The Homeless Law Blog

The Homeless Law Blog is intended to be a research guide for people who are homeless and trying to learn about their legal rights and liabilities. It presents typical legal questions that arise in homeless life and then provides general information by introducing likely areas of law to investigate, showing search terms, and giving leads to primary law sources. The content of this blog is not tailored to anybody’s particular situation and should not be considered legal advice. Click on any of the categories on the right column of this screen to browse through a homeless law subject.

The administrator of this site is Linda Tashbook, Esq., an attorney licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and professional law librarian. She obtained her Juris Doctorate and Masters Degree in Library Science from the University of Pittsburgh.Her private law practice emphasizes legal aid for the homeless. She is the author of Family Guide to Mental Illness and the Law: A Practical Handbook (Oxford University Press, 2019). Prior to becoming a lawyer, Ms. Tashbook coordinated public library outreach to families in public housing and homeless shelters, served on the Allegheny County Runaway and Homeless Youth Task Force as well as the Allegheny County Homeless Education Network, and volunteered with various programs benefiting and involving homeless families.

In the comments sections following each question in this blog, please write about your relevant legal experiences with homeless life and please add links to resources that would be helpful to other readers who are interested in homeless people’s legal issues.

2 Replies to “The Homeless Law Blog”

  1. I can’t find the help I need on this site. I want to know if & who type of atty I can get in Connecticut to sue shelter for health issues still having problems wks after I came 2 hotel…negligence on their part…I was terrorized there in my almost 2mo & I am a senior & I had my wallet & other items stolen & they just said not responsible. I reported to 211 who funds them as well as priest who is chairman of funding & the archbidhops office. I can’t make it much longer in hotel it outruns my income but due to circumstances beyond my control I am stuck in this mess never before in my life has this happened!!

    1. Here is a portal to legal resources for seniors in Connecticut. Here is a similar portal from the Department of State Rehabilitation Services. Both of these portals link to various legal aid offices. You might also reach out to the Connecticut chapter of the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys to find a lawyer.

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