much, its immoral. there are holes in the walls, there is mold growing in places, and the food (which is advertised to be nutritional and healthy to the donators) is making clients sick. the manager who runs the program is a sarcastic and racist individual who speaks to the clients with very little respect, forces his opinions and does and says things that im pretty sure are considered mentally abusive. he has also made inappropriate dances at clients and has touched them before (not sexually but its against the rules regardless) ive tried to go to his boss about the issue but when i did i found it even harder to live in the shelter, the rules were enforced harder on me, my curfew extension was delayed for half a year, and ive been lied to about numerous things just so i missed out on opportunities. he also neglects the fact that he has a responsibility for the safety of the clients, and turns a blind eye after someone is beat up or harassed in the shelter.
    im not sure what to do. i dont know where i can go to get help, and i know its my choice to stay here, but theres gotta be something i can do so that other kids dont have to put up with this in the future. its not right, and the list of bad stuff goes on and on, but thank you so much for your time and consideration.

    1. You can report a shelter’s problems to the government agencies that regulate those issues. Mold is a health problem. Report it to the health department. If possible, include evidence such as photos or stories of residents whose allergies have been affected by the mold. Food poisoning is also a health department issue. http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/international/relres.html Fraud, like lying to potential donors and inspectors, can be reported to your state attorney general.http://www.naag.org/current-attorneys-general.php. You might also want to contact a local investigative reporter. A positive way to deal with these issues might be to pitch-in. Offer to clean the mold with bleach if the shelter will provide you with the bleach. Offer to speak at churches, on behalf of the shelter, and let those congregations know that the shelter always welcomes qualified help with meal preparations. You can think of similar positive ways to improve conditions where you live.

  46. I live in ca I cancelled my insurance because due to my situation I qualified for low income
    State insurance, after being approved I found
    Out 2 years ago my daughter had an accident
    In my car and there was a small amount of physical and personal liability paid out.
    The state cancelled me even though I wasn’t
    The one in the accident , my old insurer knows I only have a p o box I’ve been staying everywhere until I go to court against my ex
    Who I has been my support for 30 years, I’m trying to get a spousal support increase due to the fact I’m disabled but do not qualify for any government help because of the small
    Amount of support I get-he does make a lot of money but I can’t get representation so I’m going in pro per- got any suggestions?

    1. Spousal support in California is allocated according to several criteria. http://www.cadivorce.com/california-divorce-guide/spousal-support/how-spousal-support-is-decided-in-california/ If something has changed since the support amount was established in a divorce, the court will look at the changed circumstances in deciding whether to change the amount of the support payment. Here is a page telling about that. http://www.jdfinder.com/blog_dtls.php?bid=California_Spousal_Support_Modification.

      Are you saying that you are no longer eligible for the state’s low cost health insurance program because of that past claim? Are you also saying that even with your current amount of spousal support you can’t afford housing or is there some other reason that you “have been staying everywhere?” If your spousal support is so low that you cannot afford any housing or car insurance, you should see if you are eligible for General Assistance or General Relief or some other help through the California Department of Social Services. http://www.cwda.org/links/chsa.php Even if you are not available for financial help from that agency, the caseworker can refer you to agencies that can help you find housing and medical support services to deal with your disability. You might alternatively want to make an appointment with a social worker in a private agency such as Catholic Charities of California http://www.catholiccharitiesca.org/contactus.asp or Jewish Familiy and Children’s Services http://www.ajfca.org/find-a-service-near-you. If you have not yet investigated the possibility of getting SSI on the basis of your disability, you can read about it and apply for it online. http://www.ssa.gov/pgm/disability.htm

  47. I entered the n.y.c shelter system on sep 19 2012 for the second time in four years i became homeless with my tree boys because there is no money for the program i had work advantage and now they keep finding us not eligbable for houseing like once a week they want a two year history of were we live i gave my lease and marshall notice what more could they want from me i dont wanna be here and the city is paying 4.264 .42 a month for us here why not pay my rent in an apartment it would be cheaper i dont know what to do to get out no one helps u heere omg

  48. Being homeless with my dog changed my life forever. I started a non-profit for the homeless and their pets. A grassroots organization, based on solution. I know the deal without a doubt.

    1. where are you located? I’m about to be homeless with my cat…I’m waiting for disability insurance, and it could take up to two years…I need help…thanks…

  49. Hello, i live in california where medical marijuana is pretty well accepted. I am homeless, though employed. My girlfriend & I got a car ride from someone we never met before, we were essentially hitch-hiking. He was pulled over for speeding. The police searched the car, took ALL our stuff out of the vehicle, and found marijuana. he also found a gun that the driver claimed, and a small amount of meth on another passenger. I went to jail only on marijuana charges, but because we have a medical marijuana cards they are about to drop the charges.

    However, we told the police at the time of our arrest that we didn’t know the other folks (and they looked in our phones to verify this) — and because of this we wanted/begged/pleaded for all of our backpacks/sleeping bags/ipod/videocamera/cookware/food/etc/etc to come with us to jail — because we didn’t know these people, all of our stuff should not be put back in someones vehicle that we only met 4 hours prior — but it should rightly come with us.

    One officer let me have my backpack, but then another took it away and threw this and everything else (!) of ours back in this guys vehicle. long story short, i’m out of jail and the charges are about to be dismissed against me and my girlfriend– but the driver bailed out of jail, got his car out of impound, and never showed back up for court – essentially running off with about $2000 worth of our possessions still inside his vehicle!!! Who is responsible? Anybody? The Police? The driver of the vehicle that didn’t show back up?

    We wont be found guilty on any charges — we were following all laws and have proven we had only met these folks when they picked us up along the side of the road. I don’t have anything anymore! All the essentials in life have been taken from me — what i feel ought to be inalienable rights! my food, my clothing, my shelter, my money — all the essentials of living — everything has been taken from me! what the heck can i do?? What are my rights?? I heard the Homeless Act of 1994 might have something to say about this . . .

    thank you very much!

  50. I need some help. We are homeowners that invited a homeless female (42 y.o.) veteran into our home, in May 2012. She was scheduled to start school, receive benefits and food stamps. She started school, received FAFSA, and then, dropped out. Her food stamps were stopped once she began school. She used her FAFSA money to partly pay for school, and we paid the remaining amount for her schooling. We have spent over $2500 for her needs, not including housing and feeding her and her pets.
    My question is….we would like for her to move out of our home. On January 1, 2013, I will be asking her to find gainful employment (not an easy task in Las Vegas) and to be financially on her way to being on her own, by May 1, 2013. She doesn’t pay rent or contribute to the household financially. Does she have any rights to stay? Do I need to put in writing that I’m asking her to vacate our home? Do I need to give her 30, 60, 90 days notice??
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  51. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources
    back to your site? My website is in the exact same niche as yours and my users would really benefit from a lot of the information you
    present here. Please let me know if this okay with you.
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  52. I work directly with youth homeless, it’s appalling that in the 21st we have this situation and believe me it’s getting worse. However, the staff who work within this area are subjected to abuse on a daily basis unsupported by the organisations they work for under the cover of “we have to be seen to be doing our jobs so we get our funding”. This results in under staffed under trained under valued and totally under appreciated people trying their very best to a good job. They are “led” by those who have no principle based work ethic and end up with staff on sick because of work related stress. The people who do these jobs do so because it has a value to them a value that those behind desks will never understand and mostly refuse to understand. This now leaves a situation where the best people for the jobs to give genuine hearfelt support are either on sick leave or refuse to do the jobs anymore.

  53. Hello, I am from San Francisco and a group from my church is interested in making and handing out sandwiches to homeless people in the Tenderloin district. I want to know if this is legal? I heard that you need a license to give food out, but I can’t find any information about it anywhere. Is there a place I should contact about this? Please reply at your earliest convenience.

  54. I lost lost my house via a deed in lieu of foreclosure. So now I have no physical address just a po box.

    PennDot insists I have to have a physical address along with my PO box so I can keep my drivers license and registration they say to use that of a friend even though I don’t live there.

    I live in my van and work less then fulltime so I as of yet have found affordable housing.

    What is the law regarding the need for a physical address to maintain my drivers license.


  55. They seem to have changed things.

    Police officer told me that if my residence on my drivers license is not correct, regardless of having a correct po box, that they can issue a citation for not having the correct info on any documents, car insurance and registration too.

  56. Thanks for the response but still no answer for me.

    I stay in my vehicle I have no place else to live. So I have no access to any other person who will permit me to use their address.

    I have called penn dot several times they say they will get back to me in two days and I never hear from them.

    1. The police lie all the time, if you have a library card go look up the state law yourself. Find a state site that displays the law, not a law firm’s opinion. If the law is not what he says it is get his car number and make a note of the time (more or less) and go file a complaint, bring a printed copy of the law when you do. Look for homeless advocates the same way on line.

  57. I endured the lifestyle of homelessness in Portland, Oregon. It was tough, but i managed to get back on my feet after being homeless for 2 year out there. I am actually writing a research paper on the topic for my college English class and need an opposing side as to why taxpayers wouldn’t want to support the homeless through the services provided. I would love to know some reasons from opposing views. I, myself would love to give back to the community that helped me get back on my feet, but I need to know why some people wouldn’t. Thank you in advance for the help.

    1. In a nutshell people don’t want taxpayer money to go to homeless programs because of exploitation. Your success is the exception not the norm.

  58. Not sure if anyone can help but wonder if it is legal to have no staff on site at night on weekends no staff until 12 or 1 a clock. And no phone avaible either.u buy food and it locked up and can not get to it. Being put out on the street with babies for non volient rules in the middle of the night. Telling there donors they offer programes and do not charge. But to the clients theres no programes and they charge 250.. A month. This shelter is in texas and i live there now wondering if there is some kind of help.

    1. Texas’s state coordinator of interagency homeless services is Mary Dodson (512) 475-1371 mary.dodson@tdhca.state.tx.us. You could contact her to find out about alternate places where you might be able to go. Here are some resource lists:
      Austin http://www.frontsteps.org/resources-home
      Dallas http://www.mdhadallas.org/area_shelters.aspx
      El Paso http://www.ephomelesscoalition.org/resources/programs
      Galveston http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/cgi-bin/id/city.cgi?city=Texas%20City&state=TX
      Houston http://www.homelesshouston.org/find-a-provider/
      Lubbock http://spconsortium.org/Services.aspx
      San Antonio http://www.sanantonio.gov/comminit/EmergencyHomelessService.aspx

  59. I have a question regarding drug testing shelter residents. What are the legalities; negative of drug testing residents? Is their a law(s) that cover this? Please assist. Cathryn

    1. Privately operated shelters are generally allowed to limit their populations in ways that might surprise you: They can allow people of just one gender to stay there. They can exclude children. They can exclude drug users. If the shelter is committed to keeping out drug users, then it has to be fair and legitimate in figuring out who is using drugs. The most reliable way to be sure that the shelter does not have any drug users is to conduct scientific testing.

      If the shelter is testing for drug use just to prevent drug crimes from happening then, depending on whether and how the shelter is connected with the government, it may be violating the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment which requires a probable cause to believe that a particular person has committed a certain crime and a warrant issued by a judge in order to search for evidence connected with the crime. http://law.justia.com/constitution/us/amendment-04/07-probable-cause.html To simply guess that people coming into a homeless shelter might be drug users would not, without other proof, justify a drug test.

      If the shelter is targeting certain individuals or groups for drug testing, then those individuals or groups may have a legal claim of discrimination.

      Even if the shelter is testing everyone or else is doing random drug testing that doesn’t target individuals or groups, the drug tests might be seen as invasions of privacy. The ACLU takes a strong stand on this and has won court cases by proving that the entities testing for drug use did not have reasons that outweighed people’s right to have the chemical content of their urine kept private. http://www.aclu.org/criminal-law-reform/drug-testing Contact your local ACLU office if you want them to consider suing a shelter for its drug testing practices. http://www.aclu.org/affiliates

      In most states, if there is any drug testing law at all, it is about when and how employers can test workers for drug use. You can peruse those state laws via Nolo Press at http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/free-books/employee-rights-book/chapter5-3.html Even though employers and shelters have separate specific reasons for conducting drug tests, the reasons are probably connected with safety in both settings. So, if you have to argue against a drug testing policy you might want to first see whether you have a state law and then compare the shelter’s policy with it to see if the policy looks like it complies with the law. If you don’t think it does, contact Project H.E.L.P. http://www.homelesslegalprotection.com/Contact_Us.html or the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty http://www.nlchp.org/contact_us.cfm or your local legal aid office. http://www.lsc.gov

  60. I am currently in a privately owned non profit shelter. I am trying to figure out if the owner hss the right to take our cell phones away from us at all. The paperwork states that we do not have to pay 50 dollars a week until we have a job. I am currently 6 months pregnant.and yhe owner will not allow me to get a job. I have no family or friends. Im just trying to figure out the law right now

  61. BY THE HOMELESS FOR THE HOMELESS bloggers in Southern California checking in! Interesting comments and subject. We need lawyers like you in Southern California. ACLU is looking for CLASS ACTIONS. Homeless in Shelters are denied their civil rights and are so afraid of being kicked out that they can’t or won’t stick together to sue!

    1. Thanks for writing. I thought you had lots of strong advocates fighting the sidewalk restrictions in California. I do know of one dedicated homeless legal service in Los Angeles and I am certain that it works on individual claims rather than class actions. It is Project H.E.L.P. — Homeless Experience Legal Protection. If you like what you see on that page, use the contact link to find out when and where you can meet with one of the volunteer lawyers.

  62. My last local residence was St. Francis House, St Augustine. I sleep outside since St. Francis charges the homeless a daily rent for transitional housing after five free days. Is it legal for the city of St. Augustine to provide only one female homeless shelter that meets the criteria (single, no children, no domestic abuse victim)? I loss my personal ID documents upon relocating to Florida; I can’t readily employ myself until I recover my ID. I don’t want to be a whistle blower but my life is at stake living outside as a young, single black female without support.

    Brittany Taylor

    1. Do you know how to replace your identification documents? If not, I can tell you how to do that. If you are not yet working with outreach services that will help you plan for permanent housing, contact Jacquelyn Harris Rude or Jean Harden at Emergency Services and Homeless Coalition of St. Johns County. homelesscoalition@comcast.net Here’s the phone number in case that e-mail address doesn’t get you a quick reply: 904-824-6623.

  63. My homeless relative wrote on a t-shirt “please anything helps god bless you thanks” the local police officer made him remove the t-shirt. I do not understand how this is illeagal to wear a shirt with this statement. Are his civil rights being violeted isn’t thus freedom of speech.

    1. The ACLU handles tee shirt message cases all the time. There are several examples cited on that organization’s “free speech” page. http://www.aclupa.org/issues/freespeech/ Your relative’s situation is particularly interesting because it is possible that the shirt violated a local anti-begging ordinance. So which law prevails, the Constitution or the local ordinance?

      Justia’s annotated U.S. Constitution shows leading examples of how and when the government is allowed to limit the content of expression. Notably, enforcement of local ordinances is not in the list. http://law.justia.com/constitution/us/amendment-01/40-government-restraint-of-content.html

      This would be a good question for debate teams and for a court of law in your relative’s jurisdiction.

  64. I went to a shealter yesterday an had to take a piss to get inso I could not piss because I used the bathroom alreadyso I go back today at 3pm to take a piss test an the lady tell me I have to wait for the worker to get in at 345pm so I went to take a piss out side, so at 345 a worker comes in an its a lady an she comes with me to the bathroom, an another guy an I ask her can I put warm water on it to help me piss an so I do so an bagan to pee, so when I done I go to give it to her an she is gone, so I bring it to her an she tells me its no good because she must be there , besides all the hoop she had me jump shouldn’t it be a man that give the test it is a men’s shealter , an u only get 5 min to pee, she tells me to come back tomorrow so I’m on the street for another nite

  65. i just moved in this shelter with my family and i don’t no how it go i feel like i would never be able to leave but i would love to have my own place again i no i messed but I’m better now i get only 517 in cash and i give them 350 of that and 568 in food stamps and give them 200 from the county it’s 4 of us in my house hold we can’t make it but they don’t help i can’t really explain on texts ifyou like you can call and i can tell you more 9097532865 can’t save to get out with no money.

  66. does a homeless shelter have the right to lock up a bathroom door at night where men sleep, and they tell you that you can not use it till 6 am?

    1. Your county health code will have a regulation about access to toilets and washing facilities. When you are on that department’s website, you should also look to see if it has a complaint form or contact address through which you can inform them if a shelter is not letting people use the bathroom during the night. Navigate to your health department’s web page via http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/international/relres.html or else enter your county name and the phrase “health department” in a search engine. You might want to read this blog’s post about hygiene in shelters. https://homelesslaw.wordpress.com/2008/03/25/are-shelters-legally-obligated-to-maintain-a-certain-standard-of-cleanliness/

  67. Try AllianceUnited.com . You might need a broker, but my insurance for a used vehicle was less then 200 a year…?? I couldn’t beat that at all. None of them.. And they give you 5 road side assists included in the insurance..

  68. I’m a mother I lost my home all my older children all done nothing to help keep our home I’m devotee do to domestic violence he missed treated my children and. Now I’m alone trying to get my ssi I can’t stay with nobody none of my kids now got excuses I’m not trying to impose on them but I’m there mom my husband left with Bella of money don’t give a crap I’m on the streets I have three small dogs there in control but were not stable I need a short term stay some where so I can get my ssi a get my self stable I can’t sleep or eat or keep my self any where course I’m being harrased by my kids I even stayed in a tent on a property were they stayed and my dauther boyfriend kicked me off his father is my husband they both made problems and I’m in need for some where just a short time anywhere I’ll even stay in a place just to keep it safe or cleaned or just to be like a sucurity person on any property so no one does damages help .me I’ll be walking around to find to be safe for the mean time I’ll will stay under a bunch or tree aside a open street can you HP me today Connie 916-678-8175

  69. PLEASE READ THIS ONE. My x husband were married 18 years. I was a stay at home mother of our 6 kids. My x husband announced,he was divorcing me and cut me immediately off all source of income. Checking savings etc. He hadnt paid the mortgage for 11 months and told me it would foreclose and no one would live there. I believed him
    i,signed the deed over and left. Shortly after he modified the home WITHOUT my signature. To date he has the house with a great interest rate. Im living from apartment to apartment. I work three jobs and am on public assistance. He alos owned a very successful havac business. He sold it a year before he divorced me fo 200.oo to,his dad. They fudge his income which severly affects my child support. I,can not afford to fight him. I also cant afford to live..SIMEONE PLEASE HELP ME.

  70. Please help. I was a married stay at home of out 6 children. My xhusband stopped paying the mortgage for 11 months. He told me he was divorcing me. He cut me off of checking,savings and all source of income.,without legal representation i signed the deed to the house to him. I believed if i didnt i qould be hels finanancially responsible for the financial mess he created. Somehow, he modified the loan with my name on it. But without my signature. He kept the house and has a low interest rate. I am now working three jobs and living from apartment to apartment. Please tell me what ,if any recourse do i have? This ia wrong on so many levels. I would have never left my home. I was bullied and tricked. I dis not understand what i was signing.

  71. My boyfriend & I have no place to stay! !! Need help please!!!!! We need a place for him, I, & our small dog to stay for a week. We just moved to area & our housing plans did not work as planned, if anyone can & is willing to help us please let us know. I would be greatly appreciative to you.

  72. HELP ME PLEASEEEE SOMEBODY, i live in redmond oregon in a transitional housing program from neighborhood impact. I consider nyself and my children survivors of a extremely abusive relationship… after 12 years i left for the final time…yes i am a survivor however the landlord in my new home has given me 3 cause of evictions a 3 day eviction notice, entered my home with no permission threats of surveillance and private investigators watching me unfair rules that only apply to my children, verbally abusive, and using her power in the community to intimidate me. just recently i stood up told her shes causing me ptsd, anxiety, depression, etc. and that i will get legal help. then she served me with a NO CAUSE eviction. which results in termination of tran hous program and funding. it is -18 degrees outside i have two children and no where to go… please help me … my children are so distressed over already experiencing so many moves and dv shelters.. i am not mentally and emotionally okay because of this….please help me….

    1. I would seriously look for attorneys who volunteer to help the poor. If you must the Salvation Army has shelters for women in your situation. If they do not, try the Union Gospel Rescue Mission and see if they have a family/women’s shelter. If they do not try Saint Vincent De Paul’s sometimes they can help.

  73. I live in a shleter in ny and theres alot of things they do here that I believe is illegal but my main concern is my mail. Most the time I get no mail “it disappears” and if it is a package they turn it down and dont even give me the notice that is left by the post office. Is this legal for them to do?

  74. My husband sold our house from under me. It is a mobile home that’s paid in full. Now my children and I are homeless. How do I go about getting my house back.

  75. I’m becoming homeless as of January 3rd. I am trying to cancel my mail but its requesting a new address. By law and by landlord request, I am no longer allowed to be delivered mail at my address. I’m really confused about what to do here. I don’t need additional problems with the law or my landlord. Please advise.

    1. Unless a friend, relative, or agency let’s you use their address, you will either need to rent a post office box or use your city’s “general delivery” address for your change of address form. For a legal explanation about this, read this blog’s post about how the post office delivers mail to people without an address. https://homelesslaw.wordpress.com/2008/03/25/is-the-post-office-obligated-to-deliver-mail-to-people-who-don’t-have-an-address/

  76. Good bless you iam a mentally ill person in suffolk county new york that has been destroyed by a non profit houseing nightmare thought it was transition houseing go two vessid state schooling work program one year placement well hell five years on a model home run by a evil corrupt landlord for profit no help five years with displaced tenant  one i was exposed two infectious disease almost died in local hospital this profit modavadied mofia is selling humans as lab ratts and as if my homeless life was a horrific enough well my hell iam dead just waiting for my deliverence two christ my body will be pecked by science lab techs tho they where successful on that my soul they cant touch owner is god keeper is christ pray for simaller if not worse off people i always do. Xojo.

  77. I am homeless I was living in my car the constant harassment from lasd is so.overwhelming I have no money now I have to driving.on a susspended lic.tickets with a bench.warnt for not going to court they took my car so now.I.live under the bridge my life is over I just want to die I have no one I have nothing not a chance of ever bouncing back I live in fear every day these people who take an oath to protect and serve use there power for evil and never have they protected me or served me just constant harassment and false charges so they have job security im sick and tired very tired I just want to die not in jail for driving a car

    1. Are you sick enough to go to the hospital? If so, do that and ask to see a hospital social worker while you are there. That social worker can help you find an indoor location in a different neighborhood away from the police who know you. If the hospital says that you are not sick enough to be there, ask them to help you find a free clinic. Is your sickness preventing you from being able to work? If so, apply for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

  78. I thought it was illegal to turn people away when the temperature got below a certain degree. however, in Anderson Indiana a certain shelter routinely turns away people regardless of the temperature. Is there or is there not a law concerning this?

    1. the temperature rearley go below freezing in California its the gangs behind the badge in Santa Clarita that are thugs with guns and a badge they are the worst gang out.of all the street gangs there is a big investigation by the fbi rite now.we home less are living in fear and constant illegal searches and seizures constant harassment and being ticketed for out rite lies because they know we cant pay the tickets they say be a slave to the community well that even cost hundreds of dollars.this thugs are only concerned about there gang lasd los Angeles sheriff’s dept.have been infeltrated by street gangs we now need protection from the very people who are supose to protect us i am afraid for my life they beat people up and file false charges if they dont get what they want mostly they want information we dont even have.they ththreaten us its sick i cant beleave this is happening we are not free and we can never get off the streets with this kind of discrimination from law enforcement its cruel and wrong some please help us i have tried to file reports for abuse of power and illegal discrimination because we are home less they just laughed im my face and the steped up the harassment on us what ever happened to America the land of the free there are more people in jail in America then in china more the in all of the communist counys combined for driving a car really and the rapist and violent crimanls are free becuse the jails are full of people for driving a car and for being homeless and broke its dangerous and its wrong we have rights we cant let these evil tyrannical men do this tobare citizens this is my plea for help will.any one answer we shall see god help us all .!!

    2. Jessebost– Get yourself to a fire department or call 911 and see if there are any emergency drivers who can come and get you out of the severe cold tonight. In these extreme temperatures cities often establish temporary shelters in fire stations and other government spaces. Know that even in extreme cold weather, a homeless shelter has to abide by the fire code and the health code–both of which limit the number of people that they can safely admit. So, yes, shelters are allowed to turn people away. Still, you need to get inside someplace during this extreme cold–even if you can’t be in that particular shelter.

  79. It’s hard when you can’t work due to an accident, lost everything you work now on the first of the month won’t have a place to live, what can a person do!

  80. My husband and I are living in my mother’s old house with our 17 month old twins. It’s the middle of winter and the bank she signed the deed over to two week after she moved out in October of 2013 has filed tresspassing papers. They know our situation with having nowhere to go and that we have applied for housing and that it takes a couple months to go through. That even after that we will actually have to find a place. My mother knowingly signed the deed to screw us over. We had been trying to find a place since day one of moving into her house when I was pregnant and she decided not to move with us to the area that we had our jobs. As a result we lost everything except our clothes and personal possessions. No we face criminal charges if we do not vacate the house I lived most of my life in. My children face living on the streets or being taken away from us if we are put in prison simply because we have no physical way TO move. We were just able to finall get a car but until we find a place, the assistance office, coalition of hope and the Salvation Army can not help us. We are trying to get out and not causing any trouble. We we just need time and don’t know if we have any at all. I don’t want to lose my kids! I don’t want to go to prison for something I can not control! We are trying to find jobs since we lost our other ones because of my mother. My husband even had an interview on Wednesday but we are constantly scared we are going to her the police at the door. I have to go to mandatory classes because if being on cash assistance while he watches the kids. I’m afraid I will come home to no husband or children and a pad lock on the door so we lose everything else! I’m scared and I don’t know what to do. I thought it was illegal to throw a family out in the middle of winter?

    1. Tonia, I would try the Union Gospel Rescue Mission, and St Vincent De Paul and if they cannot help you ask them for a list of local resources for people in your position. You might also see a free lawyer to ask about squatters rights. I am pretty sure there are no laws regarding weather, without knowing what state you are in it is hard to say conclusively.

      1. We live in Pennsylvania. Since my post the bank actually called us even though no contact is allowed and said we had till valentines day to get out or the sheriff would be called. The lady that actually signed the tresspassing notice said if we had trouble getting a place cuz of our dog that she would take her. Seriously? Then we are supposed to call them once we are out so they can winterized the house yet they have buyers. So something sounds fishy.

      2. You need to get help from a housing advocacy agency. If you are in Pittsburgh, contact Action Housing http://www.actionhousing.org/index.php/social-services-programs/mortgage-assistance-program. (I know that link says mortgage assistance, but they have other services to help folks avoid ending up on the street.) If you are elsewhere in Pennsylvania, see what help you can get from Regional Housing Legal Services. http://www.rhls.org/resources/individuals/ Also,go to the site for the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania http://www.housingalliancepa.org/get-involved/local-coalitions and find the housing advocacy agency for your county.

      3. We are in Mifflin county and have contacted housing authority. Just waiting for our meeting

      4. I forgot to mention that we don’t know where we are on the list. We are hoping to get a place here soon and then when approved the landlord accepts section 8.

  81. Hi I run a homeless shelter in PA and I was trying to research what some of the laws are that involve evicting someone from a shelter for not following the rules could anyone help me?

  82. I am a mother of two who ages are both three and five. I have my own vehical and a bit of cash coming in but we are about to be forced out of our home. My question is im afrad of shelters necause of the awful stories i have heard and thIngs that happen. Ive read that my sons can still attened school even though we have no address and are homeless. But my question is, is there really and safe place were i can park my car and we can sleep? Is it against the law in the city of Fort Worth, Tx to have your family live out of your car?
    Though this is temporary until i can get back on my feet i was also wondering with medicade and food stamps will they still help me as well? Thank you so much.

    1. Don’t take those children to live in a car. Contact the Ft. Worth housing authority and tell them about your immediate need for housing. http://www.ftwha.org/contact.asp Also, reach out to the Tarrant County Housing Assistance Office and ask if they can get you into a place that will accept what you can pay. https://www.tarrantcounty.com/ehousing/site/default.asp The Tarrant County Homeless Coalition has a database in which you can search for housing. http://www.ahomewithhope.org/homeless-assistance/housing-search/other-housing/ Meanwhile, reach out to Catholic Charities. http://www.catholiccharitiesfortworth.org/ They have lots of good programs including a housing facility called Urban Manor. Even if none of these have a place for you to inhabit right now, you can ask all of them who else to call.

  83. We live in a ca. Motel( about 8 months) ,owner lost it to bankruptcy,broker took over and keep it for 3 months,now new ower took over and says he doesn’t owe us taxes back because he just bought it. Us that true?

  84. I am 56 yes old, and my husband is homeless too. We both have diebesr. Cancer place call @ 214-

    846-6390 or 469 254 6124

    1. Elizabeth I need add that the of Dallas knocked my house down. They didn’t. Give me chance to fix it. I was in n out of the hospital. I can’t even work I. Had sarcoma caverns on my pelvic. So I feel like I don’t know what to do I had lived there for 56 yes. I need help plaza

  85. Is it legal in the homeless shelter to require proof of bank statements that have personal information on them and check stubs and work schedule on top of other?

    1. The property owner can do what they want. Your supervisor may or may not be acting on behalf of the property owner.

      I’ve seen plenty of mom n pop construction businesses, mailbox places and the like with resident dogs and cats.

  86. My boyfriend & I have been homeless since Dec. He got laid off, got unemployment but didnt get an extension..I’ve had back surgery & just got denied ssi.. I never knew how hard it was to be homeless. We feel fortunate because we have a popup tent trailer. We are hassled by the sheriffs almost every week. We both have cars.. my bf wrecked his when we had the first rains.. mine is broken down at a park where we were recycling.. Does anyone know of a free mecanics? Im tired.. Really hard to have a positive attitude when eveythings going wrong..

  87. I have a situation where I became
    Homeless and have a job my boss
    allowed me two stay at buisness
    Stay and sleep Ive been here for
    2 years making little money got
    in a payment program for back taxes paying 300.00 a month
    no end in sight cant pay payments
    boss now from one day to the next
    Wont allow me to shower or sleep
    in closet anymore…mosquitos suck! Any suggestions?

    1. Get a 24 hr gym membership. As long as you don’t make trouble the library or even a companionship job which is what I’m looking for but can’t find an in. I am not interested in caretaking or being a maid. My mom has went through several home health aides because A most of them have ripped her off B she is very demanding C they are paid min wage by the state and it’s not worth it.

  88. lWe are a couple homeless been together6 years one person does work. But we been renting rooms from people that use us niw we are about to be homeless again with no where to go we would like to be placed .together we live in new york city please contact me at 347 777 7639 thank you


      1. Karen please contact me. I’m a single woman and am finding some nice seeming people are vultures. Over and over. It seems the truly honest and virtuous don’t trust me for the same reason.

        I’m not a person who would rip people off. Just a girl who loved the wrong person who dumped her and died shortly after.

  89. My husband and I along with our two daughters were living in a homeless family shelter. We had an argument @ 11 am. The called the cops @ 4 pm saying that he hit me. They put a red flag in the department of homeless system and my husband was removed from shelter. I have the report that the cops wrote which states it was verbal. What can I do to reunify my family? My husband is currently homeless because of this and the four of us are suffering not being together. Please any information or resources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Rachel Hernandez Monje

      1. Jennifer Moreno: Reading through all these comments is just breaking my heart over and over. In what city are you? I was homeless in Los Angeles a few years ago, if you’re in SoCal, maybe I could give you some resources. I was a successful lawyer from an upper middle class family until I became gravely disabled. At that same time, my dad (who was my only family) was completely taken from me by an elder abuser. So, not working and disabled, I eventually ran out of money and found myself evicted and homeless. I was I’ll prepared, but with the right resources, was able to navigate me (and my two dogs) into a shelter and then out of homelessness within 7 months. Let me know if I can help… You or anyone in SoCal. Please.

  90. I stay in a homeless shelter in Ill. I want to know if its legal for staff to lock a homeless in the room than call cops on them, they did this to someone. Also, a staff member told me to go to my locker then leave, but while another staff was helping me at my locker, the cops came in and arrested me, they attempted to charge me with criminal trespass, but the staff that helped me basically told the cops that the other staff lied about me being barred. Nothing has been done about the staff being fired or arrested for lying. So what are my options?

    1. Your first question asks about the legality of locking someone in a room. That might be false imprisonment, depending on the circumstances. False imprisonment is a tort, the kind of case that would be handled by a personal injury lawyer. Those are the lawyers who don’t charge legal fees unless they win your case. Sometimes false imprisonment is also a crime. Read more about it from Cornell Law School. http://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/false_imprisonment As for the staff member who lied, you might be able to get results from filing a formal written complaint with the director of the shelter and possibly with the shelter’s board of directors. Also, you might want to call that employee into mediation. Unlike a lawsuit, a mediation can be about the way people treat each other whether or not laws were broken and the participants get to speak for themselves in normal language without using lawyers or worrying about court rules. When you go to mediation, you are seeking a peaceful resolution of the problem so that the people who fought can get along in the future. We don’t know whether this employee committed libel or filed a false police report, etc… But whether your goal is to punish the employee or to improve your relationship with him or her, the internal complaint and mediation are good options for you to investigate further since both of those are direct and efficient ways to handle the outcome of whatever went on at your shelter that day.

  91. I am a civil rights activist and there are many folks out there that are on the same page…….We are doing all that we can to keep the homeless and their pets protected…I started an organization behind ending up homeless with my dog…Believe me I have a voice and I use it for the homeless and their pets…………………..

  92. My landlord served me with 5 day pay or quit yesterday . I spoke with her today and i explained to her that possibly thursday 2 days from today i should have the rest of the money for rent . She was cool with that. Since my roomate came home knocking on my door . Little did i know he went to see the lanlord. And he didn’t know i had spoken with her earlier that day! He was so upset i dont blame him! But she had likke threatened that she was gonna throw him out now . So my? Was under nrs 118A390 CAN SHE ENTER MY APT. THANK YOU I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!

    1. Since you referenced Section 390, it looks like you know about the Nevada Revised Statutes. http://www.leg.state.nv.us/NRS/NRS-118a.html If you look at an earlier section, number 330, you can see the circumstances under which a landlord can enter the rented premises. But, in these circumstances, knowing your legal rights does not solve your whole problem. It seems like your roommate just had a bad conversation with the landlord. If you want to avoid fighting this situation in court, stop it from being a fight at all. Reach out to the landlord and remind her about the agreement you made, show some appreciation for her flexibility and anything kind that she has done, and nicely assure her that you are going to keep your word and that you will continue to be reliable tenants. It is expensive and inconvenient to evict existing tenants and to try to find new ones, so keeping you guys in the apartment is better for everyone involved.

  93. My roomate is telling the neighborhood and landlord that i am selling drugs…because of my possession charge in 2004…but i am clean off parole anf hav been for 3 years.He wants me to move out…when i found out he hadnt paid the rent for 11 months and ive been here for 3 paying rent .I was mad…so now here i am about to start college and will be homeless again.I know i havent always done right…but this time is different.I just need a place w/hosnest ppl where i can pay rent in full every semester.Im clean honest drug free gentile not nosey or judgemental.I just dont know when i will ever feel safe again.My conviction is 10 years old.I just wonder when my Heavenly Father will show me my path…Im so alone my parents have passed and my best friend lives 300milez away

  94. Hello.i was staying at a motel while looking for an apartment.i stayed for about 4 mnths ther, was current on rent am everthimg.although the fridge did.not work which i complained about constantly but they would not reduce price or even exchange it.finnaly one day when i said u must replace the fridge he flipped out and threw me out although i tired explaining innkeeper laws to him.any way i can get monetary compensation? Thankyou

    1. Well, by definition a refrigerator is not a refrigerator unless it refrigerates. It is just a thick box. If you had some sort of contract, and you typically do when you rent a hotel room, identifying the features of the room and clearly noting that a refrigerator was included and if you could prove that this one did not work and that the hotel would neither give you a different room with working features nor fix this one, would you feel justified in bringing a case for breach of contract? Would you have a good answer if the court asked you why you didn’t leave when you discovered that the appliance was broken and that you weren’t getting another room or a repair to this one? Even if you have good answers to these questions, remember that if you did get most of the features that were promised to be in the room your damages might be just a few dollars a day and a court might consider that to be too minimal for you to have a real contract breach. If you paid in advance for days (or weeks) in the hotel that you weren’t allowed to use because of being thrown out, you should read the hotel’s contract to see if your situation is covered in the “no refunds” section.

      1. Well in relation to the contact iut was all through expedia and when we called expedia to try to get the hotel mamager to give a discount bec of the fact that the room was not a king size bed, a non working fridge , no telephone which is what we were paying for the4 mnths we were there .he basically “flipped out” in the words of expedia, and proceeded to ask us to leave.when i remimded him of the fact that we werethere for 4 months(in a dwelling with more then 6 units) thereby making it a landlord tennant issue the mamager got even angirier and then started threatening us with force after i reminded him what the police would say bec of the innkeeper laws.and basically after his physical threats my fiance decided to leave .if someone could help us.we r new here from fl .thankyou kindly

  95. I am in a mica shelter and I don’t have substance abuse issues at all I was diagnosed with PTSD ajustable in nyc my question is how to get reassessed.

    1. The local government agency that coordinates those kinds of services is the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. http://www.nyc.gov/html/doh/html/mental/mental.shtml See that agency’s housing page to find out about other living places that might work out for you. http://www.nyc.gov/html/doh/html/mental/housing-services.shtml Here are two ideas about finding a provider to re-assess you: 1. Call 1-800-lifenet (1-800-543-3638) 2. Apply for disability benefits and then go to the free and mandatory assessment that the Social Security Administration provides for you. Here is the disability application form. https://secure.ssa.gov/iClaim/dib

  96. I was 15 he was 29 I was married at 16 cause his parents talked my mom into feeling sorry for this person by the name of Ernesto rico he was going to be put in prison by my mom his parents told her how if she was to do that who was going to help them with the kids cause the girl he had would rather be out with other men drinking smoking and doing drugs and had a baby that was not his but they took her in to they told my mom that if she wouldn’t do this and put him in prison that he would take care of me for the rest of my life that they swear to it so she married me and I lived in a marriage where he physically emotionally and mentally abused me he would keep in touch with her family and would lie the first year I picked up a sense that he was only using me cause I knew he was still keeping in touch with her well finally the year that little girl who was not his turned 18 he left to fresno byhimself took are rent money and everything we had saved his way that he took care of us was to make me give him our walfare check he would invest in drugs and double the money so thats how I lived well that year my mom died and well he was in fresno he was there plotting how he was going to get rid of me with her and his family well he ponds all my moms jewelry saying he would get it back and was fighting with me he losses our home and takes my kids and leaves me in sac and so I find a way to get to fresno and the family is furious and he is to and im fighting with him cause of the fact that hes going to get back with her thats why ur fighting he denies it and the whole time trying to act like he wasn’t but yet abusing me there was a time he cut the bottom of my foot and I ended up with 22 stitches and a bathroom full of blood and makes my poor son clean it up well he ends up in jail cause he gets caught selling to an under cover and he tells his family and the who’re who never took care of her own that to call cps cause im stupid and he knew that I couldn’t beat the system like he does he will get the kids make me homeless and gets the kids for the pay check to maintain her habits of smoking drugs and drinking he was doing this all to end up with her and leave me in the streets of fresno and in between this time of losing my mom started giving me drugs so that his plan would work out so im left homeless without my kids and to fend for myself when I had no way I wanted to see if I could get some kind of help in getting my kids back a home and some money to help myself in this situation can I get some help please let me know from a mother in pain who feels her only way to be helped is someone killing her

  97. I have been homeless for 3 years and have type 2 bipolar disorder which most times is very unmangable without my medication. Over the past year I have been a patient at the behavioral health care mental health. Also I am a resident in a shelter too. At my first mention of my depression and bipolar to a case manager no concern or assistence was ever made. That was approximately a month ago. Right now despite my mental illness and status in a mental health program this shelter is threatening to kick me out due to a 3 month limited stay.
    I am writing this here in hopes someone can tell me if its lawfully justifiable for a shelter to kick out a mental health resident who’s documentations show years of such mental health issues.
    I appreciate any help.
    Thank you !

  98. its a tent is your residence is a law enforcement officer allowed to just walked in and around into the bedroom area of a three room tent

  99. If my domestic partner is incarcerated and we are eligible in a couple shelter how long do I have to stay in the room being that I am head of household? In NYC. By law?

    1. I found the New York City Rules from the Mayor’s Office on Homelessness and Single Room Occupancy which, you will see at the top of the page, has a section about city owned apartments for homeless families. Does this couple shelter that you mention falls under this law or under the authority of that office? You might be able to get your answer from the office of client advocacy within the City’s Department of Homeless Services. (800) 994-6494 You can’t be the only couple dealing with a temporary and unavoidable separation, so they must have a standard way of handling this–possibly by shifting you to a single shelter for the time being. See what you can figure out from the information on their website. http://www.nyc.gov/html/dhs/html/housing/housing.shtml

  100. I am a army vet and recovering drug addict. i hit my rock bottom in jan./2012. i was arrested and sent to my county jail for time. While i was in county i came across a man who asked me if i was a veteran. i said yes and he told me about this court diversion program called Veteran’s. Court. i never heard of it and would had told the balliff i am a veteran like the sign said before u open the courtroom door but its different then it was in 2005 when the deps used tto physically. take thee inmates to court in shackles.

    1. Sorry. I’m not used to typing shit in forums. however my situation is one i. have never heard of. i need an answer and it is time.sensitive…this is continued from the above blog about veteran’s. court. i gotta ccut to the chase…video arrignments will never show u(if u honorablly served ur country the “if you are a veteran. please tell the balliff.) so i am putting this out there that the government and VA are giving vets a chance to go through this tough program instead of incarseration. now fast forward to my situation. now its 2014. still in vet court now the problem . when i went in front of my veteran’s. court judge. he made me sign a last chance agreement. paper…which i was very grateful for. Because their plan and my court. appointed lawyer job is to get the new charges rolled into veteran’s. court. if he can’t do that i am out and bam locked up for a long time. Now i didn’t question the judge but when i was ttold tto walk down the hall with p.o. officer and see her in her office i had know idea i would be.here.
      tthis is what i need to know. i was put on house arrest with a braclet around. ankle until court. but I’m homeless . i told the house arrest lady that i had no where to go but she put it on anyway. house arrest with no house and homeless. veteran. wow. now i question this, i told her i will report where i stay but its gonna change. and she wants me to chargee this GPS. thing twice a day at same time. well being homeless. things aren’t going as planned. so has anyone ever heard.oof this happening. and are they setting me up to fail. as I’m writing this my braclet battery died. i have no outlet on the street….i was boucing around to friends houses and documenting and.calling in my temp address. but i am still awaiting temp housing. and i was tok told i can get charged w escape if i break this house arrest rules.. i got a message today that i better charge my braclet. but i am unable to today and who knows how long. so am i off their. grid. and am i gonna be getting serious charge when i go tto court. i have been trying very hard but i am homeless. so i don’t have a permant address. and i am involved w a i.o.p. drug program at ga. i get to meetings and i am sober from all drugs even perscriptions. but this braclet is dead. Will there be a warrant out. and will i go to prison. when i have no control over. my situation yet. Sorry so long. but its complicated. i NEED some advice. please reply or email me if there’s. anything i should do or can do. thanks.
      made some mistakes. never quit trying and i got locked uo again for something i did but it was confusion and not true however I’m in the system. i bond out may 30th. I. went to judge in her court on june 2. And then my veteran’s. status court on june 4th. but the prob

      1. As a practical matter, you should look around for places where you can charge that bracelet on a regular basis. Just about every neighborhood has a police station or a library or some other public facility. You know that you are legally obligated to be monitored via that device. At this point, you need to communicate with a local lawyer. Look for one in this membership roster for the National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates. http://vetadvocates.org/welcome/find-an-attorney/ If you don’t find one there,try the American Bar Association’s list of Military Pro Bono Service Programs. http://www.americanbar.org/portals/public_resources/aba_home_front/directory_programs.html

  101. My husband and I suffer from mental illnesses. Recently we had a housing emergency and was denied housing placement by DSS in Suffolk county, because of the guidlines for eligibility. Two weeks into my new job, and the calculations from my income stipulated I was ineligible. Now sitting in a mall not knowing where to go with concerns that I will loose my new job.

      1. What a nutty thing to say, if God was capable of fixing her plight surely he/she’d have already done it. Instead of spouting platitudes get busy and help make solutions for those that have no housing. Insist that your county provide a free, self sustaining, eco village for those folks to live in.

    1. Well, I just said a quick prayer for you and your husband. But you can sit down and die or know that you tried your best and let God do His work. God doesn’t want us to be lazy but He is not adverse to fun either.

      Find a job that meets those stipulations. Did you make too much too little?

  102. hello ,my name is Nimha…I live in Maryland and a place call Senace Height Apts center which is Coalition for the Homeless.We pay rent A Center Heights Apartments what’s 30% off your monthly income.I received the Social Security disability the payments monthly and I recently started working part time. I was told by one of the staff members that works there ,that my my rent should not increasebecause now that I am working. She had also said it was somewhere in the law what the disabled people…I just wanna know my rights and what I’m eligible for because I don’t want to pay more than I have to so pleased with your legal guidance help me..

  103. I live in Chicago and i stay in a safe haven shelter its awful here my things are bring stolen but aside from that the other clients are tormenting me and my children threatening us and calling us names when i take the issue to the staff nothing is being done about it .we had a meeting yesterday that was supposed to fix the situation it did not i was blamed and even lied on by the staff telling the other parties that i will be kicked out because of my nasty desposition if people threatened you all day you wouldn’t smile what can i do i want to call the police what rights do i have?

    1. I have found the same to be true whether renting from a large corporation, a room or a shelter. And people will lie to cover their butt. I have no answers looking for solutions myself.

  104. I’m Elyssa I have no where to go no family and no friends my X kicked me out all I have are my clothes and this phone for now I need help I don’t know where to go or what to do I have no money I haven’t eaten all I want is some where to stay until j find a job and get back on my feet I’m 26 and my life is becoming harder as the days go by I don’t know what to do my number is 973-634-8202 please someone help me…

  105. I got this from one of the replies here God dont want us to worry cause he takes care of us so when you worry your not trusting in God to take care of you so bottom line Dont Worry be Happy!

    1. Well that could mean eat crap and call it chocolate or crap but that’s all you’re getting.

      But I do understand the concept of being thankful for what you have and not becoming bitter or envious.

  106. I was wondering if it is legal for a homeless shelter to demand bank statements when they already have your social security number and drivers license

    1. If you are staying in a shelter which by law or by contract can only provide shelter to people who have less than a certain amount of money, they may have to prove to their funders that they truly are only housing people at that stated poverty level. A bank statement is the best way to document how much money a person has. And, at that particular shelter, it may be the only way to show whether someone is eligible to live there. Remember that you can always ask to see a written copy of the policies and that you are can ask if there is an alternate way to prove your eligibility. There must be lots of people who don’t have bank accounts at all; are they allowed to stay there? If so, how do they prove that they are eligible to live at that shelter?

      We have a lot of questions here about how shelter workers are legally allowed to treat residents. Read the posts about shelters https://homelesslaw.wordpress.com/category/shelter-sleeping/ to see how the law relates to shelter rules and to find leads to more information. And remember that acts like theft, assault, fraud, etc… are illegal everywhere–even in shelters. There does not have to be a separate law about the shelter environment in order for something that happens there to be against the law.

  107. I am currently homeless and I am living in a shelter illegally….

    My fiance was placed in this shelter in 2012 because he was displaced. In February of this year, his mom passed and he had to leave to Saint Vincent where she lived to go handle legal matters concerning her estate. He has been stuck there since because of the courts out there adjourning his case since he arrived without a definite date and without his knowledge. And the fact that there are family members actively trying to take his property and assets. The government out there is corrupt and so they can allow something like that to happen if he came back. So he has no choice but to stay and wait everything out or lose his everything his mom worked hard for.

    The shelter I reside in is corrupted where he can have company or whoever he wants here as long as the HPD social worker doesn’t find out.

    I have been living with him for the last year in the shelter and because I’m not marked down as the other resident in the room, I can’t be seen during the day or we risk losing the room.

    The reason I live here now is because I recently became homeless when he was visiting his mom last summer and have been staying here with him up until she passed.

    I don’t make trouble and I keep the room clean while he is gone. I have all my belongings in his room as he left me the room until I get on my feet without their knowledge or until I can get to him.

    They came as of today to see if I was staying in the room as someone tipped them off and they saw me. The lady who is the social worker of the building said she would lock the room if she caught me again in the room. Bare in mind that I was gone for two weeks only to come back to my room being unlocked and open. My things could have been stolen but they weren’t.

    The shelter is highly corrupted and has a lot of illegal drug sales and activities going on that they are not privy to. But because I’m not supposed to be in here, I say nothing as to not bring attention to myself.

    If I am not a danger to the shelter itself and I am his fiancé. What I want to know is can they lock the room even though I have been an active squatter and he continues putting his housing logs in as a means of communicating to HPD?

    Do I have rights?

    Your knowledge on the matter would help because it seems like they want to arrest me or something and I haven’t done anything but stay in the room when I need to and leave when I have to.

    (The reason I don’t put myself in a shelter is because of the fact that I work crazy hours and the staff already knows me, his situation as far as his mom’s estate and they don’t bother me….well some of them don’t. The shelter doesn’t have a curfew time for the people to come in. I can’t work with that if I’m working. Plus it’s a little more free to move around in….and lastly he is my fiancé.

    Are there any rights I have in this matter?

    Thanks for reading!

  108. Hi! I’m writing this email to ask a question about homeless people on the street near by my house which is now happening since 1month ago. I already reported to LAPD several times and to LA homeless authority. However, they all say that there is nothing they can do it. It is helpless. They just come out and give them a warning. That’s it! Is there any possible way I can do it to make them get away? It is really smelly and there’s a bunch of trash with their urine and feces. Need your information. Thanks

    1. It sounds like the neighborhood needs more trash cans, possibly more frequent trash pick-up service, and a public restroom. You should lobby your City Council for all of those things. Get the neighbors together, including the homeless neighbors, to lobby with you. For more information, see the post about getting laws changed https://homelesslaw.wordpress.com/category/legislation/ Here is the Los Angeles City Council’s meeting page where you can also find out about forthcoming meetings of the Board of Public Works. http://council.lacity.org/Meetings/index.htm Note that there is a Council Feedback form where you can submit a note asking that the City provide the homeless people in your neighborhood with better trash service and with restrooms that they can use overnight after the buildings are all locked. http://council.lacity.org/SubmitFeedback/index.htm

    2. Wow! Your comments are a perfect snapshot of the arrogance of elitism. Only your rights seem to matter in your post and like most middle class Americans you don’t even perceive the humanity before you – you have selected your property and your status as having priority over human rights, human dignity. You call on the social versions of human trash removal to relieve you of the unpleasant effects of having ignored or denied the right of well being that belongs to the people you find disgusting.

      You object to the trash and smell but not once to the plight of those people having no safe land base, no housing, no hygiene facilities, no basic rights. Quite frankly I’d vote for moving YOU onto the street and the folks that bother you into your housing – I’m guessing there is more compassion and humanity in the people you despise. And you are nothing but a human waste of space and resources.

  109. I have a drug conviction from 2005 for sales and transportation so now I don’t qualify for general assistance im on medication for bipolar,schizophrenia,depression and insomnia I filed for ssi but they say the wait is about a year any advice in wer I could get help from till then

    1. Your state’s vocational rehabilitation agency http://wdcrobcolp01.ed.gov/Programs/EROD/org_list.cfm?category_cd=SVR can provide you with training and job leads for employment that you can do with your mental health issues. The professionals at those offices will assess your interests and your abilities and your limits and will help you identify the kinds of work environments and tasks that you can tolerate. Even if they conclude that you can’t work full-time, they can at least help you find a good match for part-time income. Note that your disability claim will be stronger if you show that you have taken advantage of vocational rehabilitation. Also, even if you get the disability benefits you will still be allowed to work part-time http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10095.pdf, so you might as well get started with it now while you have no other source of money. If you need affordable housing, navigate through your state’s HUD affiliate. http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/states to see what kinds of subsidized places might be available. You might need to go from that state site to your county or local housing office to find actual listings. As you interact with these vocational and housing agencies, and with the social work services connected with your therapist’s office, ask everyone if they can refer you to any manageable jobs.

    2. I have bad credit. Im a divorced single mom. Ive been bouncing around from place to place, with co.signers etc. Right now though, i dont have anyone to co.sign. im in a motel right now. I.cant afford this. I also.cant have my kids without a stable home. I live in delaware. I do have a job. Nothing is enough to get into an aparrment..I NEED IMMEDIATE HELP

      1. Borrow loan from a bank. $4000.00 take 1,500.00 a go online and buy a acre or lot of a piece of property- land . BUY TENTS, put it on your land. Pay bank back….. the same loan they put inside- your savings acct. At same time deposit employer checks into bank account also.

    3. You need to get your cases expunged. Then you can get food stamps again. See that your fines are paid off, or get them written off by a judge, or whatever you can do. Just look up expungement at your locations website.. Like the County or City Website. This is what I am doing. I have the same type of charges. Good Luck

      Sue (Homeless Person)

  110. Me and my son are in danger living in this shelter located at 1930webster ave bronx ny 10457 apt A1. I sent letter to da to dhs. I was a victom slashed 150 stiches in the face. He was sentence. Now im recieving threats i requested N emergancy move i have a two year old here with me

    1. Have you tried victims assistance? For being a victim in a crime, there should be some help available. Check with the D.A.’s office near you.

  111. I am a college educated, 52 yr old woman. I suffer from major depressive disorder and bipolar 2, diabetes, severe autoimmune disease, hypothyroidism, high bp, and more. Ssi is my only income. I’ve been wrongfully evicted. Landlord accused me of being involved in criminal activity and other ludicrous things in letter to vacate. I haven’t. I got a legal aid attorney. I’m in supported housing key program in NC. I feel I’ve been targeted. Im not the only one. At any rate I moved out, turned in keys. Mgr is dropping the eviction supposedly. This leaves me moving into a homeless shelter and losing my housing progrsm. I asked atty if he could not talk to her corp. Ofgice and have my deposit transferred and give me an apt in the sister complex. I’m sick and haveva ,30 yr old disabled son in complex I was asked tp vacate. Thecsister complex would have a different mgr and maintenance other than the one that’s trumped up these false allegations on me and made me homeless. I have a court date on july ,29, legal aid atty said well I’ll be out of rpwn in NY. My mental health workers do not want me near this mgr. Shes nasty to me and I get emotionally upset and bp goes up. I have lived here five yrs. Rarely went out except tp dr appts. This atty doesn’t care. Im too sick to live at shelter.

    1. Even though you are not in the usual age group, your combination of ailments might make you eligible to live in an independent care facility (typically for senior citizens) where you could have a decent apartment. I don’t see this possibility addressed in the NC Bar Association’s Senior Citizen’s Handbook, but you could take a look at that source at http://www.ncbar.org and follow the contact information to ask those lawyers whether they know if this is a possibility for you.

  112. I live in a family shelter. I’m always being harassed by some of the male works. What can I do ? Who should I speak too. I live in edison nj . I would really appreciate any help.

  113. my family and I we’re scammed.. we were living in avreally bad environment, definately not suitable to raise teenage boys. I had to move from my cute little mobile home new owners were turning it yo senor living last year on august. I had no where to go. I sold my house and with some of that money I bought a huge GMC van. A week later my son was hit while on his bike got a broken back. I had no bed for him to relax on so I dropped the seats in the back of the van put a mattress on them a viola our new mobile home. Sad really. School started but my boys had nowhere to get ready actually thwy didn’t even have new school gear nor supplies. We felt helpless no one would help us. I posted our van in parking lot of the most ghettoest apts ever but really i had no choice. My aunt lived there at least they would b able to shower at nite and wash up n get ready for school n have hot breakfast. We did that for a month or so. Then o was able to get into an apt there. Anyways thongs were lpoking like they were getting better, wrong. I mt the most evilist bitch ever. She claimed to be sick w camcer diabetes and the list goes on she had mrsa ppwn holes on her back. She asked me to help her n she would help me. For 4 months o took care of her. But the hood was getting really bad really fast. No place for kids. o decided I needed tp move fast. She told me she was moving into a house plenty of space for comfortable living. Little did I know it was a foreclosed a wk later cops came by that timeo w given a copy of the lease agreement i had a key amd reciepts for paymemts. They dropped the tresspassing charges. A month later the dirty bitch robbed my valuables anyways 8 months later I’m still living as a squatter. I didn’t even know what that was. i don’t know what to do. They brought over a notice to offer me money to move. I called but 2 months later still no answer. Thos houae was abandoned more that 2 years I started to look online for help. What the hell should I do now.

  114. There were families with small girls turned down by Miss Peggy some slept on skid row and some retreated to other areas for safety. Motels have been booked to completely so even with money it’s a struggle i am on waiting list but no caseworkers are filling thierduties and i am exhausted as well as my very young kids at ages 10 and 12

  115. I have been homeless for a number of years, about 12 total. I lost everything when I chose to help my boyfriend after he suffered a brain hemorrhage & was in the hospital for 3 months. He survived & semi-recovered. I got in the financial mess trying to pay his bills because his brothers took all of his money & valuables & then abandoned him. I probably will never get out of that mess. Every so often I try to get those free credit reports. I continually get denied, mainly because I’ve used so many different addresses so records are messed up. I don’t have the proper items to prove who I am either. I do have a drivers licence, but it’s from a different State then the one I’m in right now. Being homeless, I obviously move around a lot. What can I do to get those darn credit reports so I can at least see what & whom I owe? thank you for any help!

  116. I am about to move into an abandoned residential house I noticed was empty a couple months ago. I got in an open window and found the doors also open. I’m alone, I’m 55 and female, so I’m concerned about my safety. Can I change the locks and try to make myself safer without fear of reprisal from owner if caught? I plan to try to remain hidden, going on and out at night mostly, but it’s apparent that the place has been used before. The owner hasn’t paid recent taxes, but the bank has. What kind of trouble might I get into if found? I just want a safe place, I’m tired of moving from shelter to shelter, and long for a real home home. Although I know this is no king termit’s not a mutual agreement really I plan to fix the place up slowly and the water is on, plus_

    1. The Maryland Natural Resources Code is online at http://law.justia.com/codes/maryland/2013/article-gnr/. This is the code that defines how woods, parks, lakes, rivers, and other natural resources have to be governed and are allowed to be used. One section that might interest you is:
      A person may not willfully fail or refuse to comply with any lawful or reasonable order or direction of any Natural Resources police officer or any law enforcement officer in connection with the enforcement of any provisions of law required to be enforced by the Secretary or the Department.

    2. I would simply point out that individual cities may have ‘no camping’ ordinances that they enforce. Get a copy of the law quoted by the administrator to show the cops.

  117. Im single homeless. Mother of 7 dealing with. Cpsu they havent helped. Us get. Sheltter. and trying to addopite my kids. Out they have tranqulized too of my kids im 28 on sep first i always. Put my. Kids first and so u do the math with 7 i didnt finash school and lack money is
    what there making this reason to reap my rites? Insteed of gering us

    1. Here are three resources for you to try:
      1. Your local ACLU chapter can see if your “due process” is being violated.
      2. Your legal aid office can help you fight the efforts to take your kids away.
      3. Your regional coordinator from the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness might be able to direct you to helpful services and non-shelter housing options.

  118. I dont know how long it will be but im living in my parents house with my boyfriend and my 5 yr old and 16mth old we are all in one room someone told me we can get in trouble is this true? Im in PA? Thank you?!

    1. I find it hard to believe they care enough to mess with you. However I would not go out of my way to inform people of the fact, because you never know. A public library will have the laws as will a government page online, make sure it IS a government page not a legal firm’s opinion.

      Good luck to you.

    2. The law is two people per closeted bedroom plus one (assuming they sleep on a couch and share a closet) That is straight from the International Building Code and stricter local, state or federal rules may apply.

      But did anyone report you?

  119. Is there any precedence that permits a minor court such as a county court to deny a homeless person without an address (other than a mailing address for correspondence from the court) to refuse to hear a case on the grounds that they cannot determine jurisdiction? The person in question lived within the court’s jurisdiction and the complaint involved a transaction that took place within the same court’s jurisdiction yet he was denied access to the court. Any cases from the transient depression era that involve these kinds of things? This kinda goes back to the old ways of if you do not own land you cannot participate in government, vote, etc.

    1. You demonstrate, in your question, that you know about the two different types of jurisdiction: personal jurisdiction which is the court’s right to exercise control over a particular person in a lawsuit and subject matter jurisdiction which is the court’s authority to make a decision about the events in a case. There are lots of ways to establish personal jurisdiction other than showing a street address. And there are very obvious ways to show that the court has jurisdiction over the subject in dispute.

      If jurisdiction was denied in this situation because the complaint did not clearly show how that court has authority over the people and facts of the case, then your idea of looking at previous cases is a good one that will lead to helpful examples.You could use Google Scholar http://www.scholar.google.com to look for cases in your state to see what standards the courts have set for jurisdiction. A sample search might be [Ohio AND “personal jurisdiction”]. Justia is another excellent free source of case decisions. http://law.justia.com/cases/

      If jurisdiction is denied again and there is a clear reason for believing that the judge does not think people who lack addresses are allowed to have access to the court system, then the homeless person who is being prevented from utilizing the justice system can investigate civil rights law regarding access to the courts. In the alternative, the excluded homeless person could contact a civil rights organization for legal assistance. Here is a directory of civil rights organizations. http://www.guidestar.org/nonprofit-directory/public-societal-benefit/civil-rights-liberties/1.aspx

      1. Thank you. I’m afraid the statute of limitation has expired since the transaction complained of that the court refused to hear is now over a year old, so I don’t think it would do any good to re-file. After it was rejected the first time, I went to the clerk to find out why. I explained the situation and that the court was already communicating to me at the address provided in a different civil matter. The clerk said I could refile but it would just be rejected again (rejected by the clerk). Soon after, the court stopped communicating with me in regard to the other matter. I have e-mailed the clerk’s office and still they refuse to respond. I used e-mail since they made the choice not to correspond with me using a postal address. The way it stands now, I have no idea as to the outcome, probably default judgment, of the other case and yet I do know I was denied access to the courts when I attempted to file a complaint in an unrelated matter. It looks like if you own land the courts will hear you whereas if you do not the courts have no time for you. Maybe its just the way of the rural area that I reside. I will study the links you provided since I may learn something new. Thanks again.

  120. I am homeless with two children. I am in transitional housing right now. When I first came in, I told the owner I was disabled, she said we could work around it. My daughter and the owners granddaughter got into it(verbal confrontation), now, a month and a half later, I’m being told that I have to look for work. I told them I’m disabled, and gave them all my medical papers and tests showing that I am. I have filed for disability, and I’m waitimg,just like everyone has to. This is personal why she’s trying to make me work and threatening to kick us out. What can I do, I don’t want me and my kids on the street.??!!

    1. So is it your understanding that you do not have to pay rent until the Social Security lump sum comes through and that then you will pay the back rent in one payment? And then, after that, you’ll use your monthly disability payment to pay the rent? It may be that the owner of the housing program is not able to float you for as long as it is taking. It might not have anything to do with the fight between those girls. There must be a contract or a set of rules that you signed or received when you moved in. Get your hands on that document and find out if it identifies any kind of limit on how many months you can stay there without paying. If there is a parent organization for that transitional housing program (the local government or a some non-profit organization, for instance) then contact their head office to ask if they can tell you about such a policy. If a homeless advocate helped you find this housing in the first place, reach back to that person or office to ask how they can help you at this point. Just to be sure that you don’t land on the street, you could also find your state’s vocational support agency. http://wdcrobcolp01.ed.gov/Programs/EROD/org_list.cfm?category_cd=SVR They will do a whole work-up with you to try and find some ways that you can earn money–even if it is part-time– and make some kind of payment toward the rent you owe. Working with the vocational rehabilitation office will actually be good for your disability application.

  121. Hi I am currently homeless, living in my car for the past few months now. I was backing out of a parking space and barely nicked the car behind me and now the woman wants to sue me for everything she can. Her insurance company sent mail to the address I had listed at the time and they delivered it to me. I have nothing to give them but medical debt and the change in my pocket. Not sure what to do..

    1. Here are a few thoughts: The other driver’s insurance company needs to investigate the accident in order to confirm that their customer is telling the truth about having been hit by another car– as opposed to having just backed into a pole with their own car. Part of the insurance company’s investigation will be a check to see what kind of insurance you have. If you do not have insurance, write back and tell them that. If they have sent you a list of questions, answer all of those questions as truthfully and completely as you can. As far as I know, all U.S. car insurance policies include “uninsured motorist”coverage for exactly this kind of situation. So this other driver’s insurance company will use her own uninsured motorist coverage to pay for damage that you caused to her car. Read more about that at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uninsured_motorist_clause If you can demonstrate your homeless status somehow, perhaps with a letter from a service provider, the insurance company will probably be convinced that you do not have any money and that it does not make sense for them to go to the expense of suing you since you have no assets to pay them.

  122. My wife is eight months and can give birth anyday now.wife has no income and I make from ssi not enough to provide for one kid here and one on the way. I’ve been to the local social services dept.and they stated that when our newborn baby is born that we can leave the hospital with our newborn baby and go to the shelter. My wife and myself have been looking for apartments but nothing is meeting my budget. I just need some advice and if you have any answers for me I would appriciate it very much, just trying to protect my family and be the best father and husband I can be. From a curious protective and curious husband and father.

  123. I had my son in my custody and was at 7-11 hanging out I was under the influence possession of drug needles so I was in jail 2 months got out and it seems like the decision was made without me knowing. I am doing better now stayed in rehab for 16 month 10 months was by choice its a 6 month program, I’m living with my girlfriend parents and her 9 yr old son I’m clean I work every chance I can I bought a car go to meetings and I’m a positive influence toward my girlfriends son. It’s all going do great. I spoke with her boss they said sd he has her a job when she gets out and comes home

  124. I’m 19 years old have a 2 yr old and 4 month old twin girls. My question is can cps take my kids away because I’m homeless? I went down to welfare they found me a motel but the place was un livable for my kids for example there was roaches bed bugs and mold in the room so I went back to welfare they found me another place but it’s 45 minutes away which is unrealistic due to my twins having therapy twice a week and my son once so all together 3X a week and I would have to take a bus all the way back to the city which is really beyond my means especially with 3 kids under 2 so now their threatening me with cps because I’m rejecting placement when in all actuality their putting us in places where is unsanitary and too far for me to go especially when my kids have appointments few times a week. So my question is can they take my kids away when I’m just trying to do what’s best by them I don’t abuse them their well taken care of I just fell on hard times and their making it harder. I live in New Jersey by the way

  125. Hello, I’ve never been in a situation like this before and I don’t know what to do or can do… Please help me…
    I’ve been living with my girlfriend at her mothers house for 2 1/2 years now… We have a 1 year old lil Gotland her mother lives elsewhere…
    We just got back from gulf shores and when when we were there I walked in on them both smoking weed with my lil girl sleeping in the room … I immediately acted on this and they refused to get rid of the stuff… I never even knew my gf smoked….well, I made a big deal about it so now her mother is saying I have to move out because of MY ACTIONS… Really .? I’ve been living here in Baton Rouge, La for the past 2 1/2 years, pay rent, and have address on my drivers license… I don’t want to move out because of the thought of moving away from my little girl:(… I already work nights and barely get to see her as it is… And I have no place to go…
    I have a 8 year old yellow lab that is honestly the best dog ever. No digging, great with ANYBODY, and well trained… He was my duck dog when I used to hunt… I am a pipe fitter/ welder and EKG Supervisor over midcity hospital…
    Looking for somewhere to stay until I get all my stuff out of this house and find a permanent place of residence…
    Please email me if you know the laws on them being able/unable to kick me out or have a place for me to stay…
    I’m a people person and get along with anybody… I don’t go out and drink and have respect for others…

  126. My mother deceased cousin lie on my mom document . I got proof still can’t get help. My cousin. Fraud and forgery . Put my mom house in her name I been out in the street while my cousin. Live a good life. Cousin won’t let me come home. My cousin use my mom. My mother wouldnt of did this?

  127. Im 21 and in alabama. im homeless and have no family or freinds who.can help. i cant work due to mental problems and am currebtly fighting for disability. my ex cheated and then left. she was my only backbone. can anybody help? shelter isnt an.option. pls call me at 3344121058

  128. Is it illegal to pay a homeless person to stay in a motel for one or two nights in Elko, Nevada?
    We just did that for a couple that looked really run down and she looked pregnant, and the motel manager had a cow. They told us we could go jail for doing this. They just needed one night, for they are on their way to Salt Lake. We still took responsibility but insisted they needed to stay one night at least.

    Elko is a town in the middle of no where. They hadn’t eaten for 3 days and looked like they didn’t have showers for at least a month or two.
    Why would it be illegal to help them? That’s the first I’ve heard!!!!

  129. I am homeless and have cats can they stay in the car with us until I find a new place? I keep them clean, feed, and healthy. Will they come take my babies from me?

  130. I am a 36yr old women. I am. Living. Everyday. With constant mental abuse. The physical part has slowed down after the neighbor called cops after my abuser back handler me in front of my abuser8yr old daughter. My daughter was screaming and crying after seeing the blood gushing from my face. I have nowhere else to go…. he is fully fully swear of that and plays it to his advantage. He. “Allows”me sleep under the porch outside and some night’s will park his car. In the back yard for me to sleep in. I shower n the hose and feeds me what he wants and when he wants. Ialowed myself to fall for his deception of being my frien. It’s been two years and the first 1yr was great till he had problems with manager were me n my daughter lived. I pridedthe rent and bought all the food.

    1. But he got me kicked out so he asked his mother if we can say there since had nowhere else .tk go. Yes he is fully46 and stays at his mother’s home. SHE IS 76 AND SUFFERS FROM DETENTIONS SO HALF THE TIME SHE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM. I AM SO TIRED OF THE ABUSE AND TREATED LIKE GARBAGE. I’VE SOUGHT A DV ADVOCATE THEY HAD NO HELPJthe women just kept saying sorry while trying to rush me out the door. I replied to her ” I’m sorry to because the person who wins today is my abuser again.” And then I slammed the door. PleAse if read my posting and can help me I WOULD BE THE MOST BLESSED PERSON AND FINALLY MAYBE GET MY HOPE FOR LIFE & MY SMILE. GOD BLESS. I M LIVING IN TACOMA WASHINGTON

      1. You’re out of the situation. You’re no longer a DV victim. I was told to get a job and things would be OK. I find myself used corporately and individually and decent people shy away and tell me to learn to get along with my own kind (mentally ill/drug abusers/people who chose to be homeless.

        Well, except for the nurse who said she could and has made sane people be committed with no way out while making a good steady income source for the facility no one has been able to really find me mentally ill or a drug abuser or someone who chooses to be homeless.

        I get that people are calling me low class. I get that my family says I was not raised like this and keep lowering myself. I’m fighting hard as I can to not give up but even after a crisis counselor was sent to come to me to interview me on a holiday she said I was not mentally lll, just unfortunate and there’s no treatment or guaranteed fix for that. Just $100 a pop counseling sessions to learn better tools. Not covered by insurance. Free counseling has gotten me hand pats or people telling me to do essentially what true psychopaths do. Observe what normal people do and fake it or be myself and continue to attract the wrong people,

  131. Ok so my boyfriend was asked for a bank account in order to stay where hes staying. What i do not understand is why was he asked for a bank account, if its a homeless shelter and they are there to help the homeless. My serious question is, Why was he asked for a bank account?

  132. I have had some medical issues and recently have lost my business. I am home less right now living out of my car. Is there anything illegal about that? Where would you advise staying in my car that would be legal?

    1. Joe, I don’t know where in the U.S. you are. Walmart is safe, but some cities have ordinances forbidding overnight camping, like Cheyenne WY and this includes Walmart. The real problem is that even on private property, towns that are trying to move the homeless out have city councils and mayors who tell the police to roust homeless people and make it uncomfortable to stay in their town. This is a real hassle since we are already homeless. You might check with homeless advocates and shelters in your area and ask them.

  133. If homeless in los angeles CA how can someone receive mail with no address and no money? Lost my CA id and need to get a new one.

    1. You can receive mail in care of “general delivery for your city. Ask someone who works at the nearest post office which local post office is the general delivery post office. They’ll give you the address and directions for getting there, though it might be a long walk. Just tell friends, family, etc… to address your mail to you like this:
      c/o General Delivery
      City, State zip code

  134. My fiance and I have been homeless and working for carnivals. we just want to stay in one place because everytime we get to another show there is always a problem. either the boss doesnt pay us or we get there after he tells us they have a position for us and they really dont. I don’t know what to do anymore. my fiance is a convicted felon but hasnt been convicted in over 5 years. I’m from Illinois and would like to find somewhere to go but I don’t know where or how to find places we can go. I have thought about low-income housing but everywhere i look i see that housing authorities will not allow felons to be on a rental agreement. I don’t know what to do or where to go! can someone please help me

  135. I am thirty six years old and a single mom of four. My kids ages are 18 17 15 9. And im taking care of their friend because his moms boyfriend didnt care for him. I couldnt see him out on the street. Plus its getting chilling in GA. I am unemployed but I recycle metal to help us. I lost my vehicle and now I cant work. We stay in a motel that I pay everyday. At $45 a day. Some days I dont have or make it to pay, so im left with texting and calling friends and family. It runs very dry quickly. Im scared cause I have all my babies with me. I dont know were to turn no more. Is there any help out there please?

    1. Your state has an emergency grant program that might be able to help you pay the first and last month’s rent on an apartment that will be cheaper than the price of this motel. http://www.dca.state.ga.us/housing/specialneeds/programs/esg.asp The caseworker who does intake for that emergency grant program will probably be able to give you and those teenagers some job leads and connect you with someone who can help you find a good apartment. Here is the link to Georgia’s homeless resources site. http://www.dca.state.ga.us/housing/housingdevelopment/programs/homeless.asp Here is the Georgia Department of Labor’s online database of job opportunities. http://www.dol.state.ga.us/js/job_info_system.htm

  136. I have 2 young children and 3 adults and we just became homeless.. it feels like I’m never gonna get outta this hole I’m in. The homeless shelter will not help us with shelter… I want to let people in my town know how my family is being treated but I have no idea to go about doing that….

  137. We are both Disabled and Homeless in Georgia. I have 4 medical impairments/ listings and he is a Veteran, Disabled,Homeless with Traumatic Brain Injury, essential tremors, colorblind,frontal lobe too ganglia ischemia since accident, had cranial debrement,hemorage, cranial plasty procedure, and in a coma for two months, his physician failed to inform him of his complete medical histor of brain damage and now the us department of army states they can’t find his medical inlistment or discharge medical documentation….what about this for a story. And I am a 51 year old widow that is in my (6th) year awaiting approval of my benefits…..we are in dire need of Fianacial assistance….sometimes churches help and sometimes they don’t…. I guess this doesn’t effect them so they pretend Not to see….I Erenstly reaching out for Fianacial assistance. Will you help. You may contact me at (478)733-7729, thank you , Debra j. Wilson

  138. I am at beau mathews vet shelter. I have been here a month. I have payed 50 deposit and 25 a week. I am payed up. The manager caught me smoking a joint off the property, which Is legal In denver and said I have to leave emmediatly.Does he have to evict me? I dont have any write ups. And I have a good job. I will loose every thing. Please tell me watt I can do.mark

    1. Well the VA is Federal and they have not legalized grass, so I don’t know. I would look for other resources, other shelters. I would also get in touch with NORML, Just google them and find a location, they can maybe tell you what the law is. Do they have medical marijuana in your state, if so get a green card.

    2. Anyone in need of a birth certificate for themselves should go to an anti-poverty agency near them or a homeless shelter as with a letter from one of these agencies many states will waive the fee. I used to be a homeless advocate in MA and used to write letters to many states registry of vital records office and local city/town hall vital records and 99% of the time was successful in obtaining birth certificates for the clients. Also if filling out housing history and can’t remember who the landlord/owner was I would suggest calling the city/town hall and contact the Assessor’s office (the people that owners pay property tax to) and they can look up who owned the property when you lived there and provide contact information from that time period.

  139. Myself and my partner are almost 50we have a 7yr old son and I have had to leave behind my other 2children because we became homeles and my partner totaled our only vehicle he works in Massachusetts where he is from but we can’t prove we are residents and live in substandard conditions at this moment and we came so I could work to make money for a car but his sister had tricked us and the job was fictional we had to move out after 2weeks what am I to do ?

  140. and get one how can he go about it without being sent back to the state where he is wantedI have a friend who is homeless he lost his ID in Florida but he is wanted in some other state but he is too afraid to get his ID and social security card taken and get one how can he go about it without being sent back to the state where he is wanted in

    1. I meant that a friend of mine is wanted in another state but lost his ID and social security number in Florida and doesn’t know how to get everything that is ID and social security number he’s afraid of doing so because he doesn’t want to go back to the state where he is wanted is there any possible we that he can get his ID and social security without him worrying about that

      1. Write the courthouse where he was born, this will get a birth certificate without going through the DMV and maybe flagging him. If it is not a felony and he can slide in and out that should work, I’vr done that. Basically he is at square one. Go on line and see what is actually out in the state he is from in the way of warrants. Have him cantact Social Security, if he has dealt with them before there should be some security questions, like his mother’s maiden name, and when he was born and where. Once he verifies these things he should be able to have them send him one, maybe online. He may also be able to do the same with his license online, if he has some one whose address he can ahve it sent to. This is the computer age.

    1. Are you near a hospital? You can go to the emergency room and ask them to put you in touch with a homeless service agency. If not, is there a church, synagogue or mosque nearby? Ask at the office in one of those places if they can refer you to a nearby social service office that can help get you temporary housing, food, and supplies.

  141. I live in Massachusetts im am homeless.having a hard time with job search. I am wondering if I can transfer my shelter to another state??

  142. My son basically stole my car in March! It was supposed to be a 2 week loan! Ive finally got it back, in the mechanic, because he nearly destroyed it! And he did NOT register it, and now i am homeless and need to live in my car! On top of it, i am permanently disabled & in the hearing stage of the process! Is there any kind of charity in CA that can help me register my car?
    Please help!

    Janiece S.

    1. Yes, there are agencies that can help you with that. If your car didn’t pass inspection, nobody will register it. Contact the local United Way to ask if they know of an agency that donates car repairs or replacements. In many cities, the kidney foundation accepts car donations. Though they often scrap the cars for cash, I suspect that they know about other local agencies that will refurbish cars for needy people. Contact them and see how they can help you. https://www.kidney.org/support/kidneycars/

  143. im homeless living in a tent live in the woods on i believe to be on county property in Maryland the police came to my site i wasn’t there do i have swatter rights ive been there more than a month.please help what can i do or should i pick up and go

    1. Squatters Rights is a legal concept that applies to private property, not government property. Read about it on this blog https://homelesslaw.wordpress.com/2008/03/24/what-is-%e2%80%9csquatting%e2%80%9d-is-there-such-a-thing-as-%e2%80%9csquatter%e2%80%99s-rights%e2%80%9d/. Someone else from Maryland posted a question just like yours in August. Here’s the reply: The Maryland Natural Resources Code is online at http://law.justia.com/codes/maryland/2013/article-gnr/. This is the code that defines how woods, parks, lakes, rivers, and other natural resources have to be governed and are allowed to be used. One section that might interest you is:
      §1-206. A person may not willfully fail or refuse to comply with any lawful or reasonable order or direction of any Natural Resources police officer or any law enforcement officer in connection with the enforcement of any provisions of law required to be enforced by the Secretary or the Department.

  144. Dear tashbook, on October 8, I was assaulted by the home oner I was renting from , I became , homeless, in cape May county nj, I have a ripped ear, brocken bifocles , concussion, lost 35 lbs. & mucle loss, I was gainfully employed as a taxi driver, I am responsible , I became homeless slept inmy car, iI was relocated to Philadelphia, I
    For my safety by victim’s compensation, because I had no family help , because on the same day ,,my astranged husband found out he had stage 4 prostrate cancer. I filled out claim application , myself, now they want me to fax irs paid taxes to victims compensation , to get reimbursement for paycheck , not that easy when you have 4cents no gas in car , I feel they took advantage of my situation, why, my astranged husband new not anything, I was left to die , showers with cockroaches, brushed my teeth in str. Dehydrated, dyslexic, all I need to do tp get my earnings is what I explained , I need help please . Thank you 6097414074

    1. Did you get help from CCCVS – Center City Crime Victim Services? They exist, in Philadelphia, for exactly the purpose you need. Even if they didn’t help you with that initial application, you should call and specifically ask them to help you for logistical help in getting this additional documentation.
      42 S. 15th Street, Suite 1103 Philadelphia, PA 19102 phone: 215-665-9680 e-mail: CCCVS@att.net
      Here’s another idea: See if you can get some help from the legal clinics at Temple Law School. These are free services that work with people on claims in government agencies and courts. Try both of these:
      The Temple Legal Aid Office Telephone: (215) 204-1800 | Fax: (215) 204-5521 and the Sheller Center for Social Justice Telephone: (215) 204-8800
      Email: rscipio@temple.edu.

  145. My 18 year old son has been arrested and put in jail… He was staying with his father and doesn’t get along with his dad’s girlfriend. She attacked him and even though he barricaded himself in his room, blocking the door with a dresser, called the police for help. They arrested both of them. His bond was set for $250, that may not seem like a lot but I live paycheck to paycheck and my car broke down over a week ago. My job requires a car and I need to figure out a way to fix it or get a new one. I can’t get approved for a loan due to bad credit. Is there a way to get help for my son? Do you know of any resources available?

    1. You might be able to get some emergency funding assistance to pay for your car repairs or a replacement car. Contact your local Salvation Army and Catholic Charities offices to ask if they offer emergency funding or ask the local United Way to see if they know of a source for either car repair funds or replacement cars. There might be a veterans’ support agency or an agency associated with your profession that provides this kind of help. When you request emergency funding, you will need to show that you have a one-time temporary need and that you will be self-sufficient once that need is met. Agencies that provide emergency assistance tend to help with utility bills, transportation, home repairs, and some medical needs. They will not pay for your son’s bail. Here is a sample search to use online: “catholic charities” emergency AND assistance. You should also put the name of your city (and if it’s not there then your county or the nearest big city) into that search.

  146. I am a 48 year old woman and two weeks ago I came to America to Los Angeles, please help me to find a job and a place to live the help

  147. Iam scared iam a single mother with 4 kids 2 of my kids r 7n14 my 19 year old is pregnet n I have a 18 year old boy iam married where my husband physically abuse me n mentally he doesn’t wanna pay our rent cause he says iam a piece of shit n no good I don’t deserve a home every penny I get he steals I changed my PIN number on acess card so many times because he steals it the rent hasn’t been paid in 4 months he had an agreement with landlord so we are not evicted witch he called off it’s easy for him to find a place to stay it’s just him where it’s 5 of us no one wants us too many of us holidays are comming he stole every penny I had put away for Xmas presants for my kids specialy the younger ones iam scared that iam gonna be out on streets I have applied for section 8 2/3 years ago where do I go who do I turn to where can I get help so ism not on streets with my younger kids anyone have any answers or help please respond iam desperate rite now I have no family to turn to iam alone with my kids any advise???? If so please help

  148. I was staying in a room with my newborn daughter while my oldest attended school upstate ny with my sister there wasn’t enough room for all three of us so I stayed in the city now I want to bring my oldest daughter back because of issues in school but don’t have stable housing for my kids what are my options with going into a homeless shelter?

  149. I’m disabled (spinal injury). I’m living in a supportive housing situation. The past 6 months, I’ve fallen into some deep financial hardship. I’ve gotten behind on rent. I’d been served a notice of eviction. I’m on the verge of being homeless again. It’s cold outside and I have no where to go. I have no money. Is there any help that I can get?

  150. Hi my name is coletta hugley i just turned 18,, i spent my life talking care of my mom she has sigers… i really didnt go to high school..i would love to get back in school and find mea a place to stay.. even though i spent my days taking care of mom.. i thought she was going to have my back but i was proven wrong.. when her husband came home she just didnt need me any more.. so know i am about to live my life..please help me i have no place to go i have no job i have no money… i live on the south of macon ga.. i am willing to do whatever it takes to get back on track.. i just need some help… please feel free to give me a call..478.227.1488

  151. Hi my soon to be sister in law is trying to come between me and my fiancé.she basically said if I can’t live in the home with her which her parents left to them when they passed away.now I’m living in a value place in spartanburg sc .i want to stay next to my parents in duncan…somebody help

  152. I live under the West Plains Housing system in West Plains, Mo. I have been evicted because i couldnt pay rent due to the loss of my job, and because of no luck with finding a new one. I have 3 children, and I’m a single mom. When I have to leave I will be homeless, and so will my children. Can they do this to us? Thanks

  153. I’m in a drug trement program with my 2 y old son.I’m gonna finish in February and I don’t have a place to go and definitely not going to a chelter.eny one know if I’m eligible for eny housing if yes let me know so I can apply now thanks

  154. hi I have been currently living in the house for about a year I was a caretaker for an elderly gentleman about 2 months ago he went to a nursing home and decided to just walk away from his house payments and his mortgage and his house the bank sold the house today I was wondering what are my rights as far as relocation assistance does the new homeowner have the right to kick me out without any notice or do they have to help me financially with the relocation if you could please get back to me right away thank you very much

  155. hi I have been currently living in the house for about a year I was a caretaker for an elderly gentleman about 2 months ago he went to a nursing home and decided to just walk away from his house payments and his mortgage and his house the bank sold the house today I was wondering what are my rights as far as relocation assistance does the new homeowner have the right to kick me out without any notice or do they have to help me financially with the relocation if you could please get back to me right away thank you very much I do live in Tucson Arizona

    1. Hi, Justin. I do not know how it works in Arizona but I am pretty sure it works the same anywhere in the US. They would have to formally evict you through the court. This process could take some time allowing you a bit to find a new place. This is the same for anyone who has acquired a residence including squatters who take over an empty house. The owners would have to go through the court. I would def look into this! That isn’t right at all!! I hope and pray everything works out for you!

    2. Why would you voluntarily want an eviction on your record? It will cause problems with future rentals and employment. If you like being a caretaker then stay in that line of work.

  156. I recently moved in with my ( so called ) boyfriend 4 months ago with my dog. I have a part time job at McDonald’s I do not by know means make a lot of money and he started becoming very distant. Three weeks ago I broke my foot which means I could not work I sleep on the couch because I toss an turn so much an did not want to keep him up. Now he tells me he is back with his ex an wants me to move out an all my furniture. I have no money, no place to go and I DO NOTwant to get rid of my dog. He is my baby, he is all I have an I can’t and won’t live with out him. Is there anything I can do or go for help. Signed. Scared and lonely without any money. Please help!!!!

  157. hi I was wondering I live in Texas I found an abandoned house its been abandoned for for years now I’m a beast free and I’m just wondering if I can stay here because I have nowhere to go and my friend lives right behind the house that he told me that I could stay here just to be careful I don’t know where else to go and I’m not gonna go live in the woods because it’s winter right nowso please get back to me my email is up there thank you, also if anyone can help me I live in Texas near Dallas so if anyone can help me I’d really really appreciate it

  158. I live in a shelter program in California, it is an 3-4 month program. They lock us out of our rooms several times a day the longest is 8 hours with our belongings inside. I want to know is this legal in the state of California for a non profit shelter to do?

    1. There is no law requiring that any kind of nonprofit organization be open 24 hours a day every day. The fact that you don’t have access to your possessions during the hours that it is closed is also a form of protection for your possessions. The only way to have constant control over your possessions is to carry all of them with you (not usually possible) or to store them in a facility that you pay for–which gives you the right to constant access to that place whether it is a storage unit, apartment, etc…

  159. While in the family shelter I contracted a staph infection can I sue then for health neglect to mention a healthy invionment

    1. You could contact the county health department and ask them to inspect the facility, but people contract staph infections everywhere and it doesn’t mean that the place where they picked-up the germs was necessarily negligent or otherwise liable. If you are right that you contracted the staph infection at that shelter, the health department will definitely want to know about it and continue to monitor cleanliness and disease management there. Additional facts might make your situation more fitting for a lawsuit. For example, if you couldn’t get clean sheets or other basic assistance from the shelter once you got sick or the shelter did not make any effort to eliminate the bacteria from the environment, or the infection made you extremely ill. Since this falls in the category of cases that are handled by personal injury lawyers on a contingency basis (they only get paid after they win or settle the lawsuit for you and they can only get 30-40% of the winnings) you might as well seek consultations with several of those firms to see if one will take your case.

  160. Well, the problem is for my daughter, Jennifer. She is 33 years old. For many years we have been estranged. My husband of 18 years of marriage warned me not to have Jennifer in my life for she is a drug user and abuser. Well, now, my husband passed away June 5, 2014. And when my daughter, Jennifer found out, she conned her way into living with me. And I believe she thought I was an easy mark. And as a result of letting her live with me, my husband was right. She managed to sneak into my bedroom while I was sleeping and started stealing my debit card. I found out about this almost too late. When I was balancing out my accounts and saw on the bank statement where all the transactions that my debit card was being used, that’s when reality hit me about my daughter. I confronted this to her, at first she apologized and said “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again”. But then when I went to the bank November 15th, using the ATM I found out I had no funds in my Savings account and no funds in my Checking account. That’s when I felt she had forced my hand into turning her in because that’s the only way I can be reimbursed.
    Jennifer has no regard for money management and no consideration for what others have earned or saved.
    We got into a big argument, she socks me in the jaw I get the more angrier and that’s when she left; then after that, that’s when I found out she still had information accessing and making purchases online.
    My eldest daughter, Susie, relayed the information to me of what Jennifer was still doing in the first couple weeks of November; and that’s when I had to block my debit card, make a police report and a letter of dispute. Then when I talked with a customer service representative from my bank I found out she had actually been stealing from me from the day I welcomed her into my home.
    I tell you what, this was a life learning experience.
    Now the place where she stays is a mutual friend of my eldest daughter, Susie. But he has his own problems with his adult children that do not work and I feel like I have shifted the burden of Jennifer onto him and he has only a tiny camper that he is trying to share with.
    According to Susie, Jennifer sleeps in a tree.
    Do you see what I mean? She does not have a clue of how to take care of herself and when somebody tries to help her, she takes advantage of their kindness by using a great deal of there electricity, steals their credit card, cash or debit cards–this is all she knows how to do.
    And all I know is, that I cannot allow her back into my home because I cannot trust her.
    She has made too much of attempt of trying to destroy everything my husband and I built together with.
    So now I am calling out for help. Somebody that knows how to deal with people like her.
    Someone of strong authorities that can straighten her out, dry her out and teach her job skills so that she can finally start living a responsible life.
    Jennifer has no job, no health insurance and no guidance.
    But this does not mean I don’t care for her, I am alone and retired of 31 years of government service and I cannot afford to send her anywhere. The only thing I might be able to afford is bus fare and maybe a little bit more for eating expenses. But that’s it!
    I just need somebody out there who is tough enough and cool enough to handle someone like her. I still have faith in her that if she was drug free and had job skills and guidance she could learn how to take care of herself without depending on others for handouts.
    But I’m hoping somebody out there can also get her off the streets and put a roof over her head while she is in detox, is there a place that exists like this for her?

    1. See if there is a NAMI group where you live. http://www.nami.org NAMI is a support and advocacy organization for families dealing with mental illness. You might start by contacting the NAMI Help Line which is “an information and referral service that can be reached by calling 1 (800) 950-NAMI (6264), Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m., EST or by email at info@nami.org” NAMI also offers classes and support groups, but that help line will quickly get in you touch with agencies that can help your daughter.

  161. I need help I’m living with my wife and kids at a friends house and she is kicking us out by Sunday. But I heard that if we are receiving mail at her house she has to give us 30 days to be out is this true or no plz help we live in Emmaus Pennsylvania

  162. I need help me and my family are starving and have nowhere to go my fiances mother bought us a weekly hoping we could find a job or a way to get money but we’ve had no luck yet were getting kicked out and its freezing outside Were all crying in hunger pain and have no idea what to do from here is there any help out there? Please I lost my job in august and this is what’s its come down to. My sons 3 and my daughters 5 please at least give us options as to where to turn. We are in walterboro,SC and if we don’t figure it out were going to lose each other. Thank you

  163. My friend in London Croydon is about to be made homeless she isverry I’ll and waiting on a liver transplant any time. The council in Croydon won’t help. Wat information can u give me to help her she is55yr old

  164. I was wondering if there are any apartments that will let you live there and slowly pay off a bill you owe from a recent apartments complex in or around walker michigan I need help I can’t find any places.

  165. Me and my husband are here in Phoenix Arizona and have been struggling to find help for a place to stay as we have to wait for my husband to get paid by January 3rd we also needed gas for our car and also need food but we can’t seem to find any we went to a church but they said that they need to see us in that church for a long period of time for them to give help to us cause they don’t know us and they are afraid we might do something bad to them. It’s kinda so frustrating to hear that from a Pastor of the church and I don’t know what to think anymore we are in a very bad situation cause our car broke down several times n we needed to get it repaired and the money my husband got for December all went to the car repair so we were not able to get a place to stay n money for gas n food for ourselves. We need help
    Badly please somebody help us thank u n God bless u

    1. Here are three ideas:
      1. The Phoenix Salvation Army provides housing and meals and assistance with figuring things out. http://www.salvationarmyphoenix.org/
      2. There are multiple food providers nearby http://www.azfoodbanks.org/
      3. Here is a list of social service providers that can help with food, shelter, health needs, debt issues, etc… http://www.needhelppayingbills.com/html/arizona_assistance_programs.html
      Ask, at every agency you contact, whether they know of a local organization that helps people with transportation needs.

    2. Phoenix churches have told me the same thing. They must be very wounded or thin skinned. I do not want to think they are hard hearted to all but their own but it has occurred to me.

      Then people say “don’t be paranoid” to my face but they also say “I’d never put up with that crap” behind my back.

      I grew up in SoCal but can’t afford it there.

      I don’t want to be in a cult or controlled but I do want a good caring community but good people either rediscover their dark side or shy away from me.

      I don’t want to live where there’s ice either.

      I simply don’t have the country club vibe but am not looking for snobbery just good people who will welcome a trusting girl who needs a friend or two.

  166. I have been kicked out of my girlfriends house that she owns and I have paid for for the last 3+ years. We chose to have two kids together and she has been a stay at home mother for the most part of it. She took a job as a bartender and couldn’t handle the attention so I am now displaced with nothing. Everything I own is in my car. I made over $225k in the last 4 years and every bit of it is gone. Is it horrible if I just leave town and move ten hours away to be a waiter or construction worker on beach somewhere?

    1. Continue doing whatever you do for income, pay child support and see a lawyer about protecting your parental rights. It is not horrible to leave town but if your life would be miserable too close to her then it might be the best choice.

  167. I have a question im homeless and in a encampment they are tring to throw me out, my boyfriend is disabled the police said they can’t make me leave bit the camp is threating to tear my small hpise apart and throw that and what little belonging we have in the trash, can they do that legally? In desparate need of help,!

    1. Are you hoping to assert that you have some sort of property right entitling you to remain in a place that you don’t own or rent? It doesn’t sound like you have time to do legal research and bring that kind of claim to court. If the others do destroy your stuff, you can ask the police to charge them with vandalism and possibly theft or some other type of destruction charge.

  168. Where can I find last minute help for christmas im homeless with children and dont know were to ho I live in danvers mass please help before its to late I want my kids to have a Christmas this year please

    1. Do you still have the kids in school? Are you keeping them fed and healthy Are you still getting them to the doctor when they need one? These are some of the basic legal obligations that parents have in every state. The police will only take kids from their parents and put them under the control of a social services agency if the the parents are being neglectful or abusive or, in your particular situation, if there is a rare, strange, and specific law declaring that children are not allowed to live in a vehicle.

      If you can’t find a shelter, maybe you can find a living situation that is connected with a job. For example: Maybe you could become a live-in caregiver for a senior citizen who wants to keep his or her or their house and who would like to have kids around again. Here is one site where you can find those kinds of jobs. http://www.care.com/

  169. I just moved out to los angles California area from Illinois. I moved out here cause a friend from high school moved out here and he told me he had a good job an that he could get me a job with him. Well come to find out when I came out he was fired for drugs. An now he is a junkie an I don’t want to be around that stuff an he has bad anger problems. I am very depressed about all this cause I don’t know anyone here and I have nothing back home to go to. I’ll be homeless with in a week. I have been applying to jobs and have a good work history. I just don’t know what to do. Please would someone give me some advice.

  170. I am living at home with my wife and kids.my wife is a BSN RN. I am head of house hold I help with the kids get out to school helping when I can . I and disabled she is my care taker . She doesn’t like the medical changes and everything I have been through. Now she wants to throw me out because of the changes that have happened in my life . I get text messages of her talking to other men. She says she accadently sent it to the wrong person. I feel like she is trying to use me being disabled as a alternative to get me out. There’s a lot of abbuse in many ways. I have no where to go

  171. My 2 daughters were homless due to domestic violence.
    I hadnt spoken to my youngest daughters father in 3 years
    I moved out of the state to hide from my abuser.
    Her father heard about this and came out of nowhere filing kidnapping charges (dismissed)
    And requesting custody because we were in a shelter.
    He won! Even though at 3yr she didn’t even know him. It was like watching her get kidnapped.
    My other daughter and I are now back on track and in an apartment.
    During this time he moved 6 hours away.
    How do I get my baby back?

  172. I have been w my fiancé for 4 years and have lived in his house for 4 years. He is now kicking me and my 10 year old daughter out and is telling me to be out by tomorrow. Is there a certain amount of days he has to give me to find another place? Before we moved in I had my own place and a job but now I do not have a job and obviously not my own place anymore. Can anyone please help.

    1. Depending on where you live, ive heard that if you have proof of residence over in some places thirty days or more depending on state and laws.. most laws state that even if not on a lease..like here in tn, you have to go through the courts and order an eviction, which can give anywhere from seven days to thirty days or so to be out.. again it depends completely on where you live and what the laws on eviction are in that state or county.

  173. the homeless in Anaheim CA are continually being bullied by people and police making it that they have nowhere to lay their head at night and because there is no room at the shelters for all of them. They don’t have places to go to be able to keep out of the cold weather at night either. Anaheim like other places in CA and around there are trying to push the homeless to go somewhere else because they have been doing the same in other city’s like Huntington Beach CA. They don’t let even the homeless that have cars sleep at night. They have this ridiculous law that you can not sleep from 9pm to 9am in your motor vehicle. If your trying to get off the streets and find a job you need to sleep and if you live in your car and you just got a job you need more then a week to live in your car to get a apartment here in CA because rent in CA is way to high and you can’t make enough money it would take over two months of living homeless to get a apartment and that’s if they will hire you because you are homeless a lot of times a employer frown a pawn that and not hire. But to get back to the not sleeping from 9pm to 9am if you did get lucky and got a morning job because that’s all that was hiring how can you sleep after you get out of work in your vehicle if the police won’t let you because they will give you a ticket for sleeping in your vehicle and you can’t go to a over night place because they want 50 a night and you don’t even make 50 in one day because you have to wait two weeks till you even get your first check. It’s all screwed up the system the laws you can’t get a foot hold if they won’t let you.

  174. Wouldn’t it be nice to have us homeless people all gather somewhere and build our own small huts and gain employment and help each other out? Sort of like a commune but not one of those nut job ones that turn into cults?

  175. Iam homeless and my licenses are suspended. I need to know how to get them back i have twins their four its really hard getting around. If theres help please help me.

    1. What kinds of licenses are suspended? Your driver’s license? Your professional license? If it is your drivers license and you lost it in criminal court, you probably just have to wait until your suspension period ends. Still, it can’t hurt to go to the drivers license center and find out the procedure for reinstating your license. Did you lose your license because you didn’t have an address anymore? If so, see the post about addresses that homeless people can use on drivers license forms. https://homelesslaw.wordpress.com/2010/11/14/how-can-a-homeless-person-living-in-a-car-or-van-get-auto-insurance-without-having-an-address/

  176. Can anyone help my family relocated to Orlando Florida and we were scamed our landlord double rented the house and took our money. We are living in a hotel but money is little to none. Please help if you can.

    1. Your local legal aid office can help you sue that landlord and get your money back. Call the Orange County Bar Association Legal Aid Society 407-841-8310 or go to one of their homeless intake sites http://www.legalaidocba.org/index.php/homeless-shelters to talk to a lawyer. The legal aid lawyer will represent you for free. Also, get in touch with Hope Helps http://www.hopehelps.org/. That is a local organization that will help you find good and affordable housing.

    1. If you are in a cold weather emergency shelter, they might put you out during the day and let you in at night only or they might just be too full to keep you and everyone else there. If you are in a regular shelter and you have come to the end of your maximum time there, they can put you out even in freezing weather and even if you’ve followed all the rules. Even if you aren’t out of time, a shelter can put you out for no reason without necessarily breaking a law or violating a contract with you– though you might at least ask your legal aid office or a law clinic at a nearby law school if they will help you bring a breach of contract case against the shelter. As you can tell from the comments on this page, a lot of people are watching for somebody to win a case against a shelter that doesn’t live-up to its promises. But right now, you need to get in from the cold. It would have been legitimate to ask the shelter to get you transportation to another shelter during the cold weather emergency. Also, you can always call 911 in extreme cold weather and ask them if they can help you get a ride to a cold weather emergency center. In some cities, there are taxi services and non profit organizations that will transport homeless people on cold nights and the 911 operators know how to reach those entities.

    2. Here is another thought, inspired by a note I just received from my city: Municipalities and counties sometimes operate all-day senior centers when the weather is cold. These are the same senior centers that tend to have classes and meals available, but they are open for extra hours and extra activities when the weather is very cold. In Pittsburgh, they specifically invite the entire community to feel free to drop-in at these centers– even people who are not senior citizens. Of course, it would be very nice for any able bodied cold person who goes to the senior center during the day to serve as a volunteer while there. You might call your local senior citizens help line to ask if these kinds of local facilities are available to you during the day. Even if they aren’t, how do you like the idea of doing volunteer work someplace, just as a way of getting indoors in cold weather?

      Here is the Pittsburgh announcement:
      “The City of Pittsburgh has activated emergency response protocols due to severe weather and extreme cold temperatures hitting the area this week.

      Warming centers at four Senior Center locations are currently open to all residents throughout the city. Facilities are open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. until further notice. The locations include:

      Greenfield Senior Center – 745 Greenfield Ave. (412-422-6551)
      Homewood Senior Center – 7321 Frankstown Ave. (412-244-4190)
      Sheraden Senior Center – 720 Sherwood Ave. (412-777-5012)
      South Side Market House Senior Center – 12th St. and Bingham St. (412-488-8404)

      Public Safety personnel have been instructed to notify and assist the homeless with access to the shelters.”

  177. Hi. I was wondering if anyone knows if you can sue social services. We have had a legitimate financial need and have won a fair hearing. They still do not comply. They have threatened us, lied about us, and to us. They have even retaliated. They also ask us for the same info over and over and it just doesn’t stop. We have been dealing with them for under a year, but the hits keep coming. You take care of one thing and either it isn’t fixed or they “mess” something else up. The stress has been unbearable.

    1. You can bring complaints about social service agencies to your state attorney general’s office, which can sue on behalf of the citizens of your state. Find the link to your state attorney general here http://www.naag.org/current-attorneys-general.php As another option, you can complain to the higher authority beyond the social service office that you are dealing with. So, if you are dealing with the local or county branch of a state agency, get in touch with the head office in the state; they’ll have a consumer satisfaction office. If you are dealing with a local agency that isn’t a part of state government, contact the mayor’s office to describe any incompetence, wastefulness, or injustice that you are experiencing with the agency.

  178. Where’d my big heart get me …homeless hurt and exhausted i was pushed around in my own home being prisoner only my comfort in my room they destroyed everything in there path leading to my eviction i should have put my foot down sooner i kept them off the street and they left me sitting in the cold no were to go


  180. Hi my name is Nicola Anderson. Me and my parter and i have a three year old son … Will are.liveing in family hotsel in brust Ash hill Se12.OAQ .will getting Evative .Im so scared in Feb 5 …because i cant pay for my rent for here my parter.is working. Im full time mother i dont work at the min ..im so scared. For my son he is Three year old ..Any body. Who can Help me plz plz plz .Thank u

  181. If me and my gril friand reant a motel room for a mounth and she gets mad and lies to the manager and they call thelaw .and the law comes to my room and tells me im C.T.ed from the property and the law escorts me off the property. With no charges.did the manager violate my civil right.shouldent they have kicked bouth of us out.

  182. Hi, my name is Alex. I am 18 years old and im homeless. It hurts me to realize that at such a young age a parent can just kick you out not nowing where to go or, how the world works when you have no. where to go. I have a 8 month old daughter who lives with her mother. My daughter’s motuer is terrified that im homeless. She tells me every night that she wishes her dad would let me live with them so i dont have to struggle. I wish that. I hate being homeless. Not knowing where your going to sleep the next night. What your gunna eat during the day. How i will survive. Someone help me please. Anyone can contact me at 2246270934 .
    Chicago land area

    Thank you.

  183. The Canadian government is forcing people to become homeless. UIC is a joke. The waiting period, the low payment that do not cover ones rent. And no temporary help available to help with financial short falls. The system is broken, and I do not know how to fix it. I will become homeless in a mater of a week or so. This is due to the waiting for UIC and the fact that the payments will not cover living expenses. The is no way out other than death. What a sad unforgiving world we live in. The harsh reality of not enough money hurts us all. The government wants people to be desperate. A desperate person will take any job, low paying minimum wage, a desperate person is less likely to disobey job duties, even when dangerous. The attack on unions, the overwhelming suppression on the dwindling middle class. It all points to an attack on the poor from government and big corporations. This is widely evident in the USA, but I see it happening in Canada now with the Harper Government. I ask the question, what can we do to fight back?

  184. I’m a single mom. My kids disrespects me by cussing and fighting each other. They also laughs and picks at me. They have made me their maid servant. I don’t feel like their mom no more. I actually wants to walk out or hurt my self bad. Cause it hurts real bad to have mean kids. But I have no money at all without my kids. They feeds me. Truly I’m alone & homeless. I was in a wreck in hospital & nursing home but they denied my disability. I’m left with life time rods pins & screws in my left leg

    1. I am so very sorry to hear about your situation. There are so many of us hurting these days. I wish I had the means and resorses to help with more than just words. I so feel your fustration, as for your kids, easier said than done, it sounds like they lack in respect for you their mother. Your children need to be reminded that one day, that lack of respect will someday bit them in the ass. I can only say this, your situation was not your fault, life is cruley unfair, and it strums from the stupid legislation on who, how, and when financial aid is granted. Everyone needs to reach out and help those in financial dispare. We have to start building personal networks together. The day of shying away from our neighbours has to end. We all need to pack together inorder to help our selves out and make change for the better. My suggestion would be to get your story out there, do not quit fighting for yourself, do not give up! Phone your MLA, bug Family Services until you are blue in the face. Get counciling, try to make your children go to counciling. Use community based services to the fullest extent. Most of all, try and make as many friends as humanly possible. You may have already tryied these things, and if so, please try again. Do not accept defeat! Do not let your children get you down, do not let the system supress you any longer, you have a strong voice, you need to use it! Keep posting, keep calling every resorce avalible! Know that I am a stranger, but am also proud of your words. Regards, The Fed Up Canadian!

  185. Hi, My name is Kevin and I have been homeless since the beginning of Feb. 2014. Before hand, I had a job for 5-6years and was laid off in good standing due to lack of work living in Philadelphia, Pa, renting a house and were on unemployment but in the process of searching for a job off the Pa site through Careerlink. A few friends on my Facebook following a post “Anyone know of jobs that would hire me? I do have a car and tools and am a very hard worker!”. But the “friend” that I chose to take advise from currently is my co-defendant. In mid summer following unemployment I became a suspect of “intoxication”, and while sent to jail for 4-5 hours my “friend” were sent to a hospital which he is diabetic. The police tells me, “you seem to be okay, so we are releasing you, you need to call this number to get your car out of tow.” I had only $10 so I just walked to my Dad’s house unexpected and he helped me get the car out of tow. I proceed with “trying to find a job but found out later my unemployment is being cut off and this was during “gov. shutdown” so I can’t reapply or anything! So now I’m really behind on rent and landlord decides to get me evicted, and he did try to help in his own way. But it only helped a little. Eventually, I moved out, possessions in storage facility, and still no job but were selling some of my belongings to survive and pay “sister” what I can to stay with her. But, then storage fees were due and I felt I need a roof over my head and my “sister” needs money after telling me she’ll help me out, but that didn’t work out so another month goes by and she telling me that I need to go after car was towed for false reason why and I am denied access to storage because of non-payment. I ended up selling bottles of cold water in the mid of street during whole summer making peanuts, lost my iphone and social sec. Card and then I run Into a friend I went to elementary schl. with and we were friends on Fb. He says, “I got work for you and since you have no shelter come stay in my camper outside my house in Lehighton, Pa, but there’s no heat or running water!” Great friend and he is help but then I had another problem that is: I found out that I was a fugitive on the run! My friend that I stay in his camper and I made a commitment that I turn myself in and if let go and have court dates, he will help me get back-n-forth because the judge to be seen is in bensalem where I was held in police custody for “intoxication” which is a 50 mile drive.. I turned myself in and was released instantly on a $0 bail for possession of a bunch of drugs that were found in my car! I had no knowledge that there was! To fast forward my story, during this cold stay in a camper with little heat, I have gained so much interest in becoming a solo tor truck driver. I’ve been studying and info searching so much on this and it is what I really want, to go to a training school to learn trucking. But, now there is one more problem! I need my birth certificate and in order to have that, my address must match with a dress on Pa drivers license which I have spoken to with friend, if I can update it with the address where I’m at and he says “No!”. I don’t know what to do. All I want to do is use the address to update license, get birth certificate, go to court and hope to God the case get thrown as it should, get admitted to a good opportunity training school of choice, a start a new path in life and leave all the negative behind me so that I will be able to help my daughter go through life not the way I did. Can someone with good knowledge please help??? Should I go to the nearest shelter after my court date if hopefully Bensalem Judge is not trying to wrongfully convict me?

      1. Dear Ms. Linda Tashbook, Esq.,

        I very deeply appreciate what you’re doing here and thank you so much for the information you’ve provided. I hope this works out for me so that I can continue to accomplish what I’ve set as near future goals and if so, my next goal would be to thank you personally! You deserve the highest title of what you do. (Smiles)

  186. information needs regarding requirement intake information oklahoma city ok homeless shelter, moving back to Oklahoma after 34,35 years on and off an need information after many attempts an feller in every way as stated attempts to work said to be worthless need to leave Texas in fast as possible amount of time as possible due to demand an fear, an constant worrying alone in every since of the term please provide intake information please understanding the meaning of alone in word’s isn’t possible 🐚

  187. Hi i live in mass. I am currently in a EA shelter im on the 3 floor and there 4 floors the people up stairs be letting there children run n jump long stories short yesterday i was moping when all of asudden the light fixture fell landed on my head n broke a piece of the class ended up puncturing me in my right hand i had to go to the hospital ended up with 5 stitches n having to get in contact with a hand surgeon because they believe i injured my tendency can i sue n who cause the shelter leases the apartment from the actuall land lord. Thanks

  188. I have been fighting this Contractor with what little money I have. This has been going on over a year. I filed my last response late. Now the judge just sent me a notice that they were taking everything my Wife and I have. What am I to do. These contractors stole most of what we had

  189. Hello I’m Onjale
    I’m homeless with two baby boys.
    One is 5 yes old and the other is 6 months we are homeless once again…
    I’m just wanna rent a apartment or motel room for about 500 a month
    Its just us three and I am sick and tired of be a burden on any of my friends and family I’m just want to be confront able with my children please if there is anything someone can help us with please help us we are in Sacramento CA. Please help we have no other options or way

  190. Hi…yes I am seeking help asap…..I have a boy 6 and a girl 4 and we have moved twice now since school has started I have no help getting on my feet in live in Athens Tx…….I don’t wana give my kids up I want to fight for them and do good by then I jus need help please

  191. I think the apartment complex adjacent to mine is being used to transfer homeless people from one place to another. i.never see the same.people and.always hear the complaints about.not getting enough rest since.they arrive around 12-2am and leave the.building at 5am. I am unsure exactly.how.legal this is. I live in NYC

  192. I’m a 65 year old woman who was except into a transitional housing for single senior women. Short of 60 days I was kicked out without any warnings not giving a second chance or a resolution. This all stemmed from me helping my daughter with child care staying a couple of nights. I had told the casemanager before I did and it seem not to be a problem. I was told to return Catholic Charities the keys and gather my belongings.I can’t live with my daugther because the program she is in.I am homeless again

  193. What are my rights when I live in my vehicle I’m in Ventura county but trying to find a place to park and shower I’m on ssid

  194. I live in the shelter with my mother and i am 20 but my mother shelter case worker said when i turn 21 i am going to have to leave do to im about to turn 21 years old

  195. My husband and myself and our dog we need some help, we live in a travel trailer in Placentia, Ca. We really are good people, but the owner of the property where we have lived for the last 10 years. Wants us off the property he is going to have the Marshall do it. My husband is disabled, I need to look for a job. We have no money to eat on, or do the laundry, no money to buy gas for the generator for electricity. Please answer my ad

  196. I am 19 and I have been kicked out of my house because I wanted to go to prom with my girlfriend but my mom says I’m to old and that is my sisters not mine. I’ve been applying for any job possible and got nothing. I have no where to go tonight or ever right now. I would like to join the military or something but I need to lose weight 30 lbs before I can and of course it take 6 months even after that. I don’t think I’ll make it

  197. Im being abused by shelter staff for calling 311 for no heat for 7 days…causing me grief and emotional heartache for me and my children. ..please help

  198. I came out of a very bad divorce only to find myself homeless. No job, family just no place to turn. I don’t know what to do.

    1. Then come to Jesus is the only thing to do especially when everyone else has let u down but Jesus he never will disappoint u like people do and the messed up government and the corrupt court system don’t count on them to help u they are not above God so my advice to u is this Jesus and God are the only answers to all your problems try them and you will see. Now the rest is up to u.

  199. every homeless person in this country who are treated like third or no class citizens, as I have been; repeatedly, needs to do their best to show
    the establishment our best side even in our adverse state and do what we
    must to help oneanother now and in the future as we do whatever it takes
    to reintegrate into this sick society that our elected officials daily make
    even more absurd. our goal? to show the world that we are stronger for our experience, more compassionate and voice and act to dissolve this
    uncaring, corrupt thing they call “justice”. I have been criminalized for
    being homeless, arrested for no reason,just because they “can”. Sorry
    but I’ll forgive anyone but a person “pretending” to be GOD.

    1. “reintegrate into this sick society that our elected officials daily make
      even more absurd.”

      Are you registered to vote? Can you remain educated on the issues? Are you grounded in the principles that founded our nation?

    1. You should submit your question to the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles to find out if they have a special process for homeless car owners or to ask whether they allow homeless people to use other people’s street addresses. You’ll need to call them because, ironically, their online form requires a street address. http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/pages/online_forms.aspx
      If you are allowed to use someone else’s street address, you’ll probably want the DMV’s change of address form so that you can switch your cards from your old address to the friend or relative’s address. http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/pages/dv/chgaddress.aspx#individual But first, notice that the Oregon DMV automatically cross-checks with the U.S. Postal Service. If you are living in the car but use somebody else’s street address to receive mail, use the Postal Service’s change of address system to identify yourself with that street address before you use the DMV’s change of address system.

  200. I have stayed at a hotel in Fairfield County CT and I am here for 30 days plus I have a baby and I depleted my funds in paying for my room and looking for an apartment I cannot pay for another nite and it is winter I have no place to go until end of month I don’t want to be evicted but I don’t know my rights I have all my reciepts to show what do I do ? I do not want to be in the cold with my children

  201. My parked car was hit over night. I was inside the homeless shelter. The driver slid into the rear of my car. I didn’t hear or see it happen. Don’t know who’s car hit it. All I know is it is still parked in the same spot undrivable. There is video that I haven’t seen. I’ve called police. Got a sheet of paper from him with who took the information. Called back to try and press charges on whoever hit my car ( the person left the scene of the accident) and have an appointment to talk to detective about the ramming of the car to see if they can come up with more information for me to get compensation for losing my car. No transportation. The insurance company is not being helpful. They need police report also. Neither one of us have one yet. I might have to file charges against the homeless shelter/hotel owner also. This entire incident is tiring for me since I’m a juvenile diabetic. Not sure what to do.

    1. how was your car insured?

      ” Called back to try and press charges on whoever hit my car ”


      “I’ve called police. Got a sheet of paper from him with who took the information.”

      The officer would have provided you his business card to call and receive the filing number. Have you called for /that/ information yet?

      “I might have to file charges against the homeless shelter/hotel owner also. ”

      How are they liable for the public street? (hint: they’re not)

      Since you have interweb access have you considered writing an “open letter”?

      Xmpp Texting: RayHelp@chatme.xyz/otr

  202. What do you do when you live with a man for two years, the bills are all due& PGE cut off. Over two years ago wife died let him stay to get on his feet.
    We fell in love..(??) and still today he refuses to get a paying job.
    His latest trick is that he leaves and goes to the Homeless Shelter if I get to naggy about bills. I am a mother from 6 previous marriages, I am still supporting 3 and their dad pays child support too. But I do not make enough to make ends meet every month.
    However, he does do a few things to help, mostly transportation of kids, errands, which I appreciate but they do not pay the bills. Knowing this if he tires of the financial stress and responsibility he crusises to the shelter for a few days so I miss work and need his help.
    Isnt this unfair? When a person has a home or place to be? What are the rules for using a shelter?

    1. 1
      Do you have a mobile phone?

      do you have any tv services?

      do you own a tv capable device?

      do you own a computer device

      do you have internets services

      shelter rules? what about rules living under YOUR roof?

  203. how can a homeless man receive a permanent library account in San Diego? No state id, and obviously not permanent address, nor utility bill / bank statement / other frippery

    Same question: Orange County, california

  204. That’s why you can’t trust anyone but the lord to be there for u when you are having problems like this just go to Jesus and God and they will help u better than anyone else! Believe me I know trust only in them not in people or family or in the system that’s corrupt!! Only they will see u through it all!! Have faith and pray and believe that your prayers will be answered and it will be!! I am a living witness of God and Jesus answering my prayers all the time!!

  205. I’m currently a resident staying in a battered women’s shelter and I find it extremely difficult to obtain legal information on shelter residents civil rights in Texas currently their are regular monitors at this particular shelter most women who live here are not aware of civil rights laws the monitors here have searched our purses and backpacks rummaging through our personal things they are only monitors not security guards they sieze items we buy our all our medications that belongs to us would like to know if these actions are appropriate I do not believe it would fall under rules or regulations to do such a thing we cannot do anything about it we are battered women this shelter is not meant for the purpose of being violated by this shelter several women here share my sentiments we feel and believe thisvti be a violation against our civil right to privacy and security amendment 4 could someone explain if this is possibly against our civil rights? Not to mention they sieze all snacks they claim they throw away most of us need for work or because we are on medications but they do not return any of the seized personal items besides snacks all sorts of personal property they conduct the personal property searches & sieze do they legally really have a right because we are shelter residents?

  206. I’m currently a resident staying in a battered women’s shelter and I find it extremely difficult to obtain legal information on shelter residents civil rights in Texas for our civil issues involving ourselves & shelter abuse & violations this is an issue currently their are regular monitors at this particular shelter most women who live here are not aware of civil rights laws the monitors here have searched our purses and backpacks rummaging through our personal things they are only monitors not security guards they sieze items we buy they dont provide for us even take like all our medications that belongs to us we would like to know if these actions are appropriate that shelter monitors are doing at this shelter I do not believe it would fall under rules or regulations to do such a thing we cannot do anything about it we are battered women this shelter is not meant for the purpose of being violated by this shelter we come here for help but end up bieng mistreated and run over it seems we dont have our rights here not to mention bieng treated like children instead of responsible adults leaving bad situations several women here share my sentiments we feel and believe this to be a violation against our civil rights to privacy and security amendment 4 could someone explain if this is possibly against our civil rights? Not to mention they sieze all snacks they claim they throw away most of us need for work or because we are on medications but they do not return any of the seized personal items besides snacks all sorts of personal property they conduct the personal property searches & sieze do they legally really have a right because we are shelter residents? Do they really get to do things to us that its acceptable? Many people who make big donations to the battered women’s cause do not know how we are treated here in these shelters although they get a lot of donations we don’t always receive from those very same donations it is a sad story coming from the inside of battered women’s shelter

    1. Your results are typical all over the country and for every (highly edited) success story there are many more like yours. I’ve witnessed some.

      At one shelter, I thought I was in line for breakfast and soon found out I was the ONLY person there not on psych meds. The corruption is rampant and anyone would be better off at a friend or relative’s house lining up a job/housing they did not help me with either since I did not have minor children or any underlying mental or substance abuse issues.

      They actually told me less than 1% get back into society and this temporary shelter is the best they will ever see.

  207. My wife is interested in starting a nonprofit to send homeless people in cold climates (New York) to areas with warmer climates (Mexico). Is this even legal?

  208. I moved some of our household into a friend’s attic by invitation about three months ago. At great expense and with the last of our money, since we were states away. We are homeless but saw it coming and tried to save some things to get back on our feet and for sentimental reasons. She had stuff up there, hers and other family members, she plans on cleaning out. She is talking about getting a dumpster. I said, “Please, don’t throw away my stuff though.” And was reassured she would not. She has also said I can stay as long as I like. But she has moods. And I overheard her talking to her son: saying what if she had to move in a hurry?( She owns her own home and plans to stay here after she retires..) He said don’t lie to her about it. I’d talk to her about it but my husband says don’t since if she is in a mood, she will do exactly what you ask her not to. Do I have ANY rights over what happens to my property? Can I save it?

  209. I know all about corruption me ans my wife now deceased have been horribly destroyed by law ans society wish someone would contact and help

    1. Us too. My husband’s career was ruined by rumors and inuendo and he lost his job and reputation. (And justice takes eons.) We are now homeless and in failing health from all the stress and fallout situations caused by this evil. But somehow it’s okay cause this is a corporate guy in a tie, so no one even bats an eye. I don’t see how doing this to someone is any different from holding a gun to their head!

  210. Hi. Yes I have a question. Maybe you can help me out. If the American Red cross association sets up a room for a person house that burnt down for 3 days. And that person didn’t check in within those days is he or was he ever still considered a customer?

  211. Where do i, a displaced middle-aged woman go when I’ve been displaced by domestic violence, all my property stolen by my ex partner and all the shelters in my area are full. My dog was accidentally injured and now has a broken leg and my work forced me to get a doctors note in order for me to take time off work, because sick time has to be preapproved and I cannot simply call out sick??? I’ve been living put of my car for over a month. Please advise. My family is no help!

    1. The Red Cross http://www.redcross.org/find-your-local-chapter might be able to put you into emergency temporary housing. Also try the Salvation Army. http://www.salvationarmyusa.org/ If you haven’t paid rent for the past month, maybe you now have enough money saved from your job that you can pay a deposit on an apartment. Call your local housing authority for help finding inexpensive rental options. You can even get in touch with your state HUD (Housing and Urban Development) office to ask for leads to affordable housing and emergency aid to start from scratch in a new place. http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD Have you already called the NCADV Domestic Violence hotline? 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE)

  212. My sister was attending college to become a COTA, while attending, her husband went to prison (she hasn’t worked in years) for 10 years. She got evicted because she couldn’t afford rent. He left her with ALL the bills + everything was put in her name without her knowledge..severing financial relationships with electric company, gad, cell, car, etc..meanwhile, her 3 young children are staying (temporary legal guardianship) with their aunt in marietta, oh..and sister is in tampa. She just started her new job but cant get a place to live, hasn’t worked long enough.. Supposedly makes too much to get cash assistance, or food stamps.. It’s awful! Kids are not being treated right with their aunt and my sister cant get ahead when she cant even pay for the storage unit her belingings are in. Can she get assistance without having to live in the projects? Her ass of a husband wad a piece of work. He stole..look him up: joseph f. Daniele, tampa, fl..thx

  213. A SLUMLORD is responsible for cheating lying, misleading, and cheating us for his own selfish gain. There is a piece of WORK living in Santa Clara, Ca probably kinda proud at the job he did last year to a couple of dumb chicks! This ass has been a step in the wrong direction ever since we met him. And took full advantage of our shortcomings to benefit his quality of life. We are a couple of disabled woman, my friend lost her arm just above the elbow in a hit and run accident back in 2008. And she still has not fully adjusted to this new way of functioning without a limb mentally or physically. I am a mess in so many ways and vulnerable as well as weighed down by the population that seams to be ravenous and ruthless to people like us. I always continue to help those who end up for their own selfish gain cheating me. While in my head I hope in the beginning that they will be right on in our dealings. And even confront them and explain my fears about past experiences, say to myself in my heart that this one will be different. And again but this time ever so much more painful than those in the past. I am disappointed and sit with myself now wondering why did that have to happen like that. And if he ever wonders or even cares about how his decision effected our future.
    I don’t know my exact diagnosis, except psychosis is there and i’m super paranoid. And the voices all around me are closer than ever because they killed my little dog whom used to protect me from the flies. He is dead all because.of him and that’s my final answer on that issue. Occasionally he is one of the voices that ridicules me and laughs at the situation and obstacles that I have to deal with now. And when I hear hs laugh, I burn inside thinking about his words and actions. “I will pay you back,” I will pay you back,” I will pay you back.” It echoes in my head now and the paranoid side.of me says what did I get paid back for? Because he never paid for all the stinken work we did on his worthless pieces of property. And stinken is a true statement about this place. Garbage, dog feces and urine, human urine and blood left behind by the previous tenants. Our roommates. They were a pain in the ass and am glad not to have to associate with any longer. I ignore their phone calls and spead up to pass them on the roadside. Nothing about how I have to do that to them makes me feel good about myself. Except I guess it’s only to protect myself from the horror that has come from knowing them and meeting we’ll call him “peeping john.” And this ass of a being seen a opportunity to get some free work done on his house and took advantage of it. I believe that a situation will peak where the evil of the world decide to break off from how we are intended to be. Whether by an evil plot or a so called coincidence he has effected our lives negatively in zo many ways to such extreme measures. And I am deemed crazy, nuts, psycho, and out there. But I do not exaggerate about this situation.
    Anyway I rambling and time is a waisting away. And we are probably either out of or just about to run out of a opportunity to be redeemed for what we had to deal with at our SLUMLORDS property. I don’t know law and I know he does so he is probably nervous right now because of some legal date that will leave him free and clear of his responsibility. And to pay for what he has done. And he will still have one more opportunity to affect our lives. He is our previous landlord and his comments to a unsuspecting potential property manager is a knot in my gut. And has been a worry of mine since I recall conversations with his smug ass about his previous dealings with prior tenants. He definitely has no discretion on what can and should be said about dealings in his property. I don’t know if there is a law against what his mouth has done, but in my opinion he should not be able to get away with anything he has SAID or DONE. And now I close this letter in hopes that it will reach a place in someone’s heart to fix what has been done. We are homeless and sick and tired. Literally sick, it brings me to tears as my friend sits and scratches the suspects that we have. I hope this letter will reach you and bring closure. If not at least it would have brought a little relief from venting what is worrying me inside. Our plague from now on.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    I’m nobody so goodbye or see you later

    If interested I can produce what is necessary to prosecute “peeping john” for what is owed to us. Without a doubt!

  214. I am living close to Huntsville/Conroe tx and the ‘person I am living with is evicting me for not accepting money for sexual exchange. I have 4 dogs and am needing a place that will allow me to have them. Can anyone help with any advice…GIVING UP MY DOGS IS NOT AN OPTION

  215. I have been temporarally staying at an ex boyfriends in vancouver,wa . I am disabled, he has emotionally physically abused me.I have called the police over several times. Nothing changes, there are no shelters, I have no family to stay with. He grabbed me by the throat and tried to force me out the front door. I had my bags packed, I pleaded with him to help me get my things down the stairs I wanted out. I wasn’t going without my clothes and purse. I managed to break away and call 911. The police put him under arrest, than the landlady showed up. She says to the police she wants me trespassed from the apartment. Then the officer took off ex’s handcuffs and let him go back to stay in the apt!